Patchouli Imperial by Francois Demachy for DIOR 2011

Well Hello There Fumies,

Today we are going to delve again into that magnificent La Collection Couturier Parfumeur by Francois Demachy for DIOR. Having ordered a decant set recently we will be looking at the collection over the next few weeks.

La Collection Couturier Parfumeur Patchouli Imperial Dior for menPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Olfactoria’s Travels gives these featured notes/accords:
Sicilian mandarin, Calabrian bergamot, Russian coriander, Indonesian patchouli, cedarwood and sandalwood essence

My skin gives me the quickest burst of citrus and corriander before a dirty patchouli waltzes through, lasting about an hour and then my skin eats the whole damn thing and I’m left scentless. So ANNOYING! I felt as if I was going for an incredible ride and to have it so truncated was very disappointing, to say the very least.

DIOR Gown Photo Stolen pilarrossiblog

This is still an interesting fragrance because when I couldn’t get a handle on it for myself I decided to spray TSO Jin with it last night and the first thing he said was Old Spice!! I laughed in his face and asked him to be serious but he made me go and get the Old Spice and put it on him. I’ll be damned but it’s a darker, less sweet version of Old Spice on him. HA HA HA HA HA!! This morning there was a lovely warm, woody, suede-like extra zing to his personal body scent that I found very sexy, skin scent but SOOO good. I think I will give my decant to him, as a present to me.

BoisDeJasmin and Perfume Shrine do almost black and white reviews they’re so opposite.

SurrenderToChance does decants starting at $3/ml

Sorry I couldn’t be more help in your search for the one today but there are plenty of loving reviews for Patchouli Imperial, I just can’t be among them.

See you tomorrow,

Portia xx

10 thoughts on “Patchouli Imperial by Francois Demachy for DIOR 2011

  1. LOL, Old Spice? It’s no wonder why I like this so much. My father used to use Old Spice, back in the day when I was so young I didn’t pay detailed attention to stuff like that. (I was 9 yrs. old) So I guess in some way I’m remembering him when I wear this. I suppose that explains some of the strange looks I get when I wear this, too. You don’t expect middle aged woman to be smelling like Old Spice.


  2. How frustrating to have something disappear on you like that! Having scent-glue skin, it’s a rare occurrence for a perfume to have short longevity on me, so whenever it happens I get a bit indignant. “Whaaa? Where’d it go?” Thus far it’s happened with Osmanthe Yunnan and No. 18.

    On the flip side, Buddha’s Fig only goes for about 4-6 hours on my skin, which is very short for me, but sometimes I enjoy having the option of wearing more than one thing a day.


  3. I may be on my own here, but I LOVE the scent of the old fashioned Patchoili Oil…. remember????
    Very dirty, musky, musty, and with that, “Ive just been rolling in autumn leaves” kinda smell!!!!
    Is this anything like? If so…. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!
    Love you too Portia…. Mwah X


    • Wow! It must not like my skin Undina. I took my split to work last night and sprayed it on some of the Trivia players and the room smelled amazing. I don’t mind the dirty patchouli though, it was very, very nice and I really thought I was going for a beautiful long ride but then my skin ate it. I will be returning to try it again though, just to make sure. I spritzed, I will try a dab next time, thanks for the heads up, you know how much I love this DIOR Collection so I was a bit saddened by my Patchouli Imperial experience.
      Portia xx


  4. After getting a sample of this recently from the Dior boutique, I can tell you that its love at first whiff. This is an incredible fragrance and I shall be doing a review of my thoughts here for APJ shortly.


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