Noir Patchouli by Gerald Ghislain for Histoires de Parfums

Hey Hey Fellow Fumies,

I am finally getting to some things I’ve had for ages but haven’t had the time to enjoy fully because life has been hectic. Happily hectic. Then I got the dreaded sinus lurgy and my nose went on strike so it’s nice to be fully functioning again. One of the frags that slipped through the cracks when it arrived but is now getting a bit of skin time is

Noir Patchouli by Histoires de Parfums

NoirPatchouli frsagranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Patchouli, coriander, cardamom
Heart: Patchouli, bouquet of flowers, juniper berries
Base: Patchouli, musk, vetiver, foam, leather, vanilla

Histoires de Parfums site says: The patchouli flower, grown in the East, exhales an intense and bewitching scent from its leaves. Wooded, Chypre like, this elixir stimulates the senses. A breath of mystery, as deep as black absorbing the light.

Called a Woody Chypre but I though there should be a citric opening, labdanum middle and mossy base? Is the modern take allowed to do away with all three? The very first whiff I get here is vanilla, it is fleeting but immediately comforting. Following closely come the herbs making an interesting green melange with the patchouli; green and rural like a healthy, freshly turned compost heap, earthy. The juniper berries soon add a sharp sparkling counterpoint and I think the rooty/salty vetiver is already showing its colours. My body completely eats all floral traces, there is nothing pretty here, though the whole fragrance is entrancing. I’ve been sitting here happily huffing away at myself and staring into space while my hand backs alternately and then simultaneously waft past my nose. Rich, rugged and raunchy are the three words I am constantly saying in my head, and powerhouse.

Noir Patchouli’s heart is a beautiful mixture of patchouli, healthy young mans hot day and hard work sweat and a cologne-ish brightness above it all. Maybe there’s a hint of lavender? Perhaps a little something bovine and flatulent, that sweet muggy fragrance of an animal barn in the morning sunlight. The leather is creamy as we wander, or meander rather, back to inedible soft vanilla, but Noir Patchouli remains a hefty unsuburban, free and wild fragrance till the end.

I get really good life of about 6 hours very noticeable scent before it turns skin-ish and combines beautifully with my own body scent, giving the impression that this is how I smell in real life for another 4 hours. I really would LOVE to smell this on a couple of my girl friends because though aimed at the boys I think Noir Patchouli would be devastatingly killer on a woman. Far too fragrant for close proximity work or anywhere fragrance phobic, super great for date night. I’m going to wear it for wrapping Christmas presents.

DarkLady gayatriforumPhoto Stolen gayatriforum

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Histoires de Parfums site has 60ml €87
SurrenderToChance starts at $5/ml

Do you have a favourite patchouli fragrance? Have you tried this? Tell us about it in the comments because we love to converse.

Do you ever stop and take 3 really deep breathes to clear your mind? Do it now. I find it lets heaps of stress go in about 10 seconds.
Till tomorrow,
Portia xx

27 thoughts on “Noir Patchouli by Gerald Ghislain for Histoires de Parfums

  1. I really appreciate the way Noir Patchouli was done by Gerald Ghislain but it’s not really my kind of thing to wear. But on the whole Histoires de Parfums is in my top 5 niche perfume houses. I own a big bottle of 1725 Casanova and I also fancy 1969, Moulin Rouge and Rosam from Edition Rare.


  2. Wowee Miss P!

    This sounds fantabulous! I’m going thru a humungous patch phase and this is on my to try list, but now you’ve made me wish I was sniffing it right now. Laughed at bovine and flatulent hahaha!

    Thanks for a lovely review and for pushing this way up my lemming list.

    M x


  3. Sex appeal by Joban musk is a cheap patchouli bomb ! Its a cheap sprits and the box it came in looks like a giant Viagra box ! It’s do camp I had to buy it . Do u like Jovan musk Portia ?


  4. Darling! You know back in the day when every hippie and his dog wore that horrid Patchouli oil I hated it. I used to gag and run for my Chanel for Men. Well now I am exploring the dreaded “P” and finding that it really can be wonderful. I just sampled last night at Neiman’s with the help of the lovely Hilary the Dior Patchouli fragrance called, Patchouli Imperial from the Dior Privee Collection and boy oh boy is it beautiful! If there is a Dior Boutique in Sydney get your lovely bottom over there and stick your nose under a bottle of Patchouli Imperial …and there Vetiver too.


  5. I don’t have a favorite patchouli. I tend to stay away from it because it reminds the 80’s. All my friends wore it and I could smell them a block away! I just tried the Christian Dior Patchouli Imperial. Ive got a nice big sample if anyone wants it.Nice enough, but I’d never wear it. The Histoires sounds great as well as the rest of the line. Glad to see that Portia and her nose are back! Not being able to sniff is one of the worst things about being sick.


    • Hey Hylda,
      That is SO generous! Hopefully someone will take you up on your kind offer. Are you on Facebook? There is a site there called Fragrance Swap. It’s a wonderful place for swapping or selling your unwanted samples, decants and FB.
      OH YES, being anosmic had me seriously worried.
      Portia xx


  6. I didn’t even approach this perfume because I’m not a huge fan of patchouli so it being in all three positions scared me away. One day I might give it a sniff but I do not want to force on myself something I have a good chance not to enjoy when there are so many perfumes I want to try.


  7. I’ve learned that I like my patchouli smooooooth, so Noir Patchouli, Borneo 1834 and others that have a spikier quality to them just don’t do it for me. But Coromandel? Mmmmm, can’t live without Coromandel.


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