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Le Prix des Amoureux du Parfum

Vero Profumo Mito Voile d´Extrait, one of five, nominated for the Olfactorama Prix de L´Enthousiasme 2013

I had French at school for five years. I also had two years of French tuition from a charming lady who taught me nothing except to love grenadine. Which is a shame really because now I sound like some Somerset farmer when attempting the odd French word. But I digress. For those of you who, like me cannot parlais a single word, here is a little information on the Olfactorama Awards. These were brought to my attention through my love of the Vero Profumo perfumes.

Vero Profumo´s Mito EdP won the 2012 Prix de la Virtuosité. (Most impressive niche fragrance)

Olfactorama 2013

After more than seven years in existence, hundreds of postings and comments, thousands of perfumes sniffed (and some bought!) five members of the French speaking Blogosphere founded the Olfactorama Awards. The awards would represent each year, the best of perfumery. They wanted to give a unique voice to this community, and a chance to define the passion and dynamism within it. Six organisers propose a selection of bloggers, both amateurs and experts, to be part of the Olfactorama Jury. There are 40 members of the jury this year.

The basic idea is to evaluate and select, by groups (both mainstream and niche) the best perfumes launched in the French market over the past year. Attention is also paid to the products and ideas that emerge from the perfume industry each year. This would include perfumed candles and room sprays, initiatives and enterprises related to perfume ………

The organisers establish a list of candidates and then ask the jury to select the ones they feel are the best for each group, which include:


Prix du Grand Féminin 2013

Prix du Grand Féminin 2013

Prix du Grand Masculin 2013

Prix du Grand Masculin 2013


Prix de la Virtuosité 2013 (award for technical and/or historical aspects)
Prix de l’Enthousiasme 2013 (award for emotional aspects)

APJ readers, if you have made it this far, well done. I am about to lose my mind writing all this factual information. I don´t want to make any mistakes. There are three more awards up for grabs too. Prix Atmosphère, Prix du Patrimoine Olfactif, and Prix de Focus. Take a look at http://www.olfactorama.fr or Olfactorama FB page for more information.
The sites are in French of course, but no problem. You can also see what/who has been nominated in the other groups.

Prix du Patrimoine Olfactif

The very helpful Juliette from the Olfactorama Organisation Team provided me with my information. She also explained why Mito Voile d`Extrait was selected:

“After much deliberation we came to the conclusion that Mito Voile d´Extrait was the most thrilling of Vero´s Voile range. Even if technically, this was already well realised, we believe that Mito invokes a deep emotional sensation with this version. And so we decided to nominate it for the Prix de l´Enthousiasme 2013.”

The nominations for the Prix de l´Enthousiasme 2013:

Prix de l´Enthousiasme 2013

Vero Profumo – Mito Voile d´Extrait
Flash back – Olfactive Studio
Black – Comme des Garçons
Shanghai Lily – Tom Ford
Tam Dao – Diptyque

So if you will all excuse me, I need to pack. I am off to Milan to try out Vero Profumo´s latest creation – ROZY.
Well someone has to.

CQ xxx

All photos supplied through Val from Musque-Moi!/Patrice Revillard

18 thoughts on “OLFACTORAMA AWARDS APRIL 5th 2013

  1. Thanks for the run-down on these awards, Val.

    Many congrats to Vero. The Voile d’Extraits are turning out to be a complete triumph. I don’t think I can wait until I re-visit Bloom. Might have to order some samples.

    LOL at “some Somerset farmer”

    Have fun in Milan!


  2. Thanks for the details! As Tara said – congrats to Vero’s nomination. I am thrilled for her and for all the other nominees. Have a blast in Milan. xo


    • Trust me, I will do my best. I think I will probably be overwhelmed. Still, I only care about the Campomarzio Party ……… Plus I will have my therapist with me. hahahaha.
      Hugs xxx


  3. Dear Val,

    Hmmm the breakdown of these awards is interesting… I love how they have included an ’emotional’ award along with a ‘technical’ award. Is it possible for the two to be divorced from one another?

    In any case, I think the awards for most of the perfumes in the L’Enthousiasme category are well-deserved, except for Flash Back – it left me cold.

    I think it would be fun to hold a poll on my own blog to see what people think ought to be selected as the winner for each category!


  4. I hope you will post a follow up telling the adventures of a Somerset Farmer in the Fashionable Milan!

    Thanks for the run-down of these awards. And the laffs 🙂


  5. I hadn’t heard of these awards, but I’m thrilled to learn that they’re being picked by people who are passionate about perfume. My only wish is that there are English translations available. (I’m like you, Val, my French leaves a bit to be desired. Three years of high school French, and despite getting really good marks all I have to show for it is the ability to tell you my name, that I have a large yellow pen, and a request to make love. Yup.)

    I’m so excited for you and the chance to try Rozy! 🙂


    • Hey Dionne, and hello to everyone !

      I am the Juliette, Valerie talked you about at the beginning of the post. I am sorry we can’t provide you an English version of all this, but it is a discussion we had with the Organisation Team. At the moment, the price is very young, and believe me, even in French, it takes us a lot of time !
      I sincerely wish we could, in the future, give more visibility to our price with a translation in English. Stay tunned !

      Meanwhile, feel free to leave a comment in our blog, even in English, it would be a pleasure for us to answer you !


      • Hey Juliette!! I just saw this. Thanks so much for commenting and for all the help you gave me. I will also announce the winners on the blog. xxx


    • Hello Undina,

      I know, our classification could seem a little odd, but we based our categories on a very factual fact.
      The difference between mainstream and niche products is the number of point of sales.

      For La Fille de Berlin, this perfume is part of a collection which is here (in France), distributed in our Sephoras. So it gives this perfume a large distribution, comparable to the traditionnal brands we know.
      For the Private Collection of Tom Ford, where Shanghai Lily and Tobacco Oud are from, it is the exact opposite 😉 It is distributed only in our Departement Stores and the Tom Ford Boutiques. And as you can see, the mainstream line of Tom Ford is represented with the Noir EDT in our Grand Masculin 2013 price.

      I hope evertything is more clear now ! 🙂 As I said previously, feel free to comment on our FB page or our website, it would be a great pleasure to answer you !


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