Rosae Mundi by Profumum Roma 2012

What’s HAPPENING everyone?

Well, more brand spanking new stuff is happening here today. You may know that lately I’ve been having a bit of a rose explosion in my library. All of a sudden I can’t get enough of them and I’d like to thank Neela Vermeire for reminding me that the rose is Empress with her glorious Mohur.

Rosae Mundi by Profumum Roma 2012

Rosae Mundi FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accord in one line:
Rose, patchouli, vetiver, cedar

LuckyScent describes Rosae Mundi thus: Sometimes a rose fragrance can take a quiet and docile path, blushing and giggling with an innocent and soapy freshness. Classic and traditional – she’s a safe bet and a loyal friend. Rosae Mundi is not that rose fragrance, and prefers not to show up to her boring parties. If she did decide to show, she’d kick down the door in a low cut dress and demand a man and a martini.

PinkRoseWeddingCake showusyourcakesPhoto Stolen ShowUsYourCakes

The first whiff of Rosae Mundi by Profumum Roma is not about the rose at all but cedar, patchouli and vetiver!! Licorice? A sweet and sugared rose emerges through the tangle of herbaceous woodsiness. Like a marzipan rose. I don’t get that the ad copy sells Rosae Mundi as a bad girl fragrance. This is nice, sweet as cherry pie, the innocent and fresh face of rose. A musky rose that hints more at confectionary that sexy siren, it does though have that wonderful perfumey smell that men can identify and compliment and I could imagine it being quite addictive if he was already enamoured. In fact, if this was your signature scent it would be totally transportative when you wear it for those around you. Though it’s not a huge factor during the heart I get something Gothic and haunting that weaves around for a while, it is an interesting by story and it also has a rose water baklava undercurrent at times too. The vetiver gets a little coastal towards the end and the musks are very noticeable, which is unusual for me.

Pretty good scent bubble, when I wear Rosae Mundi Jin can smell it from the moment he walks in the house, and the sillage is excellent leaving a rippling wake, I think a bit too fragrant for office work but great to wear for lunch and by the time you return safe enough to work in. I lose track of Rosae Mundi after about 4 hours but Jin can still smell it on me.

RoseWoman layoutSparksPhoto Stolen layoutSparks

NowSmellThis has to say of the line: Italian niche line established in 1996 by the grandchildren of Celestino and Lucia Durante, who had established a chain of stores featuring hand-made soaps, fragrances and the like. Today the Profumum line produces 15+ fragrances, has several boutiques in Rome and is sold in selected stores across Italy.

LuckyScent has 100ml/$265 or .7ml/$5

Are the roses taking ovewr your life too? Is there something in particular that has caught your attention? Please share, we love golden perfumista nuggets to pan for.

Waft on gentle perfumistas, till tomorrow,

Portia xx

17 thoughts on “Rosae Mundi by Profumum Roma 2012

  1. I’m not big on rose (Ballets Rouges notwithstanding), and am picky about the way rose is used. One of my favorites for the last couple of years has been Eau d’Italie Paestum Rose. I’ve almost used up my little sample and have to decide whether to get more.


  2. I wish the roses were taking over my life, as I love how they smell on others, but roses and I don’t really get along; with the exception of Parfum Sacre, SSS’s Vintage Rose, Yves Rocher’s Rose Absolute and the Tauer roses, they tend to go sour on me. But stubborn girl that I am, I don’t stop trying. At some point I’m planning on working my way through the entire Parfums de Rosine line just because. Call me the Golden Retriever of perfumistas, hope springs eternal. 😉


  3. I am really loving Montales Roses Elixir and FMalle Une Rose lately.. the Montale is more sparkly and bright, the Malle dark and dense. Today’s rose is Micallef Rose Oud, a lovely light jammy rose.


    • Une Rose, what a frag!! I have gone through a couple of testers and it will probably be FB time in Paris, we’ll see.
      I am sweet on all the Montales and wish I brought Sandflowers away with me Tara,
      Lads of love,
      Portia xx


  4. FM Lipstick rose! Not the type of fragrance I would usually go for, sweet, girly and fun! Reminds me of something from my childhood that I can’t quite place. In primary school I sometimes got the special job of sharpening all the pencils with the electric pencil sharpener, for some odd reason Lipstick Rose makes me think of that room, coloured pencil shaving accord?? Guerlain Rose du desert is nice too.


  5. Hey Miss P,

    I adored this one too! Drained my sample quick smart such a pretty sweet rose. It was like rose gelato on me.
    Have fun in Vienna.

    M xx


    • Oh and yes, roses are taking over my life too. Apart from this one and PoaL, I am loving Voleur de Roses, Lipstick Rose, Lady Vengeance and Agent Provocateur. I like my roses really sweet or dark!


  6. I do adore Un Rose and you wrote “marzipan” about this one you are describing today , well —- I love that stuff too (I could eat a kilo of marzipan no probs! LOL ) so I must give this one a try!!!


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