BOMBAY BLING! By Bertrand Duchafour for Neela Vermeire Creations 2011


Guest Post by Val The Cookie Queen


BOMBAY BLING! By Neela Vermeire Creations 2011

Healing Greetings to all you APJs

More than just a perfume.
I have panic attacks. They used to be bad. Really bad. I have learned, over the many years, what they are, how they happen, different methods of easing them, and most importantly that I am not actually going to drop dead on the spot! Fab. Except that once in a while, they sidle up behind me, and BAM, whack me over the head. Such was early last Saturday morning. Gand Mal Seizure!! Breathe, ignore it ……..

Cartoon-panic-attack PorchiasWishPhoto Stolen PorchiasWish

After dressing I found myself desperately reaching for Bombay Bling! ) I don´t usually want any scent after an attack.
I sprayed it on, and OMG, perfume-peeps, I kid you not. Forsooth. It was sumptuous. Gorgeous. An explosion of colour. Vibrant. Healing. Soothing. The sour greenness of the mango immediately calmed my soul! Absolutely bloody gorgeous. Exxxxxxpensive. Mmmmmmm.

Colour-explosion wallChainPhoto Stolen WallChain

It enveloped me in it´s caress all day. I was wrapped in a silk sari. Safe. The mellowness of the tobacco, sandalwood and vanilla comforted me for hours. (You need to check out Neela´s site.)

BombayBling fragranticaStolen from Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives the featured accords:
Top: French labdanum, caraway, mango, litchi, blackcurrant, cardamom
Heart: Jasmine, rose, tuberose, yang-ylang, gardenia, frangipani
Base: Virginia cedar, sandalwood, leather, patchouli, woodsy notes, vanilla

Guys and Gals! Olfactoria describes it as “Happiness in a Bottle.”
It is sooo much more than that.
Bombay Bling! should be available on prescription.

See you soon,

Val the Cookie Queen

Want some Bombay Bling samples or a bottle? Order from the e-boutique in

35 thoughts on “BOMBAY BLING! By Bertrand Duchafour for Neela Vermeire Creations 2011

  1. Hi Val,

    Welcome to APJ!

    Gosh you poor thing with panic attacks (()). Glad that BB had that calming effect on you. I appreciate NVs creations as art, but find them challenging to wear. I think they need many wearings to ‘get’.



  2. this is my first comment on APJ!
    I have heard wonderful things about Bombay Bling but have yet to sample it!
    Story about panick attacks…I work with a woman who suffers from anxiety (she takes medication for it). As a hobby I blend with essential oils. Everyday she sniffs me and says that my “scent” is calming to her. So, my theory is that, yes, indeed, fragrance can take us to a more serene state, squash our anxieties and ease our attacks. I am glad that you found a perfume that you can rely on after one of your attacks.


  3. Congratulations on your first post, Cookie Queen! You did a splendid job of rendering justice to that bottled joy of joys – Bombay Bling! 🙂 Although I wouldn’t say it has a calming effect on me, but I’m s-t-r-a-n-g-e…Nevertheless, I dare anyone at all to wear this without a smile on their face and a song in their heart!


    • Afternoon Tarleisio! Gosh this blogging thing is so exciting!!
      You cannot spray Bombay Bling without breaking into a smile. Really, it makes my heart miss beat. I wish the first notes would stay forever, but the pleasure would probably kill me. Although I am sure there are worse ways to go …….. ❤


  4. Dear Cookie Queen

    The Dandy salutes your first post!!

    You have made me even more intent on getting my mitts on this fragrance, if indeed that were possible.

    I sincerely hope to hear more from you soon.

    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy


    • Curtsey Curtsey.

      Why thank you kind sir!! I have no idea whether you would like it because I am not really up on my Dandys. Yet. But I would surely suggest that you get your mitts on it ASAP.

      CQ xxxxx


      • Dear Queen
        ‘Tis I who should curtsey before royalty.
        Dandy’s like the widest diversity of things – slip over to my salon sometime and you will discover more.
        Yours ever
        The Perfumed Dandy


  5. Thank you for this great post! After reading I pulled out a sample of “Bombay Bling” for another try. While I find it a very beautiful, rich fragrance and somewhat relaxing I don’t understand the “Bling” factor. On me this scent has little to do with “bling” and everything to do with friendly warmth and, as you say, “mellowness” and comfort.


  6. Cheers Azar! Well you know, I reckon the
    first 15 minutes of this fab scent is the “Bling” for me. It’s breathtaking. Smelling Salts for the weak and weary! It could
    even turn you into a Super Hero! Ha ha.
    I need to get back to my oven now. Cookies
    close to burning. xxx


    • It so is. I find it absolutely fascinating, that with all the hundreds, nay thousands, of scents, old and new, there can be something this awesome. And different.
      And classy. 🙂


  7. Congratulations on your first post here, Val! I am happy to learn that Bombay Bling had that calming effect. I had the same thing happen to me once with Puredistance1 when I was right in the middle of a major IT crisis. : – )


    • Thanks so much Vanessa. I have been like a chipmunk all day!. I may have to actually down a shot of BB! when I get home. Puredistance 1 is on my hit list. I wonder if I can swap cookies for perfume?? 😉 xxx


  8. Panic attacks. I know the feeling. They are awful. I’m glad you found a calming scent. I like BB but it didn’t have that effect on me. I’m still searching for my calming scent.


    • Hi Poodle!

      Well, they do kind of suck, but I actually can´t imagine how I would be having not experienced them. They are a part of my being. I hadn´t the foggiest notion that BB! would have this magical effect. I swear though, that you cannot feel bad after a squirt or two! Mmmmmmmm. I feel an attack coming on ……….. 😉


  9. BB is one of my favorite!!! Since I smelt it. Armadillo cookie is my favorite cookie since I tasted it!!!
    Love from Jin


  10. wonderful write up n comments. 🙂 High time to try BB Val. Perfume n the best cookies, indeed a great combination. What else does one need? 🙂


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