Thursday Giveaway Competition, Gucci by Gucci Videos

Well Well Smellophiles,

It has been a great week here in Sydney, Australia. Today is TSO Jin’s birthday and he has wanted DIOR Homme for a while. I was lucky enough to find a 50ml pre-reformulation bottle with the silver tube in the middle and only bounced the $50 Birthday/Xmas spend limit by a teensy bit, oh well he’s so worth it. Of course being a sparky it was crack of dawn make a wish and blow out candle, prezzie, vitamin tablet with Up&Go, here’s your lunch (today he got a Birthday special cold corned beef, cheese and pickle sandwich, choc chip muffin, passionfruit fizzy can and a Twix) and he was gone.

Being Thursday we have our


Photo Stolen immercedemo

I thought because we’ve done such a big Olympic Orchids Artisan Perfumes week that we could do 2 special giveaways. All you need to do to win is to tell me what the code word you need to put in the coupon box at checkout on Olympic Orchids Artisan Perfumes for the $5 discount in the comments below. You’ll find the code word here on AustralianPerfumeJunkies in Monday and Tuesday‘s posts (a hint, the days in colour are jumps, hit them and you’ll be transported). It’s drawn on Saturday night around 9pm Australian EST. Jump to it! Here’s what you could win:

1ml Olympic Orchids Artisan Perfumes manufacturers samples of Carolina & Olympic Rainforest or A Midsummer Days Dream & Arizona.
2ml manufacturers sample of Fugue or Barocco by new fragrance house Esther produced by the crew at Fragonnard
Plus P&H anywhere in the world

Photo Stolen GUCCI

Next up I’ve given you an ad and a short film about Gucci by Gucci. The ad has the incredible Deborah Harry from Blondie singing one of her all time great classics, Heart of Glass. I was lucky enough to meet her in London, she had come to the opening night of DillyBoy in a club under Picadilly Circus, I was asked to produce the shows and there were a crew of us entertaining. The venue was full to overflowing and Ms Harry came out back to see us and after the shows she stayed around and partied with us till we fled to our next engagement. Christmas 2010 she was in Sydney and came down to the Opera House to watch the show that I was compering and performing in “DRAG!” and though she pretended to remember me and the night in Piccadilly Circus I know she was just being nice. It has however been one of the few mega stars that I have admired since childhood that when I’ve met them I have been pleasantly surprised at their friendliness and candor. She is the bomb and had I known she sang the ad I would have bought Gucci by Gucci sooner. I just gave the Gucci by Gucci Pour Homme to a mate for his birthday on the back of this loveliness. Enjoy.
Portia xx

Gucci by Gucci (Deborah Harry- Heart of Glass)

Gucci by Gucci maybe filmschool?

19 thoughts on “Thursday Giveaway Competition, Gucci by Gucci Videos

  1. The code word is PERFUMEJUNKIE.
    I have to admit I do like a few of the Gucci scents but particularly like Gucci Rush. I really must visit the chemical warfare department at my local Myer sometime soon, armed with a list of some of your recent recommendations. You make them sound so yummy.


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  3. I wish I could say I was a Gucci fan. Unfortunately we’re not friends. Love the smell but it just disappears from my skin in 10 minutes as of it was an EDT. My favorites are Gucci II and also Flora.

    I was lucky enough to get Flora for $10 in a Qantas employee Duty Free sale last year. It’s a nice fresh scent that I use for after I’ve had a shower at night.

    I know the theory about how good perfumes disappear to the wearer but linger for other people to smell the scent but the reality is that I wear perfume for me! I invest the money, I like to smell it!

    Ps; Codeword is perfumejunkie!


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