Olympic Orchids Artisan Perfumes Reviews

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Yesterday we did an interview with one of niche perfumeries legends, Ellen Covey of Olympic Orchids Artisan Perfumes.

Ellen Covey and the Sydney Opera House

If you JUMP BACK you’ll be able to read it. I thought it important to now review some of their work. I have an admission to make; HUGE FAN. You will probably get a totally biased love fest because I’ve picked fragrances I like but I will also give you fair and true reviews. OK? Good.

Photo Stolen Olympic Orchids

BAY RUM 2012: This is a BIG fragrance. Enormous. If I put Bay Rum on in a large dose my partner can track my scent anywhere in the house or garden. Worn in more than one spritz doses it is a sillage monster, definitely not for work, dinner or enclosed spaces. If I spray and walk through the mist naked, enough gets on me to perfume me without skunking people at a 50 meter radius. For big events like performing or parties then this is a goodie, unmissable and unmistakable you will leave a coruscating vapour trail behind you like a sirens song. Ellen “took the classic formula of Jamaican bay essential oil, added a boozy rum accord that I developed, spiced it up with laurel, cloves, cardamom, cinnamon and allspice berry, added some orange blossom and citrus notes, and then boosted it all to maximum volume with a woody base that includes javanol and balsams.” according to her website.

Photo Stolen Fragrantica

FLEURS DE GLACE 2011: What a cool, soft, demure opening this lovely fragrance has but soon there is a warmth that thaws it out. Oh OK, so I just read the notes on Fleurs de Glace and it is Olympic Orchids only mainly synthetic scent designed as a reminiscence of flower like ice formations that appeared one day with featured notes of galbanum, black pepper, cyclamen, ozonic accord, transparent vanilla, and white musk; according to Fragrantica. When you are given the story then this perfume really makes sense and comes alive, the cool opening of the ice flowers, warming with a sense of wonder, then a comfortable, almost foodie smell of baking running underneath what I presume to be the cyclamen which has a waxy, insistent, bright floral counterpoint. This is a beautiful choice for slightly cool weather.

Ferry and seagull - Edmonds, Washington
Photo Stolen sjb4photos

KINGSTON FERRY 2010: To my nose this is a delicious and murky green opening, hay, woods and earth and almost a guano smell of seafront birdlife. An intoxicating, resinous, salty and aqueous (in the sea water sense) fragrance that gives you a real sense of waterview life. On a boat rather than the dock, where it’s cooler with the wind blowing all the bad smells of port life away, leaving fresh water, seaweed, wood and tar, salty water drenched rope; it’s all here. Later you can smell the captain too, big, burly man of captain in his cable knit jumper and windbreaker jacket and he is wearing the remnants of a manly barbershop cologne embedded in the clothes he’s worn for years. What a lovely journey, you need to try this so you can make your own story from it.


This jump will take you to Olympic Orchid Artisan Perfumes fragrance page. You have 19 fragrances to choose from. There is an exciting new samples choice; 5 x 3ml spray sample set of three different fragrance groups and at $20 with free continental US shipping or only $5 for international. SO DAMN CHEAP!!! I have ordered the Perfumers Spray Sample Set just now. He he.

As a special deal, Ellen Covey has offered $5 off all international orders for postage and handling or $5 off product in the continental USA!! Please enter the word PERFUMEJUNKIE into the coupon code box at checkout. The offer will last through Monday, June 25. AWESOME!!

These are only 3 of the amazing range available at Olympic Orchids Artisan Perfumes. Go forth a try some, the sample set is a great way to try them.

Much love from Sydney, Australia,

Portia xx

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  1. Portia, thank you so much for the long interview and then for the unexpected bonus of the three reviews! I love your descriptions, especially Kingston Ferry with all of the marine imagery followed by the big, burly captain.


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  3. Just got myself a deluxe sampler but didn’t realized about the free shipping until I read your article. Oh well, I’m sure ill have endless hours sniffing anyway. 🙂


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