Secretions Magnifiques by Etat Libre d`Orange LIVE Video Sniff

Hey Hey All,

Something incredible happened today. My set of Andy Tauer’s Dark Passage, Miriam and Loretta all arrived! YAY!! Look out for my breathless reviews very soon. I’m so EXCITED!

Photo Stolen Fragrantica

About 2 weeks ago one of my buddies, Robert “Radium” Maxwell, and I were doing a video on Comme des Gracons Series 6, Synthetics. Radium is a Freaky Fragrance Fanatic, loving the weird and quirky side of the perfume coin. As a special Thank You to him I brought along an extra special LIVE sniff sample. Secretions Magnifiques by Etat Libre d`Orange.

Photo Stolen ELdO

We had seen Katie Puckrik do a live sniff and found it entertaining and a little gross sounding. BINGO! We wanted to get us some of that.

Photo Stolen answersto

Here is our LIVE sniff. The video was shot and edited by my BFF Kath and made ready for the internet by Jin. Thanks guys. You are AWESOME!

I hope you enjoyed watching us, it was fun bringing it to you.

See you tomorrow,

Portia xx

23 thoughts on “Secretions Magnifiques by Etat Libre d`Orange LIVE Video Sniff

  1. Thanks for another entertaining video! I haven’t tried (and am too frightened to try) SM.

    My Andy Tauer package arrived yesterday, too. I’m going to start with Dark Passage as today’s scent. The bottle smells unbelievable, but I haven’t sprayed yet.


    • I sprayed Dark Passage late last night and there are still vestiges of it on my skin. YUMMY! Like a hard core, punch in the face version of Afteliers Sepia, without having them on simultaneously that’s just a thought not a reality.
      Can’t wait to read what you think,
      Secretions Magnifiques is awkward and confronting but not what I was expecting, I think I could get used to it and wear it, if there wasn’t SO MUCH else to be sniffed. Certainly not FB.
      Portia xx


  2. Brilliant review again Portia and Radium. I haven’t sniffed SM yet but delighted to see your take on the S&M (and floral) vagina. Hilarious


  3. OMG, I love you two! SM, for me, was like a crime scene. I got more metallic blood smell than anything else. Tinny and S&M Vagina, you kill me. xoxoxo


  4. i am so disappointed on your behalfs that you were not more disgusted as Katie was.An hour or two after spraying did it become Vile in the slightest? I am off to a few sites to get me a sample of SM


  5. I’m catching up on all the posts I missed this last month but not really commenting or it’d take forever, but for this I had to make an exception. Portia, I laughed my face off at this video. (Yup. There it is. On the floor. How do I reattach my face?) Please do more of these, they’re fantastic!


    • WELCOME BACK!! I’ve missed you. I hope you had a wonderful break. Thank you, there are some slightly serious new ones in the can, being edited as I write. The response has been so good that they are set to become a regular feature.
      As I said, Welcome Back,
      Portia xx


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  7. “I only have one squirtable body part left” – snort!

    You know, it’s funny about SM. It may be the scent that people in the fume world tend to disagree on the most – well, maybe – and the difference of opinion frequently seems to divide along gender lines, though that’s not certain.

    A friend (Daisy on NST, well-known as everybody’s Queen Enabler) sent me a teeny bit of it with the warning that I should try it with the unscented Tide detergent close at hand. And I’d already read the reviews that said it smelled like boy-juice, or unwashed humanity, or simply a nice floral with “a stupendous bilge note.” (DAMN LUCA TURIN. DAMN HIM.) I’m a mother. I’m plenty familiar with, you know, blood and milk and sweat and semen. And none of those things are in themselves disgusting. So I was expecting salt and florals and a human sort of warmth.

    But what it smelled like, to me, was a sex crime scene, complete with the bloody knife left behind by the rapist-murderer. (Clearly I read too many Patricia Cornwell novels.) It very literally made me feel not disgusted, but fearful. My heart rate went up, and not in a good kind of way. I left SM on as long as I could – I made it 24 minutes – but was nearly gagging by the time the Tide came to my rescue.

    It often seems that SM reads as a nice salty floral to men. And I suspect once again that body chemistry really, really makes a difference with it. Have you read Denyse’s interview with the perfumer on Grain de Musc? Fascinating stuff.

    OH yes… love the video. More pls. 🙂 Especially since I can’t take my eyes off your hair.


    • Hey Malnano86,
      I’m so happy you enjoyed out LIVE video Sniff, SM is interesting isn’t it. I don’t want to wear it but it keeps calling me for a resniff. I think my imagination doesn’t let me smell what you do but I love to stench vs glorious of it. They have made a controversial winner.
      That hair is my favourite too. Whenever I decide to wear it I snigger at myself. It too is a controversial piece. Thank you for liking it. We are making a whole series of duet reviews with different people at the moment and will release them as and when they become available,
      Thank you for dropping by and commenting.
      Portia xx


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