Anat Fritz’ Tzora by Geza Schoen for Anat Fritz 2012


Post by Azar


Dear APJs,

Never in my wildest, most fragrant dreams could I have imagined that one day I would be tempted to purchase a perfume that was named after a kibbutz and tucked into a hand made sock! If this image isn’t strange enough just try to picture the following: A geriatric shopper mobbed by several young sales associates all attempting to provide the most thorough customer service in the history of office supply stores. If you can imagine either of these scenarios perhaps you too have tried ……

Tzora by Anat Fritz 2012

Tzora Anat Fritz FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords in one line:
Black currant, clary sage, bergamot, pepper, magnolia, osmanthus, jasmine, cedar, vetiver, patchouli, musk and moss.

My experience with Tzora began with Olfactif’s September Sample Collection (Pleasant Promenade by S. Poncet, Siam Proun by Ellen Covey and Tzora, the kibbutz in a sock). Tzora proved to be a pleasant enough fragrance. The musky woods, wafting in and out of my scent consciousness, caused me to suspect that the cassis and peruvian pepper (among other notes) were laced with GS’s “signature” aroma chemical, iso-E-super. On a whim I loaded my skin with 2 hefty sprays and went out on my morning errands.

My first stop was the bank. The usually serious bank teller gave me an odd look and then greeted me with a big smile and a sparkle in her eyes. Everywhere I went people were in a great mood, smiling, laughing and wanting to chat. I attributed all the friendliness to a day of sunshine and headed for my last stop, the office supply store.

Anat Fritz' Tzora Shopping Assistants limerickrose2012Photo Stolen limerickrose2012

I walked into the store in a big hurry, made a beeline for the tape aisle, found what I needed and was just about to zoom over to bubble wrap when a young man appeared, determined to help me find what I already had in my hand, a single roll of packing tape. He insisted on carrying it for me! Usually, when I shop at this store, I have been carefully ignored and prefer it that way. I made my way to the next aisle where another salesman joined the first. Eventually I managed to pick up not only all the supplies I needed but six very helpful young men as well. I was becoming a little self-conscious. Didn’t these guys have anything better to do with their time? Were they trying to look busy for the management or were they just helpless moths attracted to the flame that is Azar? Other customers were staring, coming closer and smiling. It was then I caught a whiff of myself. AHA! All the attention and solicitous customer service must be a reaction to the perfume that Geza Schoen had created for Anat Fritz and that I had so recklessly applied earlier in the day.

Anat Fritz' Tzora Shopping michigan.govPhoto Stolen

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LuckyScent has $150/100ml
The Perfumed Court starts at $5/ml

Yes, it felt great to be waited on, smiled at and chatted up but would I want such treatment every day? Why not? $150 for 100ml of Tzora, the kibbutz in a sock, seems a small price to pay for so many smiles and such great customer service. Now here’s a question. Have you had any interesting public reactions to the scents you wear (perfumes, pheromones, aroma chemicals, whatever)? Try not to go too private or explicit with this one.

Azar xx

13 thoughts on “Anat Fritz’ Tzora by Geza Schoen for Anat Fritz 2012

  1. I can’t say I’ve ever experienced anything like you describe. That would be an odd day indeed. People just aren’t that friendly around here. The only public reaction I can remember was one day when I was wearing Pomagranate Noir two people I work with said the office smelled like Christmas. The only thing I could smell was my perfume so of course I asked further fearing I smelled like a fake pine air freshener. One said it reminded her of Christmas at home when she was a kid and what a happy memory that was for her. I’m not sure if they knew it was my perfume they smelled like that. The conversation was interrupted and that was that.


    • Hi Poodle,

      I sprayed the stuff again a couple of days ago and the same thing happened, but this time in the pet store (reference the dog balls!).

      That fake pine smell really gets to me too! Christmas at home is not bad though. It a good thing you were not discovered. I was once wearing Montale White Oud and one of my young students said I smelled like his grandmother. Perhaps that was a compliment but I put the white metal “flask” in perfume storage after that and it hasn’t been out since.

      Azar xx


  2. Montale Aoud Blossom is one of those really weird un-matches. Husband George walked past me in the kitchen and told me he would take out the trash. He thought something had spoiled, lol.
    And it has be requested I NEVER wear Blood Concept AB to work again.


    • Hello Jan,

      Ha! I Love It! Sometimes I like to provoke people with fragrance but smelling like garbage is not how I want to do it! There is a pungent patchouli by a New York Indie perfumer that I love to wear but B-Azar thinks it smells like cat pee and would probably offer to clean the cat box when I wear it, if we had a cat! What happened to the bottle of Montale and what did Blood Concept AB do to your workplace?

      Azar xx


  3. Heya lovely Azar,
    I am not allowed to wear Slumberhouse Norne to bed because it gives Jin terrible nightmares. Twice i’ve worn it and twice he has changed sleeping rooms.
    Portia xx


    • Greetings Portia!

      We’ve had that nightmare experience around here too but I’m the one suffering the nightmares (B-Azar sleeps through anything). Two scents I really love give me night frights or strange dreams. One is DSH Cafe Noir and the other is one of Ellen Covey’s Devilscent series. I solve that problem by applying those fragrances before 8:00 am. Ellen’s Lil also has strange effects. When I wear it around young students in groups they want to rebel and challenge my piano authority! An unruly mob of under tens (with access to musical instruments) can be a REAL nightmare!

      Azar xx


    • Thanks so much, Maya!

      I am finding I like Tzora for day time (despite or maybe because of the “side effects”). It’s easy to wear and not overwhelming. B-Azar likes it too! For me it’s not a seductive perfume though, just more of an attractant and a smile catcher. I feel good when I wear it. Maybe my mood is what creates the reactions in others? I have to confess that I just bought the bottle, but I did exhaust my sample first.

      By the way, have you ever had a similar experience with a fragrance?

      Azar xx


  4. I try to put on perfume a couple times a day but it’s not often that anyone remarks on my scent. However I did have a comment from a co-worker recently. I have a container of samples in my gym bag that I use after I work out. My gym is in my office building and one day while I was walking back up the stairs to my office, a male co-worker was walking behind me and commented that I smelt nice. I was wearing a Coach perfume and I think I had put on a little too much. Honestly I thought it was a little strange that a male co-worker would make a comment like that, but the guys I work with are a little strange. Anyway… Tzora sounds like something I would like, and I think the bottle is pretty cool.


    • Hi Beautiful Lauren!

      Most people will sniff and sniff (or smile) but co-workers (the adults, anyway) and strangers will seldom say anything, at least to me. On the other hand B-Azar seems to have no problem voicing his opinions on the scent I’m wearing. It’s easier than critiquing my clothes. It seems like the combination of Lauren and Coach was just too much for this guy to handle and he had to blurt it out! I think you should wear “a little too much” more often, Lauren, and see what happens (but maybe not at your office)! Also, for maximum effect, apply fragrance where the famous perfumer Sophia Grojsman suggests, behind the knees!

      Azar (Mommy Azar) xx and x


  5. We may all be helpless moths attracted to the flame that is Azar.

    I am a habitual wearer of a little too much perfume, but I almost never get any comments. (Of course, I’m also something of a hermit. Perhaps I should leave the house more often.)


    • Hi Laurels,
      Yes, do try to go out more often. You don’t have to go far for a surprise and I bet it will be a good one! By the way, B-Azar thought my flame comment was pretty funny. I don’t think he has ever seen himself as a helpless moth!
      Azar xx


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