Ondine by Lisa Fong for Artemisia Natural Perfume

Hi APJers,

Long ago, my then BFF and I (we were all of 17) were exploring some woods when we rounded a corner and saw in front of us a field of wild, naturalized daffodils and narcissus. It was breathtaking! We walked into this field and were surrounded by the beauty and the scent of the flowers. I see this long lost field every time I wear today’s beautiful fragrance…

Ondine by Lisa Fong for Artemisia Natural Perfume

Ondine Artemisia Natural Perfume FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords in one line:
Narcissus, myrrh, floral notes

Ondine is the name of a Germanic water nymph and the Artemisia site says that this scent is meant to be the “fresh, sweet spirit of water”. I get no water at all from it, none, unless it’s the water that Narcissus looked into when he fell in love with his own image.

Ondine Artemisia Natural Perfume Echo_and_Narcissus WikipediaPhoto Stolen Wikipedia

Narcissus, narcissus, narcissus is what Ondine is about. The first time I spritzed it on, my immediate reaction was “what a strange little perfume.” Now that I know Ondine better, this hasn’t happened again, but it always grabs my attention. The opening is very sharp with a hint of myrrh in the background. This myrrh is never strong and I lose it after about 3 or 4 minutes. The sharpness stays but mellows somewhat. There is also a delicate sweetness in the mix that stays until the end. Ondine is narcissus, both sharp and sweet until it fades away after about 4 hours, 3 in summer. It has more silage than I would expect from a natural, but I think it would be hard to offend anyone. I like that Artemisia makes it in a solid too so it’s easy to carry it with you and refresh as needed. Ondine is a perfume of springtime. It says – get up, get out, smile, life is good.

Ondine Artemisia Natural Perfume narcissus pixabayPhoto Stolen Pixabay

From the Artemesia site: …100 percent natural Artemisia eau de parfums embrace the world of earth, roots and water, along with sweet floral notes. Each captures the essence of a natural, sensual experience and allows it to resonate as the perfume develops on each individual.
Ondine: Essences of narcissus and myrrh and sweet kewda attar relax the senses and unlock memories of river, lake and pond.

Ca Fleure Bon writes: Ondine reminds me of the last gasp of the paperwhites. The sweetness of narcissus combined with the resinous, almost dusty, smell of myrrh is balanced perfectly. There is something unusual about this scent that I can’t quite put my finger on. It has a smell that brings antiquities to mind, as if it were composed of the dust motes from an old perfume cabinet. Ms. Fong created this to be a scent reminiscent of rivers, lakes and ponds, named after the naiad Ondine, but we all have different perceptions of fragrance. This is a perfume I want my coats to smell like; worn and comfortable, but nicely scented.

Artemesia Natural Perfumes has Ondine EdP $68/17ml

This winter has been too long for many of us. What makes you think of spring and takes away the winter blues if only for a while?


11 thoughts on “Ondine by Lisa Fong for Artemisia Natural Perfume

    • hiya carol!! *hug*

      so nice to see you! funny we should bump in to each other in australia. *laugh*

      narcissus sounds delightfully, promisingly spring-like, doesn’t it?

      we sure could use some… and spring wouldn’t hurt at all either. 😉


  1. delightful!

    even a naturals die-hard like myself has horizons yet to be reached, and i have yet to be experience Ms. Fong’s art… this one may be the hook line & sinker for me!

    thank you for a lovely review ❤


    • Hi einsof.
      I love naturals too. I tried others by Lisa Fong, but for me this is her best…….and the prices are good too.


  2. It was a whopping 7°F this morning, not counting the wind chill. The only spring I can get is in a bottle it seems. I love to see a field of daffodils but all I’ve got is snow still.
    I’ve never heard of this line. I’ll have to check it out.


    • Hi Poodle.
      Think positive. A few sunny days above freezing and the snow will start melting and the daffodils/narcissus will be on their way!I use Ondine to cheat and get some flowers early. 😉


  3. I really wanted to love this perfume (because of the name – it’s just a different spelling of my screen name) but it absolutely didn’t work for me. It’s a full-blown Spring here now so I should probably give it another try. Thank you for the nudge, Maya!


    • Hi Undina.
      Oh Spring – I’m glad it’s there for you! You chose a pretty name with a lovely image to go with it. Sorry this scent didn’t work for you, but who knows, maybe a new try will be a charm. Best of all with perfume, there’s always a new love around the next corner!


  4. This sounds really nice to me and I must try it. Right now I have some daffodils in a vase on my dining room table (and some yellow tulips, too). They are helping to get me through the last few rounds of bad weather here in the US Midwest.


    • Hi Mary K.
      Sunshiny yellow flowers! That must perk things up a bit. I’m in the Northeast and it hasn’t been fun here but nothing compared to what you guys have been getting. At least we all know spring is around the corner.


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