L’Occitane: Christmas Pack GIVEAWAY x 2

Hello Everyone,

If you are reading anywhere in the world other than Australia there is a special L’Occitane World Sites Page so you can see what Special Deals there are in your area.

2013 has been a terrific year for L’Occitane and APJ. Over the back end of the year we have been lucky enough to be sent a load of their wonderful product to try and for giveaways. For a special Christmas Thank You from L’Occitane for all your support and comments they have given me 2 fabulous Pre-Christmas giveaway packs and one for the New Year. WOW!! Do go and have a look at their L’Occitane Australia online store and they have free shipping within Australia on orders over $100, that’s already a $10-$30 saving as well as the amazing Special Deals for Online Customers ONLY!

Now the thing that L’Occitane loves from the APJ readers is to hear what you love and don’t love about their products so that they can continue to provide you, their lovely customer, with the best quality and a great price point and stuff that you’ll love and use. All feedback is good feedback (mean, nasty, badly thought out and unconstructive trolling aside) and L’Occitane loves to get it from you.

Here at APJ we did a L’Occitane Divine Cream Review and Challenge, you can watch the progression in L’Occitane Divine Cream Challenge Week 1 and L’Occitane Divine Cream Challenge Week 2 where we challenged you all to grab a sample and see how it left your skin in 2 weeks. Then we talked about the fabulous La Collection de Grasse twice, APJ La Collection de Grasse #1 and APJ La Collection de Grasse #2 and they are all available at L’Occitane Australia

L’Occitane Christmas GIVEAWAY PACKS


This week there will be 2 winners and each will receive one of these amazingly beautiful packs. No, you don’t get to choose.
P&H Anywhere in the world

Delicate Cherry Blossom Collection

Delicate Cherry Blossom CollectionPhoto Stolen L’Occitane Australia

This collection includes:
1x Cherry Blossom Eau de Toilette 100ml
1x Cherry Blossom Shower Gel 250ml
1x Cherry Blossom Body Lotion 250ml
1x Cherry Blossom Soap 50gr
1x Cherry Blossom Hand Cream 30ml

The Retail Value of all these products is $154 but in the pack you can buy it for $110, free Australian shipping over $100 too.

Best of L’OCCITANE Collection

Best of L'OCCITANE CollectionPhoto Stolen L’Occitane Australia

Here’s what you get in the Best Of L’Occitane Pack with a Retail Value $115: in the pack only $90, and it comes beautifully Gift Boxed for easy wrapping!

1x Shea Butter Hand Cream 150ml
1x Almond Shower Oil 250ml
1x Shea Butter Foot Cream 30ml
1x Lavender Foaming Bath 100ml
1x Extra Gentle Soap – Verbena 100g
1x Pivoine Flora Body Lotion 75ml


Open to everyone worldwide who follows AustralianPerfumeJunkies via eMail, WordPress, Bloglovin or RSS. Please leave how you follow in the comments to be eligible. I must be able to check that you follow so if you have an email address on your gravatar that’s different to your follow address then please email me so I know. Yes, you can start following to enter, in fact it’s encouraged.

To be eligible for the draw just mention how you follow the APJs and tell us any L’Occitane product that you’ve used or like the sound of and why.
Also if you’ve had a problem with a particular L’Occitane product their L’Occitane Australia Marketing Team would love to read your honest and constructive criticisms.

Extra Chances?
Tweet: @OzPerfumeJunkie 2 x L’Occitane Christmas Packs GIVEAWAY http://wp.me/p3PURw-2hY #Giveaway #Perfume #BodyLotion @LOCCITANE


Entries Close Wednesday 18th December 2013 10pm Australian EDST and winners will be announced in a separate post.
Winners will be chosen by random.org
The winners will have till Saturday 21st December 2013 to get in touch (portia underscore turbo at yahoo dot com dot au) with their address or the prize will go to someone else.
No responsibility taken for lost or damaged goods in transit.

50 thoughts on “L’Occitane: Christmas Pack GIVEAWAY x 2

  1. I follow APJ via Email RSS (I get an email for every new post) and I’m loving it. I like the sound of Eau des baux, and I heard a rumor it is about to be discontinued? I am low on cash post christmas shopping and hope that rumor is false!


  2. I have never smelled anything made with cherry blossoms, so I would like to have a whiff of the eau de toilette. It sounds lovely. Thank you L’Occitane for your generous giveaways! I follow by email.


  3. I love receiving my daily dose of Australian Perfume Junkies via email – it comes to me and that is perfect because I get to take a few minutes away from my busy world just for myself to learn a little something every day.
    PS I am loving the sound of Almond Shower Oil. It sounds delicious!!!!!


  4. Hi Portia! I follow by email, and also Facebook. I’ve got a couple of the L’Occitane (now discontinued) Voyage en Mediterranee perfumes (Neroli and Immortelle de Corse), and I love them because they’re rich and interesting, but are now sadly discontinued 😦


  5. I follow via email and facebook. I have always loved L’Occitane’s shea butter products and all of their soaps. I really wish they had not discontinued the original Neroli perfume! Tweeted as well. Thanks for the opportunity!


  6. What a generous draw! I follow APJ via Bloglovin’

    With regards to L’Occitane products, I like using their The Vert Shower Gel, Olive Soap, Bonne Mere soaps (the solids AND the hand pump soap).

    I am allergic to something in the Divine Creme and Serum. When I participated in the test, I had to stop after the 3rd application as I developed a rash. I also used Divine Eyes and my eye area was OK.


  7. Don’t enter me in the draw, please, but I’d like to ask L’Occitane to list ingredients on their website. There’s a store near me, so I can go and read the labels, but I suspect many potential customers can’t. As someone with sensitive skin, I find it frustrating that many companies that sell bath and body products online don’t list ingredients.


  8. Happily following by email. My L’Occitane experience is mainly with their shower gels — currently have Roses 4 Reines and Verbena. Also enjoy their The Vert perfume.
    I agree with Laurels that it would be great to see ingredients listed on their website.
    Thanks for this wonderful draw opportunity.


  9. Hallo there, it’s been over a month since I participated and won on APJs! I decided to take my chance again because I am a huge fan of L’Occitane. I love the whole Immortelle series, the almond shower oil, and I had a crush on an anti-cellulite cream with grapes which was discontinued. I tried almost all the fragrances but my heart goes to “4 Reines” and “Immortelle de Corse” from the Voyage en Mediterrannee series.
    Thanks for the fabulous giveway! I follow in FB and by email!


  10. I follow by email. I love the Bonne Mere Milk Body Wash. It’s in my shower right now, creamy and lightly scented. I like their litle solid perfumes and wish the would come out with more and the same for their candles.


  11. Hi Portia.

    I follow via email. I love their Shea Butter body cream. It’s a savior for my skin in the winter. I tried the Immortelle line when it first came out, and it caused my sensitive skin to have a terrible reaction. I haven’t tried their skincare products since then, but I love their body products! Thanks for the giveaway!


  12. I follow via e-mail and Facebook because I love my APJ – and my L’Occitane. Divine Cream is skin salvation in a jar for me as my dry, sensitive skin navigates harsh Texas winters. I enjoy many of the new scents – Fleur d’Or and Jasmin & Bergamote. The shea butter hand cream is a long time staple as well. This is a line I’d recommend to anyone – a bit pricey, but worth it.


  13. Hey Portia, I love that you’re supporting local companies and they, in turn, are supporting you. I’ve not had much experience of L’Occitane as they were only available to me when I went on holiday to the big smoke. But we now have one in town. Yay! I’ve a friend who swears by their Verbena fragrance.
    I follow by email and Feedly.


  14. I follow via Email! Love your blog! 🙂

    I have only tried the products in the “Addictive Almond” collection, and they were all AMAZING. They smell fantastic! I would love to try their Shea range, as i love how nourishing shea butter is on the skin, and ive heard that range smells amazing too.


  15. Thé Vert Eau de Toilette! My father’s signature scent since I showed l’Occitane to he, seven years ago. An easy and enjoyable scent.
    Thank you for this amazing draw!


  16. I can’t tell you how much I loathe the current L’Occitane range. I used to really love them, but their florals I find deeply sickening. I smell them all the time: they are definitely the most popular perfumes in Japan. EUEURGh. Just thinking about L’Eau Des Quatre Reines I can feel my stomach churning. Those chemicals, that ‘rose’……


    • Hey there Neil,
      I went looking for L’Eau Des Quatre Reines and Australia doesn’t seem to have it. No, No I found it. I will go have a sniff.
      It’s interesting because I would have thought L’Occitane too powerful for the Japanese fragrance market. Not that I’ve been there for years but from my memory it was all very quiet scenting.
      Have you smelled the La Collection de Grasse sets?
      Portia xx


  17. I really enjoy the almond series by L´Occitane because of the wonderful fragrance. I think the gift packaging is also great. ´
    Thanks for a great giveaway.
    ( I follow by email).


  18. I’d love to enter! 🙂
    Basically, I adore L’Occitane, from their hand creams, to soaps, to diffuser perfumes, body creams…

    I’m a wordpress follower and I tweeted about it.


  19. I’ve always loved the Shea Butter Hand Cream, and the various room sprays, especially the Vanilla one. I follow by email. Thanks for the draw!


  20. Mail, RSS, FB, twitter and WordPress are my ways of following. L’Occitane produces very nice shaving products. I adore their CADE shaving oil,sometimes I use a few drops also after shaving. L’Occitane shaving gel is also perfect for my skin.


  21. I love L’Occitane and have many of their skin, body and haircare items in addition to many of their fragrances. They are right next door to Aveda where I get my hair cut/colored, soooo, I can never pass up a chance to pop in and at least say hello. The new Grasse collection is pretty but I was sad that the new Amber Sandalwood introduced this fall is more vanilla/sandalwood than amber. Ah well 😉

    The shea butter in a tin is one of my favorite “have around” items as it’s easy to take along with you anywhere and great for any part of the body that needs a bit of moisture.

    And I follow via wordpress & email.


  22. I enjoy L’Occitane products and right now I am really liking their shea butter cream and the verbena scented products, along with The Vert Bigarade. I follow via RSS (Feedly).


  23. I use their Shea butter hand cream and love its moisturising, non-greasy texture, as well as the way it smells.
    I used to like their Cedar Notre Flore perfume but it sadly seems to have been discontinued.

    Following by email. Thanks for the giveaway.


  24. I’ve loved their Rose hand cream for years, now. I find it very nourishing for dry hands, beautifully scented, and a handy size to fit in my bag. I follow by Bloglovin.


  25. The only product I’ve tried so far was shea butter hand cream. While I liked the moisturising part I really disliked the scent. I still plan to try more.

    I follow by e-mail, RSS and WP.


  26. Following APJ via wordpress and The lavender shea butter soap is amazing and it’s not overly expensive either. Great fragrance and it’s not drying at all. I’ve also tweeted. thanks.


  27. I would love to enter your generous competition. I love the delicate Cherry Blossom Range. So appropriate for this time of year. Definitely gets me in the festive mood. Lucky for me I took a moment to select my favourite Cherry Blossom as I tonight catch the train into the city and am sitting and concentrating on the fragrance so as to avoid the stench of the gentlemen next to me. Merry Christmas all at APJ. I look forward to following you in 2014 via email


  28. dunno what time it is there…please count me in if I’m in time
    I follow by email
    Love the L’Occitaine hand cream and Honey and Citron lotion and shower gel!


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