Pure White (Original) Cologne by Olivier Creed VI for Creed 2011

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We had a great day here yesterday, a bunch of friends around for a BarBQ enjoying the last warm weeks before we start to head towards the cooler months. Ten great friends all eating Jin’s famous BarBQ Chilli Pork, sausages, salads and bread rolls. We all drank heaps of sweet fruity wines, couchon reisling and moscato and laughed the day away. These are the days I will remember and cherish, like perfect gifts to mull over and reminisce about. We are so blessed.

Pure White (Original) Cologne by Creed 2011

pure-white-colognePhoto Stolen CREED

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: lemon, bergamot and grapefruit.
Heart: galbanum, neroli and pear.
Base: gray amber (ambergris), white musk and rice.

Just a little back story: Pure white Cologne was introduced last year as Original Cologne so that the people who bought it in the first year would have a fabulous collectors item. That is a fun idea but so annoying because now all other reviews are now out of date which strikes me as a bad marketing move.

The citrus opening is sweet and bright and hugely gorgeous, enough to attract orange beetles I reckon. Unleavened citrus beyond anything I’ve ever smelled and fun to boot. It takes a while for the next phase to become noticeable because it creeps up slowly and stealthily through the magnificent wonder that is the opening. What I first get is a softening of the citrus for a soft pear waft, it is both sweeter and dryer that the opening and green rather than sugary. That doesn’t make sense but it is the way I read the progression. It may hark back to fragrance of yesteryear but to me this is fun freshness, a beautiful green smoothy of a fragrance, a sweet and sour bite that says, “Though you are dressed  in a suit and fully, handsomely masculine, you are also edgy, naughty and spontaneous.” I expect a cologne to have little lasting power but Pure White Cologne by CREED outdistances many of its EdT and EdP counterparts and smells like money has been spent on the ingredients. As it should for the asking price. I am getting about 3 hours of fragrance and about the same of warm skin scent, though I get no hint of the rice in the base.

If we had an unlimited budget or were 3 fragrance happy then Pure White Cologne would definitely make the short list for a summer fragrance.

From the CREED site:
New in CREED’s Royal Exclusives Collection, Pure White Cologne evokes men’s styles in Victorian England: clean grooming, tailored white shirts and lives made richer by quality goods of impeccable detail.  Pure White Cologne wraps the client like a garment stitched to his exact proportions, fitting and superb in every respect, a complement to his innate style and a statement of his high standing.  Pure White Cologne has been compared to a burst of English mist, a fine and clean sensation on the skin like when a train blurs past, sending a gust of cooling moisture onto every pore, as in the 1844 J.M.W. Turner painting, “Rain, Steam and Speed.”

J_M_W_Turner_-_RainSteamandSpeedJ M W Turner Rain, Steam and Speed Photo Stolen WikiMedia

The CREED site has 30ml $205
SurrenderToChance starts at .5ml/$3

Do you wear any of the CREED line? Have you tried this one?

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7 thoughts on “Pure White (Original) Cologne by Olivier Creed VI for Creed 2011

  1. I have tested some Creeds, Santal and Virgin Island Water to name but two and unfortunately I am not a fan of Creed. BUT this one I have not tried and your review has made me think it would be wise to try it and maybe revisit the line. So thank you dear Portia for nudging me over to the Creed counter.


  2. Hmmh. Creed.
    I adore Fleurissimo, quite the most unusual tuberose out there that seems to carry more muguet than the main event.
    I digress…. this is a very nice cologne, but I think the ‘Victorian gentleman’ as the publicity puff outs it is a bit off kilter, the Victorians most definitely preferred limes for a whole range of truly fascinating geo-political and slightly unsalubrious reasons, I will tell all one day.
    That aside I agree there is a greater degree of staying power here that with some others in the range (I was reading recently that this is because Creed use amber as a fixant – a contributory factor to the price too) but still it only last an hour on the Dandy’s hungry dermis.
    Not good enough. Vlose but no cigar, so to speak.
    To be frank there are other cologne’s that evoke this era – Geo F Trumper and Truefitt for just two house examples, for a fraction of the price.
    But I would like to get my hands on some of that Fleurissimo…
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy


  3. it seems you have fallen for another tall tale from Creed. they did not first name it “Original Cologne” so that the first buyers would have a collectors item. they were FORCED to change the name because it violated a trademark. another perfume company had coined an “Original Cologne” and served notice to Creed when they put theirs out. they came up with Pure White Cologne in order to avoid getting sued.

    doesn’t make the fragrance any less OUTSTANDING, but thought you’d like to know… 🙂


    • WOW! Great story. I love all the behind scenes shenanigans. Sue, counter sue, drama and guff over names, ingredients, bottles etc.
      I don’t know about fallen for. I just report what I know as an amateur fragrance lover, it is great to get the other side though.
      Thanks Luke.
      Portia xx


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