Capricci by Francis Fabron for Nina Ricci 1960


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Heya APJ,

Azar is off this month taking some time to get stuff done, she’ll be back in June.

So I thought it might be fun to continue her style of looking at something vintage and little talked about… Some fragrances instantly become hits, some take a little longer and many never ever reach such exalted heights. Then there is another group that become very famous in one continent or country but the rest of the world remains immune to. Today we are looking at such a one.

Capricci by Nina Ricci 1960

Capricci by Francis Fabron


Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Bergamot
Heart: Rosemary, tuberose, gardenia, orris root, jasmine, hyacinth, ylang-ylang, lily-of-the-valley, geranium, rose, narcissus
Base: Sandalwood, musk, benzoin, oakmoss, vetiver

Capricci was a small hit in Europe and sold there for decades but it was in Asia that it became a bit of a blockbuster apparently. Not in the same way that L’Air du Temps did but considering how much Capricci there is for sale on eBay with three different Asian scripts on their back stickers I hazard the guess that it was quite popular.

Aldehydes, citrus and a floral bouquet open Capricci. Even after all these years my EdT is crisp, fresh and has that sparkling/oily fizz of soda pop and metal cans. A very pretty, youthful fragrance that could easily have been given to a young girl of the 1960s as a less strident, more feminine, early awakening scent. Nowadays it smells slightly dated but still not old, does that make sense? As if a perfumer has tried to recreate the glamour of yesterdays fragrance with a modern palette.

Capricci ninaricciperfumes.blogspotNina Ricci Perfumes

I can see why Capricci was less popular in America, though it is a lilting and ladylike scent there is the unmistakable Frenchness lurking underneath the sparkling flowers. A lived in feeling that doesn’t point to dirtiness as such but does have a light animals undertone. Less BIG and more animal than L’Air du Temps, a tiger in a clipped hedge next to a cottage garden. Add that to its less in-your-face attack style of scent and you may get an understanding. I am surprised that Capricci became an Asian hit though. It seems a bit too raunchy (not the word I want but the closest in my vocabulary) and intimate in the first hour to fit my profile of what Asia buys.

Capricci wears to a very pretty bouquet with a hint of dried grass and woodsiness. After the first hour it sits very close to the body but still offers a waft in sillage. Imagine a 1980s blockbuster turned down almost to mute, a barely there scent. As if it’s still on your scarf from last week, just perceptible.

So I’ve come back to add that I get a distinctly Arpege vibe from Capricci.

I’m a fan,
Portia xxx

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Capricci Nina ricci


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25 thoughts on “Capricci by Francis Fabron for Nina Ricci 1960

  1. Ohh I loved Fleur de Fleur- aldehydes, iris and jasmine. My mother had a bottle when I was growing up that I would always steal a spritz of on Sunday’s before going to mass. I don’t own any of Nina Ricci’s perfumes at the moment and this post just brought back some fond memories 🙂 thanks x

    I haven’t tried this one though- I hadn’t even heard of it actually.

    P.S I follow by bloglovin and email I think


  2. Thanks for the draw! I follow by e-mail. I don’t know any Nina Ricci perfumes, and I don’t really hear about unpopular perfumes so I never get to try them, but super-popular perfumes that I find scrubbers include Shalimar EDP (sorry, Portia), l’Heure Bleue, Samsara, and Mitsouko. I’m bracing myself for the hate.


  3. Hello I follow by email. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

    I don’t yet own a Nina Ricci, and I think that vintage is a great place to start.

    One fragrance that I love which I don’t think was extremely popular is Burberry’s Society, now discontinued of course like most of my great loves. Rich, deep, warm … a ‘red’ perfume perhaps. My kind of scent.


  4. via email
    I love dirty animal!!!!
    Hmmm, a vintage that I think is amazing that never became popular?
    Parfums de Coeur’s Ninja


  5. Not a vintage, but definitely has an old fashion vibe: Vivienne Westwood Boudoir.
    I really like it and never understood why it did not get more love from others.

    I am following by email and thanks for the lovely giveaway again!


  6. I follow you via email and one of my favorite perfumes that didn’t get too popular is Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker. Thank you!


  7. OMG that was the very first perfume I ever got and I was 12. My gay uncle gave it to me as a gift and I have always loved it . I was his little girl that he never had. He has long since passed but it reminds me of him even the name reminds me of him RIP Uncle Len. I follow on fb and email


  8. I’ve heard of Capricci back in the eighties but never tried it I think. It would be great to try the “recreation of yesterday’s fragrance with a modern palette” as you put it. It’s hard to say what was popular then because the perfume production was moderate compared to today and we had to travel to neighboring countries to buy perfume because the choice in former Yugoslavia was rather poor. We were more oriented towards Italian perfumery and here are some perfumes I owned: Trussardi (Trussardi Skin, Trussardi Uomo), Versace (V/E), Gocce di Napoleon, Valentino, Roberta di Camerino (Donna R), Krizia (K and Moods). Some of them were never very popular but I loved every single one and wish I hadn’t used them up till the last drop.
    I follow by email.


  9. A Nina Ricci fave is Farouche (1973) Fragrantica calls it a floral aldehyde. In occasional reckless moments I order a decant of Farouche and pray it will survive a six week land and sea crossing, customs and the Australia Post. But the really long lost love was Bat Sheba by Judith Muller. I can understand your sense of Arpege evoked by Capricci. And what a darling bottle! I follow APJ by a daily anticipation of email.


  10. Hi Portia,
    I follow by e-mail and Bloglovin’. A fragrance I really love but was never popular is Maria Amalia by Morris. The fruity, gunpowder opening is oddly refreshing and the herbal,woody dry down is bracing until the last gasp. The packaging and bottles are gorgeous too, in an old fashioned sort of way. Re Nina Ricci: I am a sucker for their perfume bottles! Thank you for another great draw!
    Azar xx


  11. Not entering, I just won the Black Pearl giveaway.

    Just wanted to say Capricci is fabulous, good luck everybody!


  12. Growing up I was a Nina Ricci fan – L’Air du Temps as a young teenager (made me feel sophisticated), then gorgeous Farouche (ohhh, I still hanker after that) and then Fleur de Fleurs – which was still in production till quite recently; I bought a bottle for old times’ sake and was amazed at how good it was, and a bit like being clobbered (nicely) over the head with spring flowers.

    I follow APJ through your lovely emails.


  13. I follow AJP through email.:-)
    My favorite Nina Ricci fragrance was my teen years go-to -> Farouche. I saved up my babysitting money for months (Remember that babysitters were paid 50 cents per hour when I was a teen, lol!!) and I finally got my hands on the smallest bottle my local department store sold. I was in heaven and felt like the most sophisticated female in West Virginia when i wore it in a sea of Charlie wearers.
    Good times.


  14. Following by email.
    Since you have put in mind of Nina Ricci scents, one of their scents I wish was still in production is Bigarade, a classic cologne. Also I would love to try the original Nina.
    Thanks for the draw.


  15. It was only around for five seconds, but the Phantom of the Opera perfume, in honour of the musical, was really lovely. Follow by email. 🙂


  16. I follow by email. I’ve always wondered about Gala by Loewe. That and Maria Amalia seem not to have garnered the love, which is too bad as they both are really interesting I think. Thanks for the draw.


  17. Oh yes, no need to enter me as I do have this! For some reason we had a chemist in Taree back in the day that stocked Nina Ricci and I got this Farouche and my favorite Bigarade from them. Upon discovering eBay I naturally had to track them down……sadly Bigarade doesn’t hold up with time. And yes my vintage Cappricci did come from a Japanese seller! (the pharmacist’s wife was a cousin of mine, maybe she was a perfumista too!)


  18. I have the site bookmarked on my PC.

    Back in the early seventies I was given a coffret with five minis, one of which was Capricci. I loved it so much, but had to be frugal as it was a tiny bottle and the fragrance was not readily available. I’ll cross my fingers and toes.


  19. My favorite Nina Ricci fragrance is of course L’Air du Temps. One of the fragrances I love but that didn’t really become much popular is Ungaro I for men. I follow APJ through email.


  20. My mother is 94 years old. She has moved from New York to Houston Texas. One of her dear products is a Nina Ricci Capricci bottle of eau de toilette 100 ml 3.3 oz. Upon visiting her, she was able to ask me to store this bottle of perfume which was nearly empty, then she told me about her New York life. She is not computer say and longs to find another bottle of this perfume that offers her adoring memories of her jorney through life.Please let me know how I can purchase a bottle of this perfume and where.


    • Hi R. Herrera,
      I do have a 100 ml bottle of Capricci edt.
      It is a splash bottle, unused.
      If you’re interested, you can mail me at: fransijnATgmailDOTcom and I will send you a picture.


      • YES, please sent me a picture and the cost. I will make someone very happy.
        Thank you for your quick answer and your attention to my e mail


  21. You’re welcome!
    Well, since I do not have your email address, please mail me at the above mail address I put in my post.
    You’ll only have to change the AT in … and DOT in a . 🙂
    Awaiting your message!
    Kind regards,


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