Jardins d'Armide by Oriza L. Legrand 1909/2013

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During out European Frag Tour 2014 Michael and I made a point of going and seeing the boys of Oriza L Legrand at their 18 Rue Saint-Augustin, Paris store. We organised a date and expecting to be given a mini tour of the range and their history, which I had read a fair bit about and then forgotten, we walked to the store. Michael was excited to discover a new fragrance house and I was very interested to meet two men who were able to bring their dream of owning a fragrance house to life.

Oriza Franck and Hugo

Turns out that Franck & Hugo are the sweetest men in the history of the known universe, they explained the history, the ideas, the fragrances and a whole lot else. Charming, amusing and extremely dedicated to perfumery and their brand I foresee great things for them. If the quality of their product and service remain at these standards then I can see no reason why not. Today I am going to introduce you to the Oriza L. Legrand fragrance that rocked my world more than the rest.

Jardins d'Armide Sarah BernhardtPhoto Stolen Oriza L. Legrand Facebook

 Jardins d’Armide by Oriza L. Legrand 1909/2013

Jardins d'Armide Oriza L. Legrand FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Rose, orris, powdery notes, orange blossom
Heart: Iris, violet, carnation, wisteria
Base: Honey, almond, tonka bean, musk

Interestingly I bought the fragrance that quite a bit of the scentbloggosphere has either not loved or actively disliked. When Michael and I were being taken through the range it was all touche spritzing until we got to Jardins d’Armide and withing 10 minutes of it being spritzed on a card I was asking to see how it lived on my skin. A little over an hour of fragrance, fun, good humoured banter and the super great story of the company’s inception and reincarnation I was asking for some Jardins d’Armide. Hugo thought I wanted a sample and had already done me a 10ml to take with me (SO kind and thoughtful) but it was a bottle and some of their delicious soaps that I was after. The boys were even so sweet that they posted the bottle back home for me at a very small extra cost, and they put some sample packs in for me to do a giveaway on the blog!

Oriza Michael #2

So, what does Jardins d’Armide smell like when it hits my skin, and during its lovely long life? The first thing I get is a funky Musk Stick smell that is both super sugared and soapy, like a sweet rose jam soap. It’s fun and neon bright and it stays for around 5 minutes before receding slightly to let a very breathy, indolic, orange blossom play along and here is where we really get to see the full blown spicy fruit rose bloom. There is an accord that I’ve come across lately and Michael and I decided it was the Hairspray and Nail Polish accord, I FREAKING LOVE IT! Jardins d’Armide has this accord in spades and I think it may have something to do with violet and iris together.

Oriza Portia #1

Well into the second hour I think I’m getting a little saffron but it could easily be the violet & iris and honey all smooshing around together. The almond and honey take over somewhere around the 4-5 hour mark but still there lingers a lovely powdery sweetness. It wafts around for a while then slowly fades to nothing. A beautiful ride and I enjoy it immensely. Maybe it’s my skin but I find Jardins d’Armide to be an extremely wearable fragrance that is noticeable, has good sillage and low to medium projection after the first hour. I definitely made the right choice because even here back in Sydney I am reaching for Jardins d’Armide more than almost everything else in my collection.

Oriza L Legrand  Perfumed CandlesPhoto Stolen Oriza L Legrand

Oriza L Legrand Online Boutique has €120/100ml and send worldwide
Oriza L Legrand Online Boutique also has Sample Sets only €9/7 x 2ml spray samples of their line

Have you tried any of the Oriza L. Legrand fragrances yet? Did you know that their Horizon has been nominated for an Olfactorama Award?
Portia xx

Giveaway myprettypaintsPhoto Stolen myprettypaints

Oriza L. Legrand GIVEAWAY


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  1. Hey Portia! I follow by email and I spotted the fragrance ‘Rêve d’Ossian’, which has Cinnamon as one of its notes. Thanks for the giveaway xxx Christine


  2. This is too spooky…I have been on their website this afternoon, lemming!
    Horizon, with notes of bark bitter orange,
    I follow by email


  3. Email follower! Relique d’amour, waxed wood. ‘The smell of an old chapel of a Cistercian abbey’, love the idea of that.


  4. mmm Horizon 1925 , top note “Bark bitter orange” .. I can see myself in a pair of wide legged pants and a fox wrap , spritzed with this perfume ..I follow by email and Facebook .
    such fun .. My imagination runs riot.

    Thanks again
    Katherine x


  5. What a great time with those generous perfumers! And what a gorgeous giveaway.

    I’m on the hunt for green florals, so I’m drawn to Deja Le Printemps with the Grass Cuttings note!

    What a gorgeous aesthetic they have built for their brand, the site was a pleasure to discover 🙂

    I follow by email and the FB.


  6. Deja de Printemps has clover – a seldom seen note! 🙂 This is another line I could get 100% lost in – NEB – as in need every bottle 🙂 :-)We follow a la e-mail, FB, and blog.


  7. Foin Fraichement Coupe sounds interesting, I will have to look up sainfoin and see what that note is. I am also lusting after the Saint
    Ambroise candle, I love honey. I follow by email and facebook. Please tell more about the perfume tour.


  8. I follow by email, and I have read so many good things about this house, especially Chypre Mousse! Roasted chestnut leather in Chypre Mousse is my choice 🙂


  9. This one is very exciting. Thank you for the chance to win! I follow through email.
    The heart of white carnation and carnation absolute had my heart singing for Oeillet Louis XV.


  10. I follow by email. The incense & myrrh in Relique d’amour sounds good to me: “cold stone walls covered with damp moss” might just get me through the fast approaching hot, humid summer. Thanks for the draw.


  11. The history of Oriza really is the stuff of dreams. Each fragrance is so artistically formulated, how to choose? Your Jardins d’Armide is surely a grand classic of la parfumerie française. Today, I am very drawn to Horizon, with it’s top notes of Bark of Bitter Orange and Mandarin Jam. Deep in it’s gourmand heart lurks a feast of Cognac, Tobacco, Roasted Almonds laid out on an old oak table set with a Cashmire scarf scented with leaves of Patchouli. All this on a base of Ambergris, Honey, and Soft Leather! Not to mention the mysterious boot prints in peat! Could this be the inspiration for Liberte??? I’ll ponder this in a claw-footed tub soaping up with Savon Violette Comme Il Faut, no less, while the steamy air is dimly lit by scented candles. Who is that smelling of youth and sex adding more hot water? Please excuse me while I investigate. Clearly, I cannot resist following via email. Love from the high high mountains, J


    • Jackie darling. You’ve mentioned about 10 ingredients, that means 9 people will not be able to write those notes because of the no double up rule.
      Excellent comment but naughty.
      Enjoy your bath ion the high mountains.
      Portia xx


      • So sorry! Didn’t understand your No Double Ups Rule. I should have inquired before I wrote. I thought it meant no entering twice with different email addresses. (Extra naughty, no doubt. And perhaps, two people separated by a common language?) Please remove my name from the draw. I’m swimming in an ocean of riches and after all, I did win the Oscars this year! It’s the conversation that I love. Share the wealth with all. love, J
        ps. Thx so much for calling me naughty. @;^)


  12. Oh, I love discovering something new. This was hard to chose but I go with Horizon 1925 and Cognac Amber note.(PS Jackie only says “Cognac” so I hope that got around the double up rule.) 🙂 Now back to the site to explore their other products. Follow by email.


  13. Portia, thank you, dear! So generous of you! And so generous of the guys at Oriza’s boutique! Sounds like a must-visit place on the next Paris trip!
    I didn’t have the chance to try any of the house’s frags, but I was drawn immediately by Jardin’s Armide when Kafka (A Kafkesque Life) wrote about them! I am into powders, any time, any place!
    I am following by email and on FB.
    I found the scented candles – Sous Bois d’Automne seems to be the one for me with the intriguing note of reshly picked chanterelles!


  14. the imp in me wants to say i follow by sniffing the air and then following the best aromas… but i actually would like to win, so i believe i follow by wordpress, although i get emails in my box when you post something. (look, i turn on this little black box with a screen and then it says “hey stinky, Portia is writing something and you should go look at it.” (i refuse to apologize for my ignorance. because then when the robots take over, i won’t be seen as a threat.))

    Deja Le Printemps (which i picked because PLEASE!!!! could we get to spring already?!) contains grass cuttings (whaaaa??)

    thank you two for traveling and returning with such amazing digital post cards!


  15. wait… this double up rule is VERY confusing… Sister Mary Magdalene already said grass cutting… does that mean i need to pick something else? (probably the coolest blog name EVER, btw, sister Magdalene… i kinda worship you… just so you know…)

    so if i say it also contains daisy am i also naughty? i’m confused. well, and probably naughty but mostly confused.


  16. Chypre Mousse and oakmoss, obviously! I like myself a nice chypre and I’ve heard of this one, definitely on my wishlist to try.
    I have tweeted and follow by email.


  17. I follow… every way I can 😉 (so please-please-please, enter me 🙂 )

    Galbanum is one of my favorite notes and I got found it in Déjà le Printemps.


  18. What a serendipity! I was just checking their fragrances today.I’d love to visit their shop some day… Thanks for the great giveaway and I’m following via email. 🙂


  19. Dear Portia ! what a great visit and review and how generous. I saw oriza has carnation soap Oriza Le grand Royal oeillet. Sounds like something you would like. Follow through mail and FB.


  20. Thanks for the interesting articles on the company and their fragrances. I follow via email. I found cockle & ivy in their Foin Fraichement Coupe. I don’t even know what those smell like! Probably not one of their fragrances I’d want to try anyway since I have terrible allergies to grass and hay. But I’d love to try the one you reviewed. Thanks for the chance 🙂


  21. Thank you for another wonderful giveaway. I am an email follower. I think I would really enjoy Relique d’Amour, which has a note of Elemi.


  22. I’ve never tried any of their perfumes. Just went to visit their website. Looks amazing. Very vintage looking.
    Thanks for the draw. I follow by email.

    Horizon has the note of cocoa roasted almonds – how interesting!


  23. I have tried most of these (except the newest one) and really like them all but, same as you, Jardins d’Armide is my favorite and is on my FB to buy list! I love that vintage powderiness to it and it is cool that it has wisteria 🙂

    I follow via email.


  24. Portia, I follow via email (though I am most likely to click on your FB link, instead.)

    I am fascinated by Chypre Mousse, which has a note of fresh mushroom (unless I’m reading the French wrong–it DOES say “champignon frais”).


  25. Kafkaesque and I were having a discussion of how we must be Evil Scent Twins, and she thought I might like Jardins d’Armide… I think I might, too.

    No need to enter me, though – I just hopped over to the Oriza Legrande website and ordered samples. 😀


    • Lately I have been trying some stuff and enjoying it and Kafka has panned it. Maybe in some ways I am EST with Kafka too.
      Our body chemistry often throws different notes to the forefront and sometimes when I read a Kafka review it feels like I am reading about another fragrance all together.
      It’s one of the things I love about fragrance, everyone’s ride is different.
      Maybe we are Scent Twins then, I do love old and new Le Temps d’Une Fete
      Portia xx


      • I’m going to rain on the Oriza LeGrand parade: I only liked Relique d’Amour and Oeillet Louis IV. The rest of them I disliked rather violently.

        Yes, even Deja le Printemps. And the Jardins d’Armide was really horrible on me, with a distinct fecal note under the powder.

        Maybe it’s me. I don’t know. I was disappointed.


        • Hey mals86,
          Yes, some people aren’t loving them but 2 that you liked out of 8 is a pretty good hit rate for a new house really. I am sad that Jardin d’Amide wasn’t nice on you though, I am going through my bottle more quickly than expected.
          The carnation is lovely, I was thinking to review that next, I’ll be most interested to read your experience, if you blog it.
          Portia xx


  26. Relique d’Amour has white lily, among other things.

    I’m glad to see some love for Jardins d’Armide, as I love the idea of a fragrance inspired by the magical garden of a beautiful sorceress. I don’t know if I’d like it myself (I can deal with powder, but not soap), but the name and the bottle are absolutely gorgeous. Fingers crossed I get to try it for myself! I follow with Bloglovin.


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  28. Hello, Portia —

    Foin Fraîchement Coupé because of the new-mown hay which I hope would be bold and noticeable. I follow by email.

    And, since I don’t have your address may I thank you here for the Royal Thai pjs? They are soft and comfy and fit perfectly. I feel very “first class” wearing them. Thank you so much!

    Warm aloha,


  29. I have been curious about this house, and Horizon with its top note of tangerine confit sounds especially wonderful. I follow by email.


  30. Rêve d’Ossian has the lovely labdanum in its base.

    I follow by email and facebook.

    Thanks for the draw, Portia!


  31. Everything sounds so good on their website! I’ll use Deja Le Printemps and vetiver. I follow via Feedly. Thanks for the drawing!


  32. I came across Oriza L Legrand through Kafka’s glowing review of Chypre Mousse, which has me intrigued. Will it be too chypre-esque for my tastes, or will it just be beautiful and green?

    Perusing their website, I was also intrigued by Foin Fraichment Coupe. Certainly the hay sounded great, but what the heck is sainfoin?! Turns out it’s a leguminous forage crop. Thanks for expanding my horizons Portia!


  33. I would love to try Reve d’Ossian as it lists Opopanax as a note. The only other fragrance I know well with that note is Le temps d’une fete which I LOVE!

    I follow by email


  34. I follow you on bloglovin (Lubica K.) and also via email subscription (lubaska at hotmail)
    I would like to try Relique D’Amour Oriza L. Legrand for women with its combination of pine, lily and incense notes. I am curious mostly about incense. Thanks. To smell an old chapel and its silence.:-))


  35. Hi Portia, I believe I was the winner of this sample pack 🙂 Just wanted to let you know that, after all this time I finally got around to purchasing a FB (via FiF) of my absolute favourite from the set – Jardins d’Armide! It wasn’t cheap, but so worth it. Such an extraordinarily pretty scent, and to my nose, unique. Thank you for introducing me to this brand.
    PS: Reve d’Ossian was my second choice… maybe next time I get a FiF voucher 😉


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