Lanvin Spanish Geranium GIVEAWAY WINNERS!

Hey there APJ,

Another fab contest and you all got involved. EXCELLENT!! We are so happy that you come by and check out our stuff and this is just the best Thank You we can think of. Of course this GIVEAWAY was run by the lovely Azar so big snaps to Azar for going to all this trouble too.

Lanvin Spanish Geranium Giveaway WorthPointPhoto Stolen WorthPoint

Lanvin Spanish Geranium GIVEAWAY WINNERS!


There will be 2 winners this week, each will receive:

1 x 2ml decant from my stash of Spanish Geranium EDT
P&H Anywhere in the world .


Open to everyone worldwide who follows AustralianPerfumeJunkies but to be eligible you had to leave a comment about anything related to geraniums or pelargoniums and mention how you follow APJ


Entries Closed Sunday October 6th 2013 10pm Australian EST.
The winners will be chosen by B-Azar or by Gomez the pionus parrot from same sized folded papers on a tray.

Once again Gomez couldn’t be persuaded to touch his beak to the folded papers.  He had a lot to say about my attempts to make him do what he didn’t want to do.  This is one ANGRY BIRD!  I don’t mess with him when he looks like this. Check out his razor sharp, can opener beak.  Once again B-Azar chose the winners from the tray.

Lanvin Spanish Geranium Giveaway Angry Gomez

Winners brooklodgePhoto Stolen brooklodge

Patty P, Trish W

CONRATULATIONS!! Winners have till Wednesday 9th October 2013 to get in touch (portia underscore turbo at yahoo dot com dot au) with their address or the prize will go to someone else.
No responsibility taken for lost or damaged goods in transit.

6 thoughts on “Lanvin Spanish Geranium GIVEAWAY WINNERS!

  1. Congrats, Patty and Trish! Portia, there needs to be a second drawing in which the winner gets Gomez. That is one beautiful bird. And I seem to remember that there was such a drawing in LA, in which you won yourself a handsome and talented personal chef. How did that work out, anyway?? 😉


    • Ha Ha ha!! The sad news is the extremely handsome chef stayed put and I moved on to the next perfumed destination, with you in tow yes?
      I do hope we reprise the bus tour in 2014 because I had a BLAST!!!
      Portia xx


      • I know that I would have too. I was nowhere near being able to take the time off last time, but give lots of notice for the next one and I’ll do my best to be there.
        I can hardly imagine the scary responsibility of having a pet that lives 80 years. I worry enough about what would happen to my dogs if something happened to me!


    • Hi FeralJasmine and Portia,
      I think B-Azar would welcome a Gomez drawing! They have been at odds ever since B, in an innocent attempt to make a cage repair, violated Gomez’ sacred cage space. That was probably five years ago. Pionus have long memories.
      Another bus tour in 2014 would be great! Maybe I could make that one.


      • WOW!! No bird draws thanks. We have a bird in Australia, the Sulphur Crested Cockatoo that live over 80 years, you have to will them to someone.
        It would be amazing to have you come and share a sniff and a laugh.
        Portia xx


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