Mito by Vero Kern for Vero Profumo 2012


Post by Val the Cookie Queen


Hi all you APJs.

I thoroughly enjoy reading Olfactoria´s occasional “Finding Hidden Beauty” blogs. The Vero Profumo perfume house and indeed Vero herself surely fall into the Hidden Beauty category. Your average person is not going to hear of these magnificent perfumes. That makes her hidden doesn´t it? One of the positives of being a perfume junkie, searching out the best and rarest of gems.

Mito by Vero Kern for Vero Profumo 2012

A Verdant Oasis

Dayle Ann Clavin mito#12Fragrantica gives these featured accords in one line:
Jasmine, galbanum, oakmoss, magnolia, hyacinths, champaca, cyprus, citrus

There has been much written about Mito. It is so rich and green and sparkly and mossy, uplifting and elegant and gorgeous.
What more can I add? Velvety, magnoliay, cypressy …………. A Verdant Oasis.

My girlfriend drives an Alfa Romeo Mito and is a brilliant photographer. The coincidence was just too good to pass up. Now then, where would be a place beautiful enough to do justice to Ms Kern´s creation, without having to drive to the Tivoli Fountains, her source of inspiration?

Dayle Ann Clavin mito#A7

SALZBURG! Delivering cookies and taking pictures all in one go.

First location. Pferdeschwemme Fountain/Horse Wash. Built in about 1693. Purpose was to wash the horses before they returned to the stables. Downtown Salzburg. Now a beautiful fountain, and filming location of “My Favourite Things” in The Sound of Music. Perfect.

Dayle Ann Clavin mito#A4

As we were finishing off with this location, a street band made up of a group of South Americans walked by. Much to my surprise, my usually rather
quiet and artistic friend, leapt upon the unsuspecting tuba player, and insisted that he stop and let her put Mito into his tuba. After waving her hands around
to be understood, and then placing him in the correct position, she quickly took a few shots. To be honest he didn´t really know what hit him. She wanted to place
the bottle deeper into the tuba but he was having none of that. He then demanded a kiss (I obliged, on the cheek, haha! ) and scuttled off as fast as one carrying a tuba can, to catch
up with his bandmates. Job done.

Dayle Ann Clavin mito#A3

Next stop Residenzbrunnen/Residenz Fountain. (After an iced caffeine top up. It was 35 degrees and we had been taking pictures for over 2 hours)
This is a serious expression of Salzburg´s opulence. Ascribed to Tommaso de Garona (nod to the Italians!) and constructed at the wish of Bishop
Guidobald Thun from 1656 to 1661. It is 15 metres high. This is one amazingly beautiful fountain.

Mito Vero Kern Baroque Fountain "Residenz Brunnen"Photo Stolen VisitSalzberg

Salzberg Cathedral
(Maria took a pit stop here to splash water at the horses whilst singing “I Have Confidence”)

Dayle Ann Clavin mito#A9

So it was a wrap. Dayle Ann Clavin, photographer, was done. Five hours, a little sunstroke and a lot of fun. Not to mention classy pictures.

Vero Kern creates. Creates for us. Bearing a little of her soul each time. And I for one am indebted to her.

I truly cannot wait to try the Mito Extrait.

Further reading: Perfume Posse and Now Smell This
LuckyScent has $215/50ml
Surrender To Chance starts at $6/.5ml

So perfume lovers, be thankful for what we have the opportunity to share in.


Dayle Ann Clavin mito#A13

Dayle Ann Clavin mito#Ab13

Dayle Ann Clavin mito#A11


Dayle Ann Clavin mito#14

29 thoughts on “Mito by Vero Kern for Vero Profumo 2012

    • Annina!! I so know you mean. I am busy trying to decide whether to feed my family, buy bog roll and toothpaste for them, or just to buy the TWO new Mito versions. Sigh.


  1. Thank you, Val, for your stunning post!
    Unfortunately, your friend’s wonderful photos will have to be enough Mito for me for the time being. All I can do is drool over this beauty. My gastropods must have their new salt water tank before any more perfume is purchased. These housekeeping issues can be a real drag!
    Azar xx


    • Hey Azra – your gastropods should think themselves lucky. How responsible of you! 😉
      The are amazing pictures huh?? A perfume bottle is not the easiest of things to take pictures of. (That must be why so many companies use scantily clad models in the perfume campaigns. Yawn.) Lots of hugs, Val xxxxxx


    • Hi Vanessa – Mito really is a work of art. Exquisite!! Uhm – yes, it is all the same Salzburg. Hmmmm?? I wish I had a picture of the tuba player´s face. He surely thought we were bonkers. 😉 xxxxxxxx


      • It’s spelt Salzberg in a couple of places?, and I could well believe there is somewhere in Austria of a similar name, though on balance I thought it was most likely a typo. Yes, I would like to see a whole series of perfume bottles posing inside musical instruments now, insofar as that can be contrived without comprising their functionality… 😉 xxx


    • Hi Ruth! Hahahaha. Definitely not. And surely never again. We had a blast doing it, but you would be amazed how much work taking pictures is. Dayle must have taken at least 200 shots. I learned a lot. And got sunstroke!! Chuckle. Hugs. Val xxx


  2. Those pictures are stunning, Val! It sounds like a great day with your friend. So, umm, is this where I admit that I haven’t tried any of the Vero Profumo frags yet, precisely because I’m worried I’ll fall head over heels for them? (Silly, I know.)


  3. Hey Undina! How nice to see you 🙂 They are gorgeous piccies huh? I have just had one blown up for my bedroom!! I can barely wait to try the two other Mitos. Love, Val xxx


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