Keratin Hair Straightening: *Hair*way to Heaven


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Beauty, as you all know is not just about the goo that you apply to your face and body. It covers everything from the tips of your toes to the top of your head. In this post I’m going north to my locks.

Like most people, I wish for the hair I’ve not got. I am lucky in some respects, I have a full head of hair on my head that isn’t in too bad condition. (a particularly impressive outcome since I’ve been dying my hair since about 1988) BUT, it is neither curly nor straight. I have a forehead that could display widescreen movies. I am, underneath many layers of dye, grey, revealing my age to anyone (un)lucky enough to see a grey hair, or million, reflecting in the sunlight.

Keratin Hair Straightening

*Hair*way to Heaven

I am probably my hairdresser’s worst customer. He diligently and reliably colours and cuts my hair every couple of months or so. I leave looking like wonder woman (in the hair department at least), until I turn the corner from his street and tie my hair up, out of sight, where he won’t see his beautiful blow dry wasted! This is where it stays, save washing, until I walk back into the hairdresser 8 weeks later. In an effort to persuade me to let my locks loose, he has been talking up keratin treatments at the cost of a small mortgage, promising easy to care for, smooth, quick drying hair that would be easy to manage and I could wear loose. Also known as Brazilian Blow Dry, Permanent Blow Dry and Keratin Hair Straightening.
Eventually, after reading a random beauty article which mentioned “permanent blow dry” and how evangelical this person was about it, a big call when celebs could easily call out botox or fillers as their best beauty treatment. I gave in and called the hairdresser to get the treatment.



The keratin treatment process is: Wash Hair, Apply Keratin Product, Apply Clingwrap, leave for period of time, remove Clingwrap, dry hair (with product still on), straighten hair with extra hot hair straighteners to embed product, part with small fortune, wait three days without tying back hair or washing it, straighten twice a day, wash after 72 hours and reveal smoothed and gorgeous hair.


Broadly, this is how it happened for me. The 72 hours of having claggy dirty (with product, not dirt) hair for three days that I couldn’t tie back was my own special hell. That first wash was heaven. Now, having had the treatment in for two weeks I can tell you, it is smoother than it used to be. And I do think it dries slightly quicker, but I’ve never been the type of person to religiously dry my hair, so the benefit (to me) is small.

Is it worth the small fortune I paid…? Right now, probably not. Being wavy curly, keratin did not straighten my hair – and I did know that in advance, but when blow dried, it is straighter than usual, and less frizzy, which is good.


The treatment is due to last between 3-6 months depending on washing frequency and aftercare – I have to avoid certain activities (swimming in salty water) and must use certain (sulphate free) shampoo products. I will update you more in a few months time.

9 thoughts on “Keratin Hair Straightening: *Hair*way to Heaven

  1. There’s this brand I buy at Sally Beauty Supply. It’s called The One and Only Argon Oil. It has a whole line of products and it is wonderful! It’s better than any salon product I’ve ever used. My hair was damaged and breaking from bleach and a medication I am on. After just the first wash, my hair was softer and more pliable. Now a couple weeks later, my hair is just almost normal again. No more straw like hair. And it’s not expensive either! I definitely recommend it!


    • This sounds lovely, I’ve used an Argan oil myself but I forget which brand, I did really like it, I will make an effort to try and find this version in Australia, thanks for the tip!


  2. Tried this a few yrs ago, though I think minus the clingwrap part. Have fine hair, so it made my hair a bit too lank. I feel your pain re the “don’t touch, don’t wash” phase–it was tortuous for me as well. Plus they made me get satin pillowcases, since they’re supposed to be easier on the hair. Last yr, I tried an “express” version, which I much preferred, no washing hiatus necessary. Now my salon’s offering a tailor-made keratin treatment (can’t remember what it’s called) that they can custom-adjust. Good for me, as I only need straightening during humid summer months.


    • Hi Caroline, thanks for your comment, my hair too is a bit lank – moreso than I’d expected and it feels odd because my hair is quite boofy naturally.

      Your express version sounds very good, I wonder if my hairdresser might offer something similar.


  3. I was interested to read your experience, Alice.

    I had this done for the first time early last year and I love it. I have naturally very curly hair and although I blow-dried it straight it would frizz in the slightest bit of damp weather. I live in the UK so you know how that goes…

    Funnily enough though I actually had it done before going away on holiday because I wanted to cut down on blow dry and it’s really done that too.

    Maybe the best thing is that I now I only have to use the straightening irons if I’m going out for something special. I used to use them every morning and that was killing my hair.

    I only have it done about twice a year and on a Wednesday when it’s half price so luckily it’s not too bank-busting.

    I do hate those 3 days before I can wash it but I tie it up on the third day now and it makes zero difference.


    • Tara, I know the UK too well – have you seen that episode of friends where monica’s hair goes frizzy on holiday? Classic!

      I think if I decide to have it done again I’ll have to look for one of the half price deals, the price was eye watering 😦


  4. I was a proud curly girl. I never would straighten my hair. Never. And, now, I am sick and losing my hair. It is like straw, straight and falling out. Be grateful for what you have because the opposite isn’t straight for curly or curly for straight but none at all. I would give almost anything to have my long, thick, wild, curly hair back.


    • Oh Gina, losing your hair is so hard, I really feel your pain. And you’re quite right, we should all be grateful. I feel flippant in writing about being unhappy about my neither curly nor straight hair, as frustrating as it can be on a bad hair day, I am not unhappy with it at all. Much love xx


      • Oh no, you are a darling treasure. I just wanted to put things into perspective for readers. We all want what we don’t have, me included, until we don’t have anything at all. Love you!


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