Trance by Veronique Nyberg for J.F. Schwarzlose Berlin 2012

Heya all you Niche Nerds,

My mate Clayton from What Men Should Smell Like and I recently caught up for lunch and a sniff, he generously bought me some of the J.F. Schwarzlose Berlin manufacturers samples to try. Having scanned the notes lists of the four Trance particularly caught my eye, there are two fruity/floral and two oudh based fragrances in the line up but when I see particularly short note lists I am often intrigued.

Trance by  J.F. Schwarzlose Berlin 2012

Trance J.F. Schwarzlose Berlin FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords in one line:
Oudh, labdanum, rose, artemisia (wormwood)

This opens with a beautiful full bodied and sensual Middle East meets West with fireworks and a party. A nod to the history of fragrance from a very elegant and French style, classic perfume, but also so modern and new. It smells at once like everything, and nothing, I’ve ever smelled before. Broad, dazzling brush strokes of fragrance done in an old palette but so interesting and fresh.

Trance J.F. Schwarzlose Berlin Wikimedia Collier-priestess_of_DelphiPhoto Stolen Wikipedia

Is this the new Chypre? Have they reinvented the wheel? It seems so effortless, graceful and chic. Artemisia as the crackling green in place of bergamot, rose as the heart and labdanum with oudh as the new oakmoss. Even more startling is that they don’t work to pyramid but are weaving from almost the first spritz through each other and having little star turns before sliding behind another player as that one takes the lead. What an absolute stunner of a fragrance this is on my skin, I can’t tell you because you have to grab a sample of Trance and try it for yourself. So beautifully blended that the notes rarely stand apart after the first hour, They become a beautiful linear melange and stay pretty much like that till tomorrow morning when I’ll still be smelling mighty fine, softer and less sparkly but warm and sensual.

Projection and sillage better than average, a bit strong for office wear unless you work somewhere relaxed about fragrance. Longevity is excellent on my usually scent hungry skin and what does Trance remind me of? A little, but not much, like Midnight Oud from Juliette Has A Gnu (which I adore) but even more ripe, lush and lavish. I could imagine Trance being very popular with the Goth scene.

Trance J.F. Schwarzlose Berlin WikimediaPhoto Stolen Wikimedia

Further reading:Both these reviews have the wonderful history of the house so I didn’t repeat it, What Men Should Smell Like and Ca Fleur Bon
Essenza Nobile has 125€/50ml and samples

Don’t you just LOVE finding new fragrances to lemming? This has skyrocketed to the top of my wish list.
See you tomorrow.
Portia xx


18 thoughts on “Trance by Veronique Nyberg for J.F. Schwarzlose Berlin 2012

  1. WOWOWOW!(I think this will be my staple expression here)
    I like the idea of a new “chypre”! Paraphrasing Thierry Mugler, “The world could always have something new, as long as it’s innovative.” By the way,have you gotten my email about the giveaway Portia?


    • It is even better than it reads Belle,
      I have a SWARM of emails to deal with on Monday, I think yours is there.
      Portia xx


  2. Hi Portia,
    Wormwood is a favorite of mine and the idea of grounding the fragrance with oudh and labdanum, as you say “the new oakmoss”, is a welcome departure from the vintage chypres I love. I’ve been looking for something with a modern edge that still retains the classic. Perhaps this is it? Have to sample first, though. Thank you for this review.
    Azar xx


    • Hey there Azar,
      If you love Chypre as a style then Trance would be an interesting test for you. Even if the frag itself is not for you they need us all to clap for their style and panache, and interesting choices. I like it more with each wear and have nearly drained the sample.
      Portia xx


  3. I am entranced at the whole idea of Oud plus labdanum as a base. Those are two of my favorite individual notes, and to combine them seems like compounding paradise (a rather dark paradise, to be sure, but then why not?) then add rose and artemisia? I will start seeking a sample.


    • Hey FeralJasmine,
      YAY! I'[m so glad you like the idea too. I was a bit nervous to put such a well loved and known tag on something that doesn’t quite fit the bill in case fanatics came howling down from their Chypre steeps and cut me up.
      I think you may fall for this beauty too.
      Portia xx


      • I’m not a believer in doctrinal division ;-). If calling it a chypre type conveys something important about its dark earthy furry quality, call it that. There, now the purists will be split between the US and Australia and their chance of overrunning us is correspondingly poorer.


  4. My BF happened to pick me up a bottle of this in Munich last week! It’s really nice stuff. I don’t get much oud, but I do get that fruity Serge Lutens vibe from it. I smell the rose and the labdanum, plus the fruit note from Bois et Fruits. Very long-lasting, but sillage is not overwhelming. I could definitely wear this to work. Yum!


    • TaraC,
      I am MOST jealous! Yes, the oudh is cleaner than the real deal with hints of dirty rather than full on cow poo, barnyard, medicine or rubber but hinting at them all beautifully on my skin. You will smell amazing at work.
      Portia xx


  5. Nice write up Portia! Glad to read you found something inspiring in my last exchange of samples. PS- I need to follow up on something you shared with me. Was it Tim Daxton Resin Sacree? It doesn’t come up on Google search : ( Enjoy your long weekend, Clayton


  6. Love your review! Been using Trance for over a year now after trying it out back home in Germany. On the beginning I thought it would be too heavy for me, but now I use it every day and often people ask me what great and special fragrance this is. Keep up with your review – it’s so detailed and different to others 🙂


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