Jacinthe et Rose by E. Coudray 1983


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Hello to all my friends down in Oz!

As I’m writing this, the leaves are turning and it feels like fall out there but those of you down under are shaking off the winter chill and spring is in the air. One of my favorite scents of springtime is hyacinth in bloom. I have a few in my yard and I sometimes pick them and bring in a cluster to perfume the house a bit. This past spring I tried to find a perfume with hyacinth as a major note. I stumbled across Jacinthe et Rose online and even though it had peach in it I blind bought a bottle. I know, I know, shame on me. Blind buys are bad.

I had a coupon.

I am weak.

And no, I’ll never learn.

Jacinthe et Rose by E. Coudray 1983

Jacinthe Et Rose E. Coudray FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Top: Vodka, peach, hyacinth, bitter orange
Heart: Peony, orange blossom, jasmine, ylang-ylang, rose
Base: Sandalwood, musk, vanilla, vetiver, cedar

At first spritz it reminded me of something, but what? Each time I tested it I couldn’t place it. Then it dawned on me. Once upon a time Victoria’s Secret was a lovely store that played classical music and their merchandise was not marketed towards teens. Those were the pre-Pink days. In addition to a wonderful perfume called Victoria, they also carried a line of bath and body products which I think were called Secret Garden. Even their fruity scents were good. One of those was Peach Hyacinth.

Jacinthe Et Rose E. Coudray Blue_Hyacinth_field DeviantArtPhoto Stolen DeviantArt

Jacinthe et Rose reminds me of Peach Hyacinth. I’d completely forgotten about it until now. It’s not a dead ringer for it but there are some similarities. At first spritz it’s a quick blast of peach and hyacinth. It’s not as peachy as I remember Peach Hyacinth being but it’s close enough to trigger my memories of it. You already know my fear of peach and this was one of the few that smelled like peach and not pee on me. The hyacinth was pretty strong in Peach Hyacinth too. I can smell some hyacinth here but I wish it was a bit more pronounced than it is. Soon, Jacinthe et Rose veers away from my remembrance of Peach Hyacinth and becomes a slightly powdery but well balanced bouquet. This is the point where the rose really shines. The juice is pink and honestly that’s the perfect color for it. Soft and delicate are words that come to mind. This is a ladylike scent. There’s nothing dirty here at all. It’s pretty and clean. If you’re a fan of powdery florals this might be for you but if you like dark and dirty Jacinthe et Rose won’t fit the bill.

Jacinthe Et Rose E. Coudray T.Kiya  FlickrPhoto Stolen T.Kiya  Flickr

I wish I could say I smell all the notes in this but other than the main characters I really can’t. It’s very well blended to my nose and linear. I’m sure plenty of people with better noses than mine could pick this one apart but its not that important to me to smell everything in it.

First In Fragrance has 100ml/€73 and Samples
Jovoy Paris
has 100ml/ €56 (sadly they do not send to Australia)
GraysOutlet (in Australia) has $103/100ml

While I do like Jacinthe et Rose I’m not in love with it. It doesn’t have much lasting power on me but few things do, and it just gradually fades away.. I like the fact that the rose doesn’t get sour on me and stays fresh. It is a very pretty perfume that’s worth a sniff. On those days when I’m feeling demure and feminine it will be the perfect potion I’m sure.

Poodle x

8 thoughts on “Jacinthe et Rose by E. Coudray 1983

  1. The title and notes put me off this…I remember buying beautiful hyacinths for a friend, but when I entered her living room all I could smell was dog poo or something.
    Maybe the peach is preferable!


    • To my nose it’s more powder than poo. That hyacinth note is nothing like a bouquet of the real thing. I’d be curious to know what you thought of it if you ever sniff it.


  2. Hey there Poodle,
    This reads like something I could safely buy for a friend who likes to smell good but isn’t mad keen into fragrance. Would it make a good Xmas present?
    Portia xx


    • It might but it does smell more like a classic perfume to me so that might be a turnoff to some. If you can get it at a good price then maybe take the chance. She would need to like pretty florals to like this one.


  3. Hyacinth is one of the few flower bulbs that will flourish and reproduce in my garden. Daffodils and various narcissus do OK but tulips just seem to be food for squirrels, moles and whatever other rodent types hang out under ground. Same thing goes for lilies.

    Fortunately for me I love hyacinth. The flowers and the scent remind me of my years in Tehran and the many wonderful Now Ruz (New Year) celebrations spent with dear friends. It would be wonderful to find the perfect hyacinth perfume. I can certainly understand why you blind bought Jacinthe et Rose. Peach is usually not a big favorite of mine either so I can also imagine that you might have been a little disappointed with this one. Are you going to keep it, swap it, gift it?

    Azar xx


    • It’s the only bulb the critters won’t touch in my yard too. They’ve eaten just about every other one I’ve planted. I’ve given up on tulips.

      I have sent out samples of this to a few people, some love it, others haven’t said. I could see myself swapping or giving it away at some point. I don’t dislike it but I can’t really see myself wearing it too often.


  4. Chamade is a classic hyacinth perfume and I think it captures the deep green scent of hyacinths really well. But it is rather demanding, I think, although the EDP in particular has a vanillic note that helps soften it (eventually). I had not heard of a hyacinth/peach combo. If Jacinthe et Rose is ladylike, Chamade is uninhibited. She doesnt care about being a ‘lady’, or what people think of her!


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