Champaca by Linda Pilkington for Ormonde Jayne 2002

Hey ho Perfume Junkies,

I have a super friend called Undina from Undina’s Looking Glass, (called Undinaba because she is Bloody Amazing) which is one of the frag blogs that I read EVERY installment of. We have sent each other a couple of fragrance care packages and my most recent one arrived just this week, a veritable scent filled goldmine of things long read & heard about, pored over and pondered upon while making hasty “Can I justify/afford this?” calculations in my head.  Ormonde Jayne’s Champaca is just such a one. Even the frickin box looks too posh for me. This stuff is SERIOUSLY GORGEOUS!!

I must now say that having done some looking I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the affordability of the range, well within reasonable splurge range even on a way less than CEO style financial package.

Photo Stolen fragrantica

The internet tells me that the Michelia champaca is closely related to the fragrant magnolia but the flowers are yellow and smaller but their scent stronger. It is native to South and South East Asia and some of China, and has been used for millenia in fragrance.

Fragrantica gives these main accords:
Top: Neroli, pink pepper, bamboo
Heart: Basmati rice, champaca, freesia
Base: Myrrh, musk, green tea

Photo Stolen fragrantica

That fizzy pink pepper and orange blossom opening that is so 21st century is only slightly softened by the dry light bamboo, had we not had a stand of bamboo in the back yard that we played in and around as children I would probably never have noticed its inclusion.

Basmati rice really does come through the champaca and freesia, like it’s buoying them up and they float beautifully above it. There is still a definite orange blossom through the very heart of the fragrance and still there 5 hours into my wear. I was expecting Champaca to become a skin scent much sooner than this, though the musk is making itself known. I think staying close to me rather than skin scent, Champaca doesn’t seem to need to announce itself to the room though for the first couple of hours on returning to a room I could smell I’d been there. My skin gives me no tea, everyone else raves about the green tea, I went and made myself a cup to check but to no avail, my skin drank the tea.

It’s now 8+ hours, we’ve been for dinner, watched a movie at home on TV and I’m finishing up my post, there is now a slightly musky smell but it’s a sweet sweat, the myrrh and still, amazingly, a little of that sexy neroli; but you have to be close enough to….

Photo Stolen OrmondeJayne

Above you can see pictured the ORMONDE JAYNE DISCOVERY SET 12 x 2ml for only 48 pound including postage worldwide!
If you’d rather spring for a bottle prices start at 64 pound for 4 x 10ml Travel Purse Sprays or 80 pound for 50ml EdP at the OrmondeJayne site which is a pretty good deal for such outstanding niche fragrance presented so beautifully.

I love the Olfactoria’sTravels review and BoisDeJasmin always knows the good stuff

Thank you for coming and wandering through my fragrant thoughts, I hope you have enjoyed yourself as much as I did to bring them to you.
Wishing each of you only the good stuff you wish for yourselves,
Till tomorrow,
Portia xx

This is Linda Pilkington chatting about Champaca from her Ormonde Jayne website.

17 thoughts on “Champaca by Linda Pilkington for Ormonde Jayne 2002

  1. I too, like reading every installment of Undina’s blog. I particulary enjoy her Entertaining Statistics (wish I had a mind that worked that way) and her Laughs, Lemmings and Leftovers.
    The Ormonde Jayne Discovery Set is amazing! I just love that slide out box. Guess I have a “thing” for good or interesting packaging and/or bottles.


  2. Aaaah apart from the magnificent Ormonde Woman which is rather ambery in the base, I splurged on Tolu this winter as part of my holy grail amber quest…


  3. Portia, lovely review of a favourite of mine for a couple of years now. I was lucky enough to receive some from Undina too, but I finally pressed the button on a full bottle just last Friday. I can’t wait to see that gorgeous packaging “in person”.

    I think you’ll find a lot more to love in the Discovery Set.


  4. Ormonde Woman is my one and only and the rest of the line pales a bit in comparison to her for me, but I’ll also sing the praises of that amazing discovery set: it’s so elegant, and I get a kick out of the way the two sides slide out, it’s nifty! Gorgeous enough to give as a gift to someone.

    Although it’s all about the jus for me, I really appreciate packaging that goes the extra mile. (It makes my smile to hear that magnetic snap when I close my box of OW.)


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