Infini Parfum by Gerard Lefortis for Caron 1970 (reformulation)

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Not so long ago I splashed out on myself. When life goes right it’s important for me to reward myself if I’ve made something happen and yes, you guessed it, I bought myself some fragrance. A 3ml Caron Infini parfum spritzer from Surrender To Chance. I’m not going to lie, it was a bit pricey at $23 for 3ml but OMG was it worth it! And really it cost around the same per ml as if I’d bought a 15ml bottle, so quite good value for what I was getting.

Infini Parfum by Gerard Lefortis for Caron 1970 (reformulation)

Photo Stolen Fragrantica
Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Jasmine, narcissus, lily of the valley, aldehydes
Heart: Rose, tuberose, lilac, iris
Base: Vetiver, musk, sandalwood, tonka bean, amber

When Infini opens it is with a scintillating sparkle, so outrageously lavish and hefty like a warm comforter made in patchwork of some exquisite silk brocades that is at once heavy and enveloping but at the same time the light plays in and over the fabric making it appear diffuse and spacious. This is a lovely aldehydic BWF that was designed as an ode to astronauts and space travel first created by Ernest Daltroff in 1912 but then recreated and reformulated in 1970 by Gerard Lefortis

There is some green and earthy note behind the white flowers that grounds Infini and makes me feel like someone shooting for the stars rather than going out to see them (Yesterday’s Perfume says it’s a Coriander) and I think the vetiver is more present than as a simple base note. My feet firmly planted on the ground looking towards the infinite, like I am on the brink of something enormous. So pretty and perfume-ish, probably a million times too much for most people’s tastes who are not perfumistas or from an older generation when perfume was beautiful and you were proud to be fragrant. There is still a lovely shot of skank running through Infini and I’m wondering if my decant is a little vintage.

Infini Caron Bride & Groom WikipediaPhoto Stolen Wikipedia

Distinctive and glamorous as Infini is I think it would make an excellent choice for wedding fragrance, it has such a beautiful floral wantonness that no husband could resist and your sillage will leave the one’s not lucky enough to grab you wishing that they had, at least once.

Infini parfum lasts for hours, even on my skin, and I have amped up the amber sweetness that I can still smell in the morning with an animal purr behind it that could be me and could be the remnants of Infini.

Infini Caron FragranticaEdT Photo Stolen Fragrantica

Bois de Jasmin writes: Infini: The original Infini is a velvety aldehydic floral with the rich iris, lilac and tuberose heart wrapped in tonka bean and vetiver. Infini today is similar, but the quality feels poorer, with the synthetic sandalwood overtaking the drydown. Still, it is an interesting floral idea.

Further reading: Yesterday’s Perfume and The Non-Blonde
Beauty Encounter has $120/15ml
Surrender To Chance starts at $4/ml

Have you done some Caron time lately? Tried Infini Parfum? Tell me, I love to read what you guys are thinking.
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7 thoughts on “Infini Parfum by Gerard Lefortis for Caron 1970 (reformulation)

  1. Hi, Portia, and thanks for writing about one of my all-time most favourites! I wore this when it first appeared, and it was my signature perfume on and off for a couple of decades. I still use it now, although as Victoria said, the current formulation is somehow much thinner and sharper; I would almost say that they have overdosed it with a rough vetiver in place of oak moss, so that it has become almost smoky (although it could be the cheap sandalwood) – not what the original was like at all! I am lucky to have a little left of one of my old bottles, and have snagged some pretty well kept vintage bottles on the evil bay – the extrait is gorgeous. Now that I know more about perfume, I realise that my love for this ties in with other old friends, like Madame Rochas, Caleche etc – aldehydes with white flowers. But I never knew that in the old days!


    • Hey there Jillie,
      So nice to see you and I’m glad I picked one of your faves. I have enjoyed the ride with Non Vintage that I splurged on a Vintage 30ml Parfum Spray. I am really excited to smell the difference because I think this new one is already super lovely. That smoky, rough darkness underlying everything makes it really interesting for me, but I think the real deal sandalwood will add a creaminess. You have me even more excited now,
      Portia xx


      • Ooooh – I am glad I made you excited! I hope you enjoy it. I feel very good when I wear it, and when I do so, I have had more people running after me to ask what my perfume is than any other.



  2. I haven’t tried Infini but I seriously scored at a garage sale years back and ended up with Narcisse Noir, Tabac Blond extrait and Nuit de Noel extrait. Love them all but especially love the Nuit de Noel and its very beautiful bottle!


    • ElizabethC,
      I am panting with jealousy. You are a lucky one. The black bottle in the shagreen case with the tassle? OH MY!!
      Portia xx


  3. I am obsessed with Infini.

    You know, the vintage parfums surface quite regularly in old Japon. I will have to try and get my hands on one for you, although I reckon that you might miss the sparkle in the newer versions. The vintage is more animalic, but I just know you would love it. I will keep my eyes open.


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