Tihota by Francis Kurkdijan for Indult 2006


Post by Chairman Meow


Hey APJ,

By the time I tripped over my signature bottle of Narciso Rodriguez and plummeted headlong down the proverbial rabbit hole, Indult was already an extinct house, and Tihota had already joined the ranks of Bigfoot and Chupacabra in acquiring mythical status. It was blogged about in hushed, reverent tones, but blogged about infrequently (presumably because of said status) and I knew very little about it, aside from it being a Gold Standard Vanilla [Perfume Posse Best of Vanilla List].

Indult Tihota by Francis Kurkdijan 2006

Tihota Indult FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives the following accords in one line:
Vanilla, musks

Indult themselves are no more helpful, their website providing us with the following enigma in Engrish that even Hello Kitty would be huppy with:
“When the skin is « sugar » under the Polynesian sun: it’s an exotic marriage of muscs in fusion and infusion with the sensual vanilla pods”

So when news came of Indult’s resurrection, what choice did I have other than to do the perfumista’s equivalent of pitching a tent and queuing all night for Bieber tickets? I signed up for a split of the first available bottle of Tihota. But before I tell you what Tihota is all about, please indulge me whilst I tell you what it is not:

It is not the sozzled, macerated fruit compote of Guerlain’s Spiritueuse Double Vanille.
It is not the incense smoked, clove studded orange pomander of Mona di Orio’s Vanille.
It is not the Cuban cigar laced with the fresh urine of herbivores, that is Tom Ford’s Tobacco Vanille.
It is not even the “straight up” vanilla touted by many.

Tihota Indult  Vanilla Flower WikiMediaPhoto Stolen WikiMedia

Tihota is probably better described as a glamour shot of a vanilla, spray tanned in caramelised sugar and poised in front of a creme anglaise schmeared lens. From here, I wish I could offer you an intimate dissection of its various nuances, to describe, in licentious detail, the story of its top notes unfurling into a heart unfolding into a base, imploding into a crunchy tortilla shell, but it’s a pretty straightforward fragrance. The opening is the crack of the amber carapace of a creme brulee, with the first few seconds dominated a lightly burnt sugar, soon joined by a scrummy, velvety vanilla-flecked custard. And thus it remains, as immutable as an everlasting gobstopper, for hours.

Tihota Indult -Coral-  FlickrPhoto Stolen -Coral- Flickr

I will be the first to admit that I had been expecting a scent that was less literal an interpretation of a desert trolley and something more, shall we say, highbrow. But then I found myself wanting to gnaw at my hand in a slightly troubling, auto-cannibalistic fashion. I noticed that strangers, lips curled asunder, would sniff lustfully in my direction at the shops.

And I noticed that my decant was very quickly running out, and that I was day dreaming of a full bottle.

Further reading: Perfume Shrine and Ca Fleure Bon
LuckyScent has $200/50ml
Surender To Chance starts at $6/.5ml

Have you tried Indult? Old or new? Are you interested?
Chairman Meow

13 thoughts on “Tihota by Francis Kurkdijan for Indult 2006

  1. PWOARH!! I love me some vanilla, no matter how it comes or in what dose I’m cool with it.
    Great review and you have me thinking Chairman…
    Portia xx


  2. I did try Tihota, and like you, was surprised by how gourmand it is! I do like it, but in the end, I prefer just straight up vanilla absolute. I like the “antique paper” vibe that real vanilla absolute has. It’s a much dryer, odder smell than foody vanilla.


  3. A mothwatering review, indeed! I love the descriptions of the other vanillas, they made me laugh! “the fresh urine of herbivores” How did you come up with that!!?? I don’t really know what that means but I had to go smell my Tobacco Vanille to try and figure it out. And the thought of nearby strangers sniffing lustfully is always a great compliment to a perfume. Hilarious AND informative!!!


  4. I was lucky to be the first and only owner in Asia Pacific after their new re-release. Bought directly from Indult who was willing to make an exception (Also bought Manakara, Reve en Cuir and Isaraya while I was at it). Tihota is indeed a musky vanilla but for its price around 4.5usd per ml I say its slightly out of proportion. Its not even at an extract level. If one enjoys this they should turn their attention to By Kilian Love, which after all the citrus tops, is essentially the same as Tihota but for half the price if travel or refill pack is to be bought. My heart is still stolen by Cuir Beluga. Good try Tihota!


  5. I had been hoarding my last 4mls of Tihota after it had been discontinued and jumped for joy when it was re-released. I was on the Luckyscent site and ordered a bottle within minutes of receiving the email announcement. Love it! It is not like any of the other vanillas in my collection (and I am a vanilla fiend). So happy to have this back in my clutches.


  6. Chairman M.,
    Appreciate this post. I’m developing my own vanilla fragrance now and have been staying away from others. However, this sounds intriguing. Will get a sample on my next trip to The Scent Bar.
    Cheers, Jackie


  7. I prefer my vanilla a bit less sweet but haven’t given this one much time. The two times I have tested it my husband has complained that I smell like cotton candy (which he hates) and I have given in and scrubbed. Will have to try again when he isn’t around as I think I could grow to at least appreciate it.


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