L’Instant de Guerlain EdP by Maurice Roucel for Guerlain 2003

Hello Frag Nerds,

Sometimes while swanning around the department store I go check out the frag counters even though we don’t get all the good stuff that the world gets. Sometimes I get a lovely surprise when we have the goods and I spritz away. Never have I ever even thought about spritzing todays fragrance, I don’t know why but it always gets overlooked. well, my buddy Birgit from Olfactoria’s Travels recently sent me a care package and inside was a 5ml boxed manufacturers sample of…

L’Instant de Guerlain by Maurice Roucel for Guerlain 2003

L'Instant de Guerlain Guerlain FragragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Bergamot, mandarin, red apple
Heart: Iris, magnolia, ylang ylang, jasmine
Base: Musk, honey, vanilla, benzoin, amber

So right out of the gate I get a sweet, resinous toffee that is sticky and sweet, all warm sugary deliciousness. Citrus and most of the flowers are bypassed in favour of a very edible candy/confectionary scent that is reminiscent of a thing we have in Australia called a Musk Stick. They have been one of my favourite lollies since childhood but Jin wont eat them because he thinks it’s like eating soap. There is definite soapy reference in L’Instant and it has a clean feel without all the usual connotations of blandness and the current overuse of laundry stylings in fragrance. Though they are not the same I am reminded of JPG Le Male a bit, L’Instant has that same hefty, dense, sweetness that is both insistent and moreish. A hint of baklava even, mmmmmmmm

L'Instant de Guerlain Baklawa WikimediaPhoto Stolen WikiMedia

Guerlain is so good at this stuff. Clearly the success of L’Instant became a beacon to celebuscenters everywhere. The style and warm vivacity that is so deliciously enjoyable here is reflected in many of the celeb offerings of the last 10 years. Guerlain does it better, of course. I’m surprised there is no almond note because I can smell some yummy toasted almonds too.

L’Instant is pretty, sweet and very easy wearing. The bottle is beautiful and I can understand why it’s a big hit for Guerlain. You could give this to someone 16 or 86 and they would both smell beautiful wearing it. Longevity on my skin is under 4 hours of fragrant and then another couple of hours of very soft base notes that really do give me a vanilla, amber, almond blur. Lovely.

L'Instant de Guerlain Women Generations WikiPediaPhoto Stolen Wikipedia

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Beauty Encounter has $52/50ml
My Perfume Samples has EdP starting from $3/ml to $9/5ml

Do you ever get a pleasant surprise from something you’ve bypassed for years? Tell me, I love to read your stories too.
Portia xx



12 thoughts on “L’Instant de Guerlain EdP by Maurice Roucel for Guerlain 2003

  1. Great review, Portia. Baklava, mumm, sounds amazing. Certainely worth a retry. I love many Maurice Roucel fragrances but I do not know L’instant very well. Some time ago Dior Addict came in a perfume lot and I really really like it. It is a pre reformulated version though, very smooth and delicious !


    • I never got to the Addict till it was past its prime but though I don’t want a bottle I do quite enjoy a Department Store spritz on my way through.
      Nice to see you Esperanza, thanks for dropping by. How was your Christmas season?
      Portia xx


  2. I bypassed Eau des Meveilles edt by Hermès for years until I rediscovered it about 9 months ago. By first encounter was less than spectacular at Nordstrom’s Department Store then I obtained a sample vial from the perfumed court and within few months of wear, had a full bottle! It’s a scent you can wear all year and has no gender limitations. I am so glad I revisited this scent. No floral notes and heavy dose of ambroxan are a perfect combination!


    • Heya Ferris,
      That is interesting, you know it’s one of Birgit from Olfactoria’s Travels top 5 frags and that she has gone through two bottles this year. I am going to spritz it with abandon soon.
      BTW CONGRATULATIONS on your anniversary.
      Portia xx


  3. Hi Portia,

    Lovely review. It’s great when something you’ve dismissed turns out to be amazing. It’s like making a new friend. I recently tried Anais Anais after ignoring it on the grounds that everybody wore it. It was actually really lovely and fewer people wear it nowadays so I didn’t smell quite so ubiquitous. Sometimes there is a place for clean, well behaved flowers.

    best wishes



    • I remember loads of the Mums wearing Anais Anais while we were in primary and early high school. It was a great scent then and I must admit I’ve not smelled it since, even though I dearly love Cacharel. You have inspired a respritz soon.
      When do you wear it Samantha? Is it casual, dressy, day, night, seasonal?
      Portia x


  4. L’Instant didn’t smell as sweet to me as it did to you, but then again I can still smell the remnants of a nasty, cloying Bath & Body Works scent that I vigorously tried to scrub off hours ago, so maybe it’s because you generally stick to a better class of perfume. Like Samantha, this is the first perfume with a noticeable iris note that I actually liked. (Something is wrong with that last sentence. I apologize, but I’m too tired to rewrite it properly.)

    As for pleasant surprises, I was under the impression that I had tried Samsara years ago and disliked it. Reading descriptions of it made me less sure, and having tried it (again?) recently, I found it rather lovely. Apparently it used to be even nicer, so either my tastes have really changed, or I had it confused with something else.


    • Laurels,
      It could easily be that you tried it before and didn’t like it. The change is quite pronounced in Samsara. It still bears traces of it nobility but for someone used to the old stuff it’s a hard change. There is some beautiful old parfum in my collection that is disgustingly good.
      For someone new to Samsara though it is lovely, the changes have modernised, thinned and sweetened it a little and it’s flamboyance has been shrilled with modern youthfulness. Lots of people like it or it wouldn’t be on the shelves. I too have some modern EdT and wear it.
      Portia xx


  5. Hi Portia, our Christmas was good, we celebrated the Spanish way, on Christmas Eve a turkey. Hope your Christmas was good as well ! Some nice ideas for retries Anais Anais and Samsara. Haven’t smelled that one in a very long time, my dorm hall used to smell like that from a roommate. A bit of mixed feelings about it because of that. Have a great party on New Years Eve, I am sure you will 😉 Esperanza


    • Lovely Esperanza!
      Sounds like a fabulous way to do Christmas. The Spanish way. Your room mate may have been a cow but these two fragrances are not, go try them again, they may bring back happy memories too.
      Portia xx


  6. I had a sniff of Jessica Simpson’s Fancy Nights yesterday when I saw a gift set in Priceline for $13.50. After about 10 minutes all I could think of was musk sticks. I have nothing against the humble pink stick, but I prefer it as confectionery, not out of a perfume bottle even if the price is only $13.50. But in cause of science I shall try L’Instant next time I pass the G. counter.


    • Ha Ha ha! I don’t get Musk Sticks at all but thanks for writing back. Ha Ha ha! Jin thinks Musk Sticks taste like soap and when he had his first one spat it out and had a drink reliving childhood soap experiences.
      Portia xx


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