Girlfriend by Justin Bieber 2012


Post by Katrina



I really like this perfume. I wore it a lot last summer when it seemed like the perfect summer fragrance. But now in winter, wearing it for this review I’ve found that I enjoy wearing it all year round.

Girlfriend by Justin Bieber 2012

Girlfriend Justin Bieber FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: mandarin, blackberry, pear and strawberry.
Heart: pink freesia, star jasmine, apricot and orange blossom
Base: vanilla orchid, luminous musk and white amber

Justin Bieber won big this year taking out US Fifi Awards in 2 categories. Justin Bieber’s Girlfriend, the second fragrance from the Biebster, won both ‘Fragrance of the Year – Women’s Popular’ and ‘Consumer Choice – Women’s’ categories.

Girlfriend Justin Bieber WikiMediaPhoto Stolen WikiMedia

The packaging for this perfume is fun and playful. The cross section of the purple bottle is heart shaped and it slots into a colourful canister that reminds me of a slinky. Fun! Taking the bottle out to spray makes me feel just a little happier.

The perfume starts fresh and fruity with citrus and crisp pear. Girlfriend is sweet but not overly. As the perfume evolves the floral notes come out and the fruit changes to what smells like honeydew melon to me, although it should be apricot based on the fragrance notes listed. The base notes of the fragrance are quite soft and the fresh sweetness stays until the end.

Girlfriend Justin Bieber milagrosschmidt DeviantArtPhoto Stolen DeviantArt

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Fragrance Shop has from $26/30ml
My Perfume Samples starts at $2/ml

Which other celebrity perfumes won awards this year? Check out my Celebrity Perfume Website to find out.

Have any of you APJ readers tried Girlfriend? If not I challenge you to give it a try!

Katrina xx

ED: I added the Beaty & The Beat video because I think it’s SUPER FUN!

20 thoughts on “Girlfriend by Justin Bieber 2012

  1. That is a challenge! I’ll try. I just find boy wonders so annoying. Probably because I was an acolyte at the usual age, and it is embarrassing to see what kind of persona seemed so compelling at the time. I suppose a more socio-critical attitude would wisen me up and thus let me smell whatever I damn well please!


  2. Is that a double dog dare? Yeah i can imagine what looks i’ll get picking up this beauty, me a 50 year old wanting to smell like Bieber’s girlfriend. I hate all of the celebu-scents i have ever tryed, i can tolerate fancy nights by jessica simpson if i have to. I guess if i can pick up the Nicki manaj bottle i can touch the bieber one.I hope i don’t get put on some national watch list for this.


  3. Thank you, Katrina, for the challenge. I’m sorry to say that I’m not up to it! I’ve tried celeb fragrances that I’ve come to love and use often, but it will take more than a scent masterpiece, a great looking bottle and any number of Fifis to get me around the image of Justin Beiber. If some one would give me some in a nameless, unmarked container (Chandler Burr, perhaps?) I suppose I would try it, otherwise JB’s Girlfriend will remain a mystery to me. My loss? I’ll just have to console myself with another of the thousands of scents that debut every year.


  4. Hey there lovely Katrina, I am kind of enjoying watching the Bieb’s suffer some of the usual everything too early syndromes currently. It’s made him much more human. And a mate and I are going to see him in November, 2nd row apparently. I am going to be the BIGGEST girl there. he He he.
    Portia xx


  5. I don’t remember how this smells, but I know I love the bottle! I actually wound up with a bottle of the first one, somehow, but I would prefer it were this one.


  6. funny poodle, well i did it! At CVS pharmacy, the bottle was glued down so i pressed the sprayer and took a whiff. I can’t say it was awful. Accually not too bad, i’m surprised. I am not going to pick up lady gaga or that hideouse niki manaj one though, have to draw the line somewere.


  7. You know what, i’m going to take the challenge and try it next time I go to my local chemist! I probably wouldn’t buy it…or would I?! ha ha ha


  8. Confession time – I’ve tried this in Sephora.
    The truth is that it could have been much, much worse and probably sold just as many bottles. I think they made a pretty good perfume for their target market…which is like 5-12, right?


  9. Sure, I’m willing to give it a try, why not? You know what convinced me? The slinky aspect. I love slinkies.

    As far as Justin goes, this is one of the advantages of having three boys before a girl: because of the influence of her big brothers, she’s into dragons, drawing and Minecraft. I don’t think I’ve ever even heard one of JB’s songs.


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