NEW!!! Civet by Shelly Waddington for Zoologist Perfumes 2016


Post by Robert Herrmann


Hey there Indie and Niche Nerds,

News of a new release by Victor Wong’s Zoologist Perfumes is ALWAYS cause for celebration. More so this time as the release is scheduled for New Years Eve day, Dec. 31st, 2016. So break out the confetti and champagne, because Zoologist has hit it out of the park yet again.

Hot on the heels of Bat (2015 Art & Olfaction award winner- Independent Perfume category), and most recently the stunning Nightingale and Macaque, Zoologist returns to continue the theme of popular animal musks started with Beaver (2014/ reformulated 2016) with this latest release. It’s called Civet.

Civet by Zoologist Perfumes 2016

Civet by Shelly Waddington

Civet ZooligistZoologist

Zoologist gives these featured accords:
Top: Bergamot, Black Pepper, Lemon, Orange, Spices, Tarragon
Heart: Carnation, Frangipani, Heliotrope, Hyacinth, Linden-blossom, Tuberose, Ylang
Base: Balsams, Civet*, Coffee, Incense, Labdanum, Musks*, Oakmoss, Resins, Russian Leather*, Vanilla, Vetiver, Woods

*Synthetic notes, Zoologist does not use animal products.

Authored by Shelly Waddington, award-winning creator of En Voyage Perfumes and Zoologists earlier 2015 release Hummingbird, Civet is a glorious musky woody floral, that brings to mind vintage French perfumes from the 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s. Shelly Waddington is an olfactive storyteller of the first degree, her perfumes always take me on a journey, and Shelly does vintage scents extremely well (Zelda, Fiore Di Bellagio among many others). Civet is absolutely no exception!

This is Josephine Baker running out the stage door after a performance on her way to a small hidden Parisian Boite to continue the night with dancing and cocktails and a bevy of admirers men and women both, vying for her attention. Her fur stole is flying behind her, and she is still slightly sweaty from the show, but covered in a sexy, sultry perfume which doesn’t mask the skin-smell of sweat, just makes it all the more alluring and enticing.


Floral, feral and in-your-face gorgeous, this is the scent that will end up perfuming crumpled sheets in a bedroom, and staying on the skin of a lover who will spend the day drinking endless demitasse of espresso trying to erase the mental fog of the night before, hoping for a future assignation. The scent of coffee with its slightly chocolate and bitter aroma rises from the small cup and mixes with the smell coming off his skin and clothing, reminding him of the previous nights love making…languid, hot, and absolutely unforgettable.

Bravo Shelly, and bravo Zoologist Perfumes!

Civet will be available December 31st 2016 from the Zoologist website, and you’ll find a list of stockists there as well.

(Civet Photo Zoologist Perfumes, copyright 2016)

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137 comments on “NEW!!! Civet by Shelly Waddington for Zoologist Perfumes 2016

  1. Francesca Belanger says:

    I follow via email.
    I’d never heard of this line before, but what a wonderful description. You had me at “Josephine Baker” and “French perfumes of the 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s.” It sounds right up my alley. I would love to give this one a sniff.

  2. Jaybee says:

    Loved the Josephine Baker descriptions. What a vamp! Who wouldn’t want a glamorous scent/evening like that? Follow by email. 🙂

  3. Laura Keller says:

    Oh my lord Civet sounds like a dream. Shelley Waddington does vintage so well. Finally something for this old perfumista to look forward to! Please enter me. I follow by email and what I like about this post is everything!

    • Robert H. says:

      Hi Laura! You’re going to love this one!! Xoxo -R

      • Laura Keller says:

        Civet, bergamot, musks, carnation, oakmoss, balsam, Zoologist – and Shelley Waddington? I’d leave my husband for it. Can’t wait, thank you for giving us the news =)

  4. Norbert F. says:

    I follow via e-mail
    I love the the idea of Zoologist Perfumes, never tried any of them before, but I d love to try out some for sure, this civet sounds really really interesting, so many interesting notes that I love 🙂
    Good luck everyone

  5. Tara C says:

    I follow by email and my favourite Zoologist perfume is Beaver. Very excited about Civet!

  6. AnnieA says:

    Have been thinking of getting the Z sample set. Have been zero for 50 for samples sadly. Following on WP.

  7. Cynthia Anne McLean says:

    I follow by email and my favorite Zoologist perfume to date is Beaver, though I’ve only tried 3 so far. Civet sounds exactly like something I’d love. Your description was just divine, darling!

  8. Jackie b says:

    This line has such a fascinating concept…Macacque has always appealed to me, Civet must be sampled I think!
    I follow by email

  9. Rincoglionita says:

    What a fabulous review! Beaver is my favorite so far, and Civet sounds beguiling. I follow by email – thanks for the giveaway!

  10. MikasMinion says:

    How exciting! I have been hoping for a Civet theme. My favorite Zoologist so far is Hummingbird, though I like Beaver and Rhinoceros very much and haven’t tried the two newer ones. I adore musky perfumes and would be thrilled to try Civet.
    I follow via RSS.

    • Robert H. says:

      The civet in this is not in your face, but rather so well-blended that you knows it’s there all the time. Gorgeous!

  11. Nilam99 says:

    My favorite Zoologist perfume is Bat, I love the Vetiver/fruity notes and its tropical character.
    It will be very interesting to savour the fruity, feral combination of Civet, it certainly sounds enticing.
    I follow APJ by email.

  12. Claudia S. says:

    I thought the whole review was pretty sexy-conjures up lots of visuals! I follow by email and bloglovin

  13. Esperanza says:

    Civet sounds wonderful. I love what you say about Shelley always telling an olfactive story this is what I enjoy about her fragrances. Hummingbird is one of my favs and Fiore di Bellagio. I follow through Twitter and mail.
    Esperanza recently posted…Guerlain Shalimar Eau de Cologne Budget Beauty Pick of the Week Perfume ReviewMy Profile

  14. Ellen M. says:

    I follow by email. I love the allusion to Josephine Baker and the very sultry vibe of the review. I’ve never tried any of the Zoologist line, but what a wonderful time to start. Thank you for the giveaway.

  15. Sun Mi says:

    Wow, I love the idea of a musky floral with bits of coffee. It’s sounds so unique and compelling. I haven’t tried any if the zoologist scents on skin, but I’d love to give this one a go. Thanks for the enticing review! I follow via fb and bloglovin.

  16. AndreiNP says:

    I haven’t tried anything from the brand so I’d love to win this sample! 🙂 I’m following via e-mail.

  17. Patty Pong says:

    I follow by e-mail. Been looking for a new modern civet to love. I have yet to try any Zoologist but have read about the house for some time. 🙂

    • Robert H. says:

      Patty! This was an instant love for me, and at my age that’s some kind of miracle! This is both very contemporary and old fashioned at the same time! Gorgeous! Xoxo

  18. David Barber says:

    Follow by email just today first time here Great review love 💘 Bat excited to smell more from Zoologist.

  19. Mary says:

    I confess, I’ve just started following by email. This is a wonderful review: the notes sound so intriguing and it’s obviously a new take on a vintage style. I’ve tried all Zoologist’s line and, depite being enormously varied, there are several that I love in completely different ways: the weird but wonderful Bat, the surprisingly comfortable Rhinoceros, Hummingbird and Nightingale are two very different but glorious florals, Macaque is cool and calming…so I can’t wait for this one. Thanks for the giveaway!

  20. Lillian Holloway says:

    You had me at Shelley/Zoologist. ANything from either is always a pleasure to encounter. Picking a favorite frsgrance from both houses would be like picking a favorite child! I can’t choose!!

    • Robert H. says:

      Thanks Mary, this one goes in a totally different direction which is part of why I found it compelling! So good!

      • Robert H. says:

        Oops! Lil, you know me and technology!! You will LOVE this one, the vinatge vibe is RIGHT up your alley! ❤️❤️❤️

  21. Rodrigo says:

    I follow you by e-mail. Zoologist perfumes are not sold at Portugal, were I live, but I’ve already sniffed some samples. Bat and Rinocerous are top. Looking forward to torta the new ones.

    • Robert H. says:

      Rodrigo, you should mention that to Victor! Maybe you can put him in touch with a Portugese stockist.
      ‘Brigado voce!

  22. Tena says:

    Zoologist has an amazing line. Panda is my absolute favourite, but they are all works of art.I am very excited to try Civet
    I enjoy following via email

  23. Richard Potter says:

    I follow APJ through email. This was an amazing review that makes me ache to try this NOW. Sounds great. I can hardly wait!

  24. Elizabeth says:

    I’ve never tried Zoologist perfumes so I’d love to win!
    Description of Civet is so inviting, espessially this part: “Her fur stole is flying behind her, and she is still slightly sweaty from the show, but covered in a sexy, sultry perfume” Sounds very tempting ^^
    I follow by email. Thank you!

    • Robert H. says:

      Thanks Elizabeth, i’m not so good at picking out individual notes, but rather seeing the scent story-wise. And Josephine Baker just popped up! Good luck!

  25. Ferris says:

    I have never tried any perfumes from Zoologist perfumes but Civet sounds intriguing. I love woody musky fragrances. Can’t wait to try it. Crossing my fingers I win one of the travel sprays. I follow APJ by email and Twitter.

  26. Manuel says:

    Thank you very much for this preview and review of the upcoming CIVET! As I just ordered a bottle of Nightingale yesterday, I wouldn’t mind to try this new one in advance 😉 Zoologist has a bright future ahead, great concept, great artwork, wonderful fragrances. Each one of them has a unique scent you’ll not find anywhere else.

  27. Jen says:

    I follow by email! You had me at Shelley Waddington, and also at ‘floral/feral’ – sounds like me. I love Zoologist, my faves are Rhinoceros, Hummingbird, and Macaque. Thanks for the draw!

    • Robert H. says:

      Hi Jen! If you love Shelly’s work you’ll love this one. It was all I could do to NOT chew my arm off, it’s that good! Have you ever tried her Lorelei? It’s one of my favorites! Xoxo

  28. Arlene Beukes says:

    I’m following AustralianPerfumeJunkies via eMail and LOVING IT! I’ve always wanted to try the Zoologist range but here in South Africa it is impossible to find. Thanks so much for mentioning in your review that Zoologist does not use animal products. Beauty without cruelty is so important!

    • Robert H. says:

      Arlene, I totally agree and it’s one of the things I love about Zoologist. Email Victor and ask him about shipping to S.A.! Good luck!

  29. Adrian R says:

    I follow by email. The scent of coffee with its slightly chocolate and bitter aroma sounds so perfect for the cooler weather. I love the Josephine Baker connection.

  30. Neva says:

    Hi Robert, your review is WOW, just WOW! I like the tangible sensuality in your description and the vivid image of Josephine Baker. And I feel how passionate you are about Zoologist Perfumes. I haven’t tried any of their perfumes but I have an impression that they are very interesting and fun. I’d love to try this one. Thanks for the opportunity.
    I follow APJ by email.

  31. rickyrebarco says:

    I follow APJ via email of the blog. I love the Zoologist line. Hummingbird is on my buy list. I sampled Bat and thought it was genius, smells just like a cave, but not a scent I would want to wear. I look on it as a work of art to be admired only. LOL. Thanks for the draw.

  32. Lindaloo says:

    Well, you had me at civet. And Josephine Baker is such an appealing analogy, but…the image you conjure after the perfume-crumpled sheets is truly erotic. Thank you. 😉
    I follow by email. Thanks for the draw opportunity.

    • Robert H. says:

      I know, right?? All I could think of after my first snif was…”Arpege Extrait 1953!” At that point I was a goner! Xoxo

  33. ElizabethC says:

    This just sounds wonderful, love the idea (as you said) of vintage style – especially focused on civit! Thank you so much for the drawing!

  34. Debra Ernst Hernandez says:

    Yay! I didn’t know Shelley made another perfume for Zoologist. I LOVE Hummingbird. And of course Bat. My son LOVES Bat and Rhinoceros and is considering adding the new Panda to his collection. And her bought Bat for his GF as well :D.

    My favorite thing about this review is Robert Hermann. And Shelley and Victor! <3

    • Robert H. says:

      Awwww Debra, Thanks! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Shelly really aced it with this one, but then again when does she NOT! Xoxo

  35. Tami says:

    Everything about Civet is just Screaming my name!! I follow by e-mail. My favorite Zoologist scent is the beautiful Hummingbird.
    Really looking forward to this as I adore Shelley’s scents, especially Zelda. Thanks much for the giveaway!!

  36. Robert H. says:

    TAAAAAMMMMMIIIIIIII!!!!! Wait….. is that the civet screaming your name? I believe it IS! (Although it must have a sore throat by now, screaming ALL our names!) xoxo

  37. I receive all my updates via email and through the Bloglovin app via notifications. I’m just starting to wear perfumes again and Civet sounds intriguing and unusual.

  38. Fazal says:

    I am into animalic notes and I am into 20s and 30s classics so what not to be intrigued by here. Its amazing how many perfumes Baker has inspired, directly or indirectly. I think it is her for whom L’Heure Bleu was created by Guerlain. My favorite from Zoologist is Bat. I follow APJ by email and FB.

    • Robert H. says:

      Hi Fazal, this one is not nearly as animalic as Beaver 1.0, the skank is definately there always, but lurking in the background, like a photobomb! It make the all-over scent more approachable and gorgeous!

  39. Saffyishere says:

    G’day Robert. I follow via twitter email and Facebook. I have watched with interest the beginnings of this cool brand called Zoologist. With the perfumer being Shelley collaborating with Victor, I’m certain Civet is in safe hands. I adore Shelly’s Zelda, so I think I’ll love Civet. Thanks for the chance to try this brand.

  40. Robert H. says:

    Hi Saffy! I love Zelda as well, but there are so many in Shelly’s range that I adore, Go Ask Alice, A Study In Water, Freida, Lorelei. She’s a genius, and I’m so happy she’s been working with Victor.

  41. Gina says:


    I follow via email.

    A friend just sent me Zoologist samples. I like Rhino better than Bat but still have to try Beaver and Panda.

    • Robert H. says:

      Hi Gina! So nice to hear from you. If you try Beaver, make sure you try V.2.0 which is WAAY less animalic than the original, making it more accessable! It’s great! Xoxo

  42. Nelle says:

    I follow by email ad I love how vivid your imagery of Josephine Baker’s after show plans and possibly her late late night plans were used to describe the fragrance. Definitely helps to get a sense of the fragrance that Shelly created.

  43. Beata Dufresne says:

    I follow by email, and actually just signed up for the new reviews as I didn’t know about this blog until now! Since it’s one of my favorite guys, Robert, I signed up even before I read that this was a requirement to win Civet! I loved Hummingbird and I still need to try the ones that came after it. This review painted a beautiful scenario of Ms. Baker running through the night from one bar to another, her sweat mixing with her perfume, becoming more intense… wow. I could almost smell it!!!! You had me holding my breath! Thank you, Robert, amazing review!

  44. Robert H. says:

    Haha, Thanks Beata! The blog is Portia’s baby, and I just write 2 articles a month, but it’s a great blog that you should follow anyway! Lots of fun. And trust me, you’re gonna’ LOVE Civet!!😘😘😘😘

  45. Anita B. says:

    Email! “this is the scent that will end up perfuming crumpled sheets in a bedroom, and staying on the skin of a lover who will spend the day drinking endless demitasse of espresso trying to erase the mental fog of the night before, hoping for a future assignation.” Perfect. I need this! LOL

    So…if anyone else wins I’m calling it rigged and not accepting the results. Hahahahahaha Thank goodness APJ is Australian and Victor is Canadian. Fingers, toes, and eyes crossed. So jazzed about this release.

    • Robert H. says:

      Oh god Anita! Now how did I KNOW you would say something like that!😂 You’ll love this one, and f you go out on your porch at anout 8:00 pm on the 8th, the big roar you hear will be Lopez Island either screaming or crying. 😘😘😘😘

  46. Lissette says:

    I follow via email. I really love the Josephine Baker description. Never tried anything from Zoologist but I would love to try it.

  47. flowergirlbee! says:

    i follow by email.this sounds amazing.i loved your of my favourite things about perfume is the way your skin and sweat mingle with the scent to make this amazing super human smell.i have never tried zoologist and the notes in civet are and hyacinth!! can’t wait to smell this one: )

    • Robert H. says:

      Yup coffee and hyacinth! I was surprised as well, but it’s so masterfully blended the the notes really work to manifest a gorgeous finished product!

  48. HanneA says:

    I follow by email. This one sounds a bit dangerous. Lol what a great review! I could almost smell the coffee from all the way over here! I have never smelled civit before, but have heard a lot about it. Hope I can sample this new fragrance!

    • Robert H. says:

      Hi Hanne, haha! Nothing dangerous about this one, and if you love vintage Lanvins or the like, then you will love this one. The coofee note caught me off-guard, but it’s such a wee blended frag thta it just floats in the background. Gorgeous!!

  49. Albert Ridao Sáez says:

    I follow via email & my perfume favorite of zoologist is rinhoceros

    • Robert H. says:

      Hi Albert, good luck! If you love Rhino, I think you’ll find this goes in a totally different, albeit terrific, direction!

  50. Marzipan says:

    I follow by email. Never tried Zoologist and so excited at the idea! 20’s you said? Gorgeous!

    • Robert H. says:

      Yup, 20’s, 30’s, 40’s! So get out your hip flask, pop “Chicago” in the DVD player and douse yourself in this perfume! It’ll be perfect!

  51. Hikmat Sher Afridi says:

    Thanks for wonderful description. I never tried this house but heard some very good news/comments about the owner & the perfume house. I love animalic smell. Hope someday MUSK & CASTOREUM will be created too like all others by this house Zoologist.
    Thanks for the generosity & draw. I followed via email.

    • Robert H. says:

      Hi Hikmat, so good to see you! I think you’ll find this way leass animalic than you think, but knowing that our taste in scents is similar I suspect you’ll love this one!

  52. Jyotsna says:

    Oh my! I have never tried this line. The description had me almost fainting with desire 🙂 I follow APJ goodness by email <3

    • Robert H. says:

      Fainting with desire is SUCH a good thing, don’t you agree? It’s a great line, totally different than anything else and definately worth exploring!

  53. Gara Pollock says:

    Exciting! I really enjoyed Rhinoceros, but haven’t had the chance to sniff any of the newer offering. Dying to try Bat, but Civet sound absolutely fabulous too!

    Thank you. I follow by email.

    • Robert H. says:

      Hey Gara!! I had to go on FB to take a closer look at your hair, it looks amazing!! Bat is really a trip, and you’ll have to try this one it’s just plain lucious! Xoxo

  54. rosarita313 says:

    Ack, a Zoologist perfume by Shelley Waddington must be fabulous! I am a huge fan of both. Love this review, the imagery of the rumpled bed with the leftover perfume clinging to everything and everyone is particularly evocative. I’ve been a stop in sort of reader of APJ but I’m now following via Feedly and email. Thanks for hosting such an amazing giveaway.

    • Robert H. says:

      Hi Rosarita! I think my first sniff of this elicited a loud “GAH!” Which made Shelly look up from across the room JUST as my eyes were rolling back in my head!! I then asked if I could just scotch tape the scent strip to my nose. (True story!) It’s just THAT GOOD,

  55. Frédéric Chevalier says:

    What a good news! The visual description is just honey for all the musk lovers. I really like the work of Shelley so i’m very impatient to try this one.
    I follow by email

    • Robert H. says:

      Hi Frédéric! This is classic Shelly, and destined to become a classic in its own right! So retro and SO beautiful.

  56. Andrea Areingdale says:

    Víctor Wong keeps to amaze us!!
    I follow through bloglovin via facebook
    I own a purse spray size of bat and I love it!!! It’s so humid dark…makes me think I’m a bat in a natural habit.
    Thanks for the chance

    • Robert H. says:

      Andrea, this one is nothing like any of Victor’s other scents, it really harks back to an earlier age. It was instant love for me and I hope it is for you as well!

  57. Lyubov says:

    Josephine and love making are associations quite entrancing to me! Adding the note palette, loaded with gourmand sparkles, this must be a great perfume close to my preferences!
    Thanks for the chance, Rob and APJs! This is an enormous privilege to try such a fragrance before anyone else!
    I know the first three of Zoologist perfumes – Panda, Beaver and Rhinoceros, with the rhino mostly preferred for spritzing!
    Lyubov recently posted…PeachyMy Profile

    • Robert H. says:

      Hi Lyubov, I think you’re in for a surprise with Civet! It literally blew my socks off, and made me have to sit down! I suspect this one will be VERY popular!

  58. Damir says:

    An excellent review of the newest Zoologist perfume. Although I love all the animalic notes, civet is my favorite. I’ve tried five Zoologist perfumes, still have to try the reformulated Beaver, Nightingale, and Macaque. They all are wonderful and perfectly fit into Victor’s concept. Every single collaboration with Paul Kiler, Chris Bartlett, Ellen Covey, and Shelley Waddington is successful. I believe the same for Victor’s collaborations with Sarah McCartney and Tomoo Inaba. There’s my additional love for Bat and above all, for Hummingbird. Shelley uses civet in her Fiore di Bellagio, too. The list of my En Voyage favorites probably includes all Shelley’s perfumes I know. It is so good to know that many beautiful flowers are in Civet. Moreover, the heart of the perfume sounds like a stunning floral bouquet. I look forward to trying it. I follow APJ as usual, WordPress, Firefox RSS, E-mail, Twitter, Facebook. Thank you for the opportunity.

  59. Robert H. says:

    Hi Damir, first off thank you so much for all the re-posts on the FB forums! I always find something new to read, or a blog I’ve missed, and I really appreciate it!

    Interestingly the civet in this does not pop out to my nose, it’s just that well-blended. And yes, the floral heart is to die for, oh hell….the whole THING is to die for. It is slightly reminiscent of FdB, with the carnation scaled way back. It’s a keeper! Hope you’ll enjoy it! -Robert H.

  60. Amanda says:

    I’ve never tried yet alone heard of Civet, but after reading the review it’s certainly a scent I’m interested in trying. My friends are always relying on me for recommendations so I could look forward to sharing my opinion with them too.
    Following you by email and I’ve followed your blog for yonks (you feed my obsession!)

    • Robert H. says:

      Hi Amanda, tell your friends you are getting cutting-edge information, since this is one of the first, if not the very review of Civet! Talk about street cred!! The whole range is worth exploring, and Victor’s “ample samples” provide enough jus to really get a feel for the perfumes.

  61. Christine West says:

    Hi Robert,

    I was *so* excited to read about the launch of Zoologist’s Civet! Thank you so much for a terrific review -your enthusiasm is infectious. I would *love* to try this new Shelly Waddington (omg Zelda!) fragrance. I love civet as a perfumery note. Even the real stuff -which is horribly obtained, I know- smells amazing to me. I simply adore (and collect) those animalic fragrances from the past, and I’m curious to smell what a talented contemporary perfumer might come up with to along those lines, using synthetic substitutes.

    If I win his sample I will be showing it to/sharing it with my many perfume friends here in Melbourne, so the delightfulness will spread further than just myself 🙂

    Thanks again. I follow APJ by email 🙂

    • Robert H. says:

      Hi Christine! Thanks so much for your kind words! Although the civet note is not-in-your-face in this one, it’s always present which gives it that amazing vintage vibe! Think 1940’s Arpege/Lanvin. Gorgeous!

  62. lena says:

    Josephine Baker? You’ve hooked me! It sounds marvellous, a real perfume-y perfume, if you know what I mean.

    Thank you for the draw; I follow by email.

    • Robert H. says:

      That is honestly a great description, Iena! A perfumy-perfume! Love it!❤️❤️❤️And spot-on! Thank you!!

  63. Cynthia says:

    I love Shelley’s work, so would love to try this. I loved the Josephine Baker tie in. I follow via Bloglovin. Thankss for the draw!
    Cynthia recently posted…My Marigold Scented Deepavali Perfumes: Profumum Roma Tagete and En Voyage Perfumes Tagetes FemmeMy Profile

  64. Lubica K. says:

    Civet and coffee in the base – it sounds really interesting! I am curious about these scents, never tried any of them but read some reviews. I think that Nightingale would suit me best. Following via bloglovin and also via emails.

  65. Samantha Reed says:

    I love everything about this! The description is just so…..vampy, sexy, full of glamour. The thought of this scent lingering on the skin of a lover, in the air after a romantic rendezvous… Oh la la!
    I follow APJ through links in FFF on FB. I haven’t tried any of the other Zoologist fragrances although they all sound so fabulous! Thank you for this wonderful giveaway! ❤

    • Robert H. says:

      Hi Samantha, it is sexy indeed! All the perfumes from Zoologist are really something apart from the mainsteam, an that’s in a GOOD way!

  66. Nina Baker says:

    Hello, I follow via email,
    I liked the review of the new zoologist Civet scent very much, I found it to be an exciting and enchanting read. It was said that the perfume is a bit of a story teller and it was wonderful how that was captured through an alluring tale.

    • Robert H. says:

      Hey Nina, it really is a story in a bottle, as most of Shelly’s wonderful work seems to be! I would urge you to explore both ranges, hers and Zoologist! They’re amazing!

  67. JMR says:

    I am really looking forward to this release! I’ve liked all of the Zoologist line so far but Beaver is my favorite.

    I follow via email.

  68. Robert H. says:

    Hi JMR, Victor described this as being the natural follow-up in his “animalic” line up. I suspect there are more to follow, but he wouldn’t tell me, LOL!

  69. Urna Kitti says:

    I really love the whole idea and description sounds way too interesting.
    Its kinda sad that Zoologist is not on the Norwegian market and I wish it really was.
    I have been planning to order 8 samples to try but now I have to wait until this 9th “Civet” of the line is coming to market, so I can try all of them.
    Cant wait to try them all 🙂
    (just random visit)

    • Robert H. says:

      Thanks Kitti! You should email Victor directly through the Zoologist website, and ask him about Norway! He’s TOTALLY approachable. Maybe even suggest some of the better niche stockists in Norway.

  70. Roy Estringel says:

    Thanks for all these releases! Enjoying them all.

    Following on email.

  71. […] Robert Herrmann from Australian Perfume Junkies – “…she is still slightly sweaty from the show, but covered in a sexy, sultry perfume which doesn’t mask the skin-smell of sweat, just makes it all the more alluring and enticing.” […]

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