Hilary Duff With Love by Hilary Duff 2006


Post by Katrina


Today’s perfume is often mentioned by perfumistas as one of the rare, extremely good Celebrity Scents, often put next to Sarah Jessica Parker’s Lovely and Covet, and above Kate Walsh Boyfriend and Queen Latifah’s Queen. That’s pretty high praise and at this price would make an excellent add on gift for the younger crew around you.

With Love Hilary Duff  WikiMediaPhoto Stolen WikiMedia

Hilary Duff With Love by Hilary Duff 2006

Rodrigo Flores-Roux and Stephen Nilsen

With Love by Hilary Duff is a warm oriental fragrance with loads of character. It evolves over time to reveal layers of different fragrant ingredients. Don’t be fooled by its celebrity ties with expectation that With Love will be a girly perfume. It is an oriental spicy fragrance and not sweet, fruity or floral.

With Love Hilary Duff  FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives the following notes:
Top: Spices, mango
Heart: Cocobolo, mango blossom
Base: Amber, musk.

However, in this case Fragrantica has given a cut down list of notes and the mango and mango blossom should be mangosteen fruit and blossom. Other sources include Now Smell This where you can find a review of With Love by Hilary Duff gives notes of mangosteen fruit, exotic spices, chai latte, mangosteen blossom, cocobolo wood, balsam, incense, amber milk and amber musk.

With Love Hilary Duff Mangosteen WikipediaPhoto Stolen Wikipedia

Mangosteen should not be confused with mango. Mangosteen is an exotic fruit from South East Asia and is used in traditional medicine. With Love starts with top notes of mangosteen and spices. The mangosteen is quite intense and not very sweet or fruity. The astringent smell is a bit like cough medicine or liquor. In time the fragrance becomes creamy and the perfume evolves with musk, wood and smoky incense. As the layers fall away I’m left with a creamy vanilla musk on my skin and it smells beautiful.

With Love Hilary Duff jingdianmeinv1 FlickrPhoto Stolen Flickr

I think the Scented Salamander says it amazingly: The perfume starts with the sparkling fruity notes of Mangosteen and Champagne then becomes very langourous and creamy. It soon smells like buttersctoch topping crystallized pineapple. Then the milky accord changes its nuances from butterscotch to coconut milk. A lush tropical bouquet of flowers makes its nuances felt. The sumptuousness and piquancy of sandalwood and Cocobolo wood make their entry. The base notes develop a warm Oriental accord. The very realistic and fine cedar wood becomes more prominent in the longer dry down as well as the musk and amber.

Hilary Duff’s With Love is a unique perfume and definitely worth a try, especially if you like spicy oriental fragrances.

FragranceNet has $11/ 30ml (unboxed)
Surrender To Chance has samples starting at $4/2 ml

Come and visit Celebrity Perfumes for more celebrity perfume news and reviews.

Thanks Katrina x

10 thoughts on “Hilary Duff With Love by Hilary Duff 2006

  1. I would also like to add my voice to the chorus of approval. With Love is often underrated yet I find it excellent quality, very long lasting and as you say Katrina, a change from the usual celeb scents. You would expect this to be a run of the mill fruity floral, having been made by a Disney teen star, but Duff delivers a grown up scent in an award winning bottle based on designs found on an antique ring that she owns.

    I reviewed this over on IScentYouDay but must have jinxed it as it’s hard to find now, but not impossible.

    warm wishes from Wales


    • Hi Samantha, thanks for adding your thoughts and info about the bottle design, I do love the bottle. I will pop over to read your review.

      Katrina xx


  2. Hey there Katrina,
    I enjoy Hilary Duff’s With Love too. I have a back up bottle even! It’s so easy wear and you don’t have to worry about it, you smell yummy for half a day. YUMMMMMMM
    Portia xx


  3. I’ve never really had anything against celebrity scents but I once read a review that made me want to avoid this specific one. I think reading about the notes makes me, at least, want to give it a shot.


    • I don’t know.. it’s kind of dumb on my part… I’ve seen it praised many times, but something I read must’ve hit the wrong button.


      • Hi Lean S

        It is easy to be put off when you read something negative but hopefully it goes the other way most of the time – it does for me and I end up wanting to try everything. You should give this one a shot – its pretty popular.

        Katrina x


  4. There are a few good celeb perfumes. I haven’t tried this one but I’ll make sure to have a sniff next time when I’m in town. Yesterday I spotted Shakira’s Wild Elixir in the supermarket and I sprayed it on my wrist… I wish I didn’t.


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