Bottega Veneta Essence Aromatique: New Fragrance 2014

Hey there APJ,

You are probably aware, or sick to death, of my love for Bottega Veneta’s original EdP and Parfum. It has become Jin’s signature scent and whenever I smell it now I think only of him. The rest of their offerings are quite good but sadly none has caprured my heart in any where near the way of the original beautiful fragrance. Now we have a new one and though I haven’t tried it, I can’t wait. It looks lovely in the ad, let’s hope it lives up to it originator.

Bottega Veneta Essence Aromatique: New Fragrance 2014

Bottega Veneta Essence Aromatique Bottega Veneta FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Bergamot, coriander,
Heart: White rose, tonk, vanilla
Base: Patchouli, sandalwood

Bottega Veneta Essence Aromatique Fragrance 2014(source) via art8amby

Experience the original Bottega Veneta Parfum mini movie

9 thoughts on “Bottega Veneta Essence Aromatique: New Fragrance 2014

  1. I like the original EdP – but do not love it so I don’t think I’ll need more than a mini bottle that I already have. And I liked the first flanker. This bottle is beautiful, so I look forward to trying this new variation.


    • Hey Undina,
      I am completely and utterly smitten with the original, I have even bought Jin a back up bottle when I saw a sale because he smells so good in it.
      Yes. they did a great job on the bottle. I think it became an instant classic, simple and elegant. I can’t think of a house that did sop well on their first try other than CHANEL.
      Portia xx


  2. I just received a tear out page for this perfume in the Neiman Marcus catalogue. It has a quite a floral, clean, powdery smell. It reminds me of both my aunt and my mother. Not really for me but quite an evocative smell none the less. Any ideas where this can be purchased in Australia?


    • I imagine you’ll find it in Bottega Veneta and David Jones here in Australia Louise.
      Can’t wait to try it myself.
      Portia xx


  3. I got a sample of this at nordstroms the other day and, oh my! I love it. It manages to have a sensual roughness while being exquisitely fresh and uplifting at the same time. It feels like the perfect spring scent right now.


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