Rosae Mundi by Profumum Roma 2012


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Profumum is known for the strength, the depth, and the often sweet, gourmand nature of its fragrances. I find some of their fragrances far too rich for my blood (including their famous Ambra Aurea, though it is adored by many) but I am in love with Rosae Mundi. Portia has already reviewed this scent here, but I wanted to offer another take on this dark rose.

Rosae Mundi by Profumum Roma 2012

RosaeMundi FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accord in one line:
Rose, patchouli, vetiver, cedar

Rosae Mundi made me sit up and take notice from the very first spray. It’s a glorious perfumey, patchouli rose, which for some reason immediately brings to my mind the cool, dark spaces and stony walls of a soaring gothic cathedral. The aura created by the top notes is more than just a scent to me, it’s a physical space.

Rosae Mundi Profumum Roma Gloucester Cathedral GeographPhoto Stolen Geograph

Within five minutes, Rosae Mundi has developed a berry overtone that I find familiar: it’s the sweetness and muskiness at the heart of Kilian’s Rose Oud, though Rosae Mundi feels less neon bright and more earthy than the Kilian creation and contains no oud note. Not that I think Kilian’s Rose Oud contains much oud either… An hour or so in, the berries sitting on top of the patchouli rose become juicier and the powdery muskiness gets yet more pronounced. At this stage it’s quite hypnotic. Portia’s review of Rosae Mundi mentioned that this scent could be transportive for those around somebody who wore it as a signature scent, and I totally agree. Beneath its sweet rose facet, this is a deep and meditative scent experience for me. My nose is glued to my wrist for the first 4 hours! During the dry down, the scent continues for a long time as a musky-mossy rose and soft berry mix. At this stage, if the scent were fabric, it would be a dark red velvet. In the far dry-down the rosy patchouli becomes a soft candle-wax that lasts for several more hours.

Rosae Mundi Profumum Roma red velvet IndianWeddingSitePhoto Stolen IndianWeddingSite

Like all the Profumum fragrances that I have tried, this is potent stuff. A couple of sprays will last all day on me (20+ hours), with a good scent trail for the first few hours.

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Have you tried Rosae Mundi? Are roses your thing? What’s your favourite rose?
SarahK xx

(Ed: SarahK will be taking a break from APJ. She is currently pregnant and finding her nose has gone a little wonky. We all wish her the best of luck with the whole shebang and can’t wait for her return)

5 thoughts on “Rosae Mundi by Profumum Roma 2012

  1. Haven’t tried this one. I’m one of the passionate admirers of Ambra Aurea, and I love the generally intense quality of this line, so will have to try it.
    Best of luck with your “whole shebang, ” and we will look forward to hearing about the healthy and successful conclusion! All the best from all of us here in the perfume aether.


  2. We are going to miss you SarahK while you are off making mini-me. I hope it all works out beautifully and that we see you around here every now and then commenting and chatting.
    Best of everything for you.
    Portia xx


  3. the simplicity of the notes in this seem very alluring, although i am sure the actual formula is much more complex/chemical.

    a patch-rose combo is always appealing; patchouli does magical things for the rose.

    congrats sarahK !!


  4. I have tried it : it’s very nice !

    I’m not fond of proeminent rose (as “solinotes” so to say) but enjoy the rose in other perfumes (Egoïste, Chanel N°19, …)

    An exception however : my favorite “dominant” rose (at least for the first two hours, because it drydowns in a quite different way, which is almost as good) : portrait of a lady !


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