Mitzah by Francois Demachy for Christian Dior 2010


Post by Ainslie Walker



Named after Christian Dior’s friend and muse Mitzah Bricard and now sadly discontinued, from the first whiff today’s fragrance takes my breath away. I really don’t know why. Is that what the Dior website means when they describe it as “enchanting”? I’m definitely enchanted.

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Mitzah by Francois Demachy for Christian Dior 2010

La Collection Couturier Parfumeur/La Collection Privée

Mitzah Dior FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured acords in one line:
Coriander, rose, spices, cinnamon, labdanum, vanilla, honey, patchouli and incense

With Mitzah I’m reminded of a freshly baked red velvet cake. Deep red rose, warm vanilla, amber and spicy, balmy cinnamon. Pungent labdanum comes and go, in the first hour taking this fragrance into a far from innocent direction.

Mitzah could easily be unisex.

Mitzah Dior Parisian_Cafe Repin WikiMediaPhoto Stolen WikiMedia

Something smolders, reminiscent of a café in a Parisian street. Coffee…fur-clad fashionistas, still up from the night before. Resinous incense from a nearby chapel in the air. Sultry yet sweet. A touch creamy. More and more amber and burnt toffee notes. Freshly scorched Crème Brulee? Brandy? Some say honey…I’ve never had honey that smelt like this. Vanilla and patchouli stay close to the skin, a soft, deep powdery touch amongst the smolder and amber. It’s hard for me to decide if the amber or frankincense is dominant. They dual fairly equally until the un-bitter end.

Wearing it, I wonder if anyone else around me can smell it? Every few minutes I find myself pressing my wrist to my nose. It’s addictive. I want more. I wish it were BIGGER. It’s rich, but not big. *Sob! It’s almost a little linear, not much movement or change, but I love it. It hugs and comforts, sophisticated, whilst still somehow remaining a little elusive with its unchanging wafts.

Mitzah Dior sleep PixabayPhoto Stolen Pixabay

I wear it to bed and sleep well, in a cave of sensual patchouli and sweet deep amber and incense. Just before I drop off there’s a sharp note of coriander seed amongst the mix. I think of Marrakesh for some reason. Longevity is good it’s still there in the morning, mainly the resins. Just there. Not screaming out or anything, just kind of lingering around.

I thought I’d test it further and head out for some exercise doused in it. As my body temperature increases I get slightly more toffee and incense, but I really think it remains pretty constant. Mitzah is subtle and noticeable at the same time. I kind of imagine Mitzah to be introverted, but noticeable. Consistent. Unique. Decadent and sensual. This fragrance is rich, soft and deep.

The journey is the goalPhoto Stolen Flickr

Mitzah is not so much a journey, she’s just doing her thing. In the background but holding a striking presence leaving some of us a little spellbound.

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Still available in Paris and rare DIOR stores and counters
Surrender To Chance has samples starting at $3/ml

Try it if you can, before it’s gone (or super expensive)…otherwise some say Serge Luten’s Amber Sultan makes a good substitute.

14 thoughts on “Mitzah by Francois Demachy for Christian Dior 2010

  1. Hey there Ainslie,
    I love this review, perhaps your best to date. You really get Mitzah and love it, it shows.
    Portia xx


  2. A beautiful review of a beautiful fragrance. One of my perfume friends who knew I loved warm fragrances sent me a sample of Mitzah and I fell in love with it from the very moment I put it on….. it is still one of my top favorite fragrances. It makes me feel so good wearing it. Mitzah Bricard must have been quite a lady to have inspired a fragrance as warm as this.


  3. Ainslie, are you using Mitzah from a spray bottle? Is it a small tester (2-3 ml) or a bigger size? I’m asking because when I use mine from the bottle (the real one) it’s anything but subtle. I love it but I’m not sure I could sleep even in one real spray of it.


    • I used both a splash from the 10ml sample and some spritzes from a 10ml atomizer. It was definitely stronger spritzed.
      Oh I loved the richness engulfing me in bed! I couldn’t do it with all fragrances but I find this one quite warm and nurturing.


  4. I love this stuff! I managed to grab a huge bottle of it at Sniffa. Hopefully it should last me a while. I really don’t understand why they would discontinue this one. This would be one of top ten favorite perfumes, easily.


  5. I just bought a huge backup bottle of this, love Mitzah! I actually like the fact that it’s not too big, it is warm and enveloping without being overwhelming. It’s crazy that they discontinued this one, it’s the best in their line.


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