Fragrances for Feeling Good: Michael Bublé

Hiya Happy Huffers,

So one of my fave singers is Michael Bublé. I don’t find him sexy or hot but he seems to be sweet and has an endearing way about him in his work. Like he knows he is not the coolest but that his amazing voice completely overrides everything else, he also seems to have a sense of humour. V Important!

Feeling Good Michael Buble Man alive FlickrPhoto Stolen Man Alive! Flickr

Feeling Good Michael Buble Dallas Bittle WikipediaPhoto Stolen Wikipedia

What does Michael Bublé have to do with fragrance? Nothing really except I wanted a reason to write about a couple of my “Feeling Good” fragrances that I love to spritz at any time.

Amoureuse FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Amoureuse by Parfums DelRae seems to be a constant winner for me lately, a lovely spicy lily and white flower with some water and honey skank. I just can’t get enough of its feral beauty and have used nearly half a bottle since I got it from Madeleine’s unloved box. I don’t understand why Amoureuse makes me smile but every time I spritz, there it is. Pearly whites aglowing.

Bellodgia FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Bellodgia EdP and Parfum by Caron are a super stand by glamour set. The EdP gives projection and the Parfum gives glossy, glowing depths. This carnation, white flower and musky woods oldie still packs a punch in its newest incarnations and if you can get some vintage you are in for a very special treat. If Feeling Good is about feeling invincible, powerful, glamorous and elegant then Bellodgia fits the bill.

Feeling Good Michael Buble Shalimar edc PriceRitePhoto Stolen Price Rite

Shalimar EdC and Parfum are a killer combination. There is something very bright about the EdC that gives it an extra sparkle above all the other Shalimar strengths, pair that with a couple of dabs of vintage Shalimar Parfum and you know it’s going to be a bumpy night full of fun and outrageous high jinks. A little secret, I hate cleaning, but when I wear the Shalimar combo it goes by in a cloud of extra special glamour.

Feeling Good Michael Buble Aromatics Elixir Perfumer's Reserve Clinique FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Aromatics Elixir Perfumers Reserve Extrait by Clinique has been doing loads of work in the last couple of months, though we are warming up here in Sydney it is still being dabbed so preciously. The whole experience of taking the pedestal box lid off, getting the magnificent dark glass molded into a fabulous flower at the front bottle out, tilting, dabbing, breathing in that first fabulous moment of fragrance. It all conspires to make me happy. A beautiful fragrant ritual, and the extrait lasts for hours and hours on me.

Feeling Good Michael Buble  Aqua Allegoria Lys Soleia Guerlain FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Aqua Allegoria Lys Soleia by Guerlain gives fabulous tropical fruits, lily, ylang and vanilla with the teensiest touch of green. It is a super fun Feeling Good scent that is mainly tropical paradise but also harks back to Hollywood glamour. I also love the Aqua Allegoria gold tone cage on the bee bottle, it’s so cool and classic but a wonderful modern reinvention too. Thierry Wasser did such a good job with Lys Soleia

Last time I looked all of these fragrances were available to sample at Surrender To Chance

Michael Bublé – “Feeling Good” [Official Music Video]

11 thoughts on “Fragrances for Feeling Good: Michael Bublé

  1. Funny, earlier this evening I spritzed (just once) with Aromatics Elixir. (Never sniffed the Reserve Extrait – is it a limited edition, Portia?) It’s one of my soothing scents when I’m feeling blech. I usually put it aside as the weather warms, but even in tonight’s extreme heat I enjoyed it. And I was soon feeling not nearly as blech too!


    • YAY Kesbah,
      I am so glad we snap on Aromatics Elixir. Glad also that6 you feel less bleauch.
      Yes the extrait came out a couple of years ago as an Anniversary special but it seems to be regular range now and comes in a lovely gold pedestal box. It’s pricey but so worth it, they have slightly modernised but mainly kept it same, just heavier and deeper. So good.
      Portia xx


  2. Big “snap” on Bellodgia too, but it was weird that tonight I was actually wearing Aromatics Elixir. I’ll definitely be seeking out the extrait – thank you Portia! Heavier and deeper sounds PURRRRRR-FECT!!!


  3. Ahhh, the Bublé. I’m a big fan, have all his music, and unlike you, Portia, I think he’s sex-ay. Mmmm-mmmm. Listening to that voice is like soaking in the hot-tub.

    Feelin’ Good frags would be Pulp for happy, Ambre Fétiche for comfort, Infusion d’Iris for “damn straight I’m smart” and Avignon for full-on zen mellow. Oh, and Black Cashmere is for a different kind of feelin’ good. 😉


    • Heya Dionne,
      Oh yes, Bublé’s voice could melt iron and I’m a fan yes. I think he’d be fun to hang with.
      Black Cashmere!! You turned me on to it and now I have a FB Dionne. It’s not vintage but it is good,
      Portia cc


  4. I love your idea on Shalimar! I will have to revisit Aromatics Elixer. I liked it years ago and then for some reason it fell by the wayside.


    • Hey Maya,
      There is SO MUCH CHOICE! It’s hard to keep everything in your collection. Do come back and tell me if you still enjoy A though.
      Portia xx


  5. Yes! Out come the Shalimar and the Elixer (unfortunately not the extract) from storage. Actually I used Elixer just the other day and it seemed really soapy and full of aldehyde but still very pleasant. Rediscovering the old stuff is almost as much fun as trying the new!

    Azar xx


  6. I’ve never seen the AE Perfumer’s Reserve in my neck of the woods, just the original. Been wanting to try it for ages. I’m going to Adelaide in a couple of weeks for a conference and I’m planning to play truant for an hour or two to go perfume sniffing. Maybe I’ll see it there. I must be careful not to walk back into the conference room in a tsunami of Aromatics Elixir though! (Or maybe that would give everyone a thrill … )


  7. “Feel good” perfume for me is the one where I guessed right that it would fit whatever mood/day I’m having. Because when I don’t… Today it was a cool enough morning and I decided to wear Ambre Russe perfume that I love. Not today. It feels wrong. Probably I should have stayed with florals for a bit longer 😉


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