Japanese Rose by Korres

Hi There Crew,

A couple of years ago now one of my besties bought me a Korres set with Body Milk and Shower Gel. It was completely serendipitous because I had run low on my shower gel at the time and didn’t have a lick of moisturiser in the house anywhere. What did I do? I used it, used it all up in record time and have always got extra on hand in case, I have also gifted this duo to a bunch of my mates, yes it’s that good….

Japanese Rose by Korres

Korres Japanese Rose Body Milk Bath & Unwind

Absolutely expecting it to be a LUSH style scent, bold, big, in your face and take no prisoners I was pleasantly surprised by the quiet grandeur yet tenacious staying power of the fragrance. Roses, roses and more roses, though I don’t get the Japanese connection. Are their Japanese roses known especially for being a spicy, boozy, citrus smelling variety? Apparently they grow in sand dunes near the seaside and have very interesting bark effects so the plant is beautiful when leafed and bare. It’s fun and refreshing in the shower and the lotion makes a fabulous base for any rose fragrance and I also use it for my ambers, it adds a glow that emphasises rose notes but also creates lovely new variants on perfumes without rose. I also find it an extra good fragrance life extender.

Loads of people work in fragrance free environments, Japanese Rose is good because it leaves you softly and subtly fragrant all by itself. After work you can add a spritz of your favourite frag and it will smell gorgeous over the top. Win Win! Today I’m wearing Guerlain’s Shalimar over the top and it gives a whole new rosy sheen to my favourite grand dame of a perfume.

Korres Japanese Rose Showergel Bath & UnwindPhotos Stolen Bath & Unwind

Nowadays I grab mine from Bath & Unwind where you can get both Shower Gel and Body Milk for under $40 delivered anywhere in the world. So not only lovely and lavish but a cheap thrill too.
Till tomorrow,
Portia xx

7 thoughts on “Japanese Rose by Korres

  1. What a good idea, Portia, roses and Shalimar ! How is it with Mohur ? I have been looking for some affordable rose based bodylotion for some time and will gladly give this one a try. Jurlique used to be my favorite but it is very expensive here. Their handcream is amazing. Maybe it is more affordable in Australia ?


    • Naah, Jurlique is pricey everywhere. Funny you should mention Mohur, Japanese Rose extends the life by hours and only intensifies the roses there, making them sparkly even more profoundly.
      Also, Neela asks me to bring her Jurlique products when I go to Paris, she is a fan too. Hand cream and Lip balm.
      Portia xx


  2. Wow, this is interesting, I saw theese products from this brand at the 50-70% off table at my local beauty store. But I didn’t think much of it because I have quite enough shampoo and shower stuff already, but after this I’ll have a second look if it’s there and Ill try it! Thanks Portia dear!


  3. Very spooky 🙂 funny Neela asked you to bring her Jurlique hand cream and lipbalm. It was sold here in a shop in Amsterdam but some people complained it scented too much so the lady who sold it, stopped selling it.

    Will check out Mohur and Japanese Rose. It sounds amazing !


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  5. Pleased to see a review of this one – I agree its really good. I could swear I smell plum in it, but others have said ‘citrus’ so perhaps that’s it. At any rate, its not a straight up rose, nor traditional, there is something intriguing about it. Love it, and great on its own or layered, as you say.


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