Supreme Bouquet by Yves Saint Laurent 2013

Hey there Fellow Fumie Family.

Today we are chatting about one of Yves Saint Laurent’s newest lineup, the Oriental Collection. These are a new last year, extremely spendy, designer try at regaining some of their lost consumer ground through their own, and enforced, ruthless reformulations and cheapening of many of their products. Here is the big ticket item to lure us back. There are now four in the Oriental Collection with the addition of Splendid Wood this year.

Supreme Bouquet by Yves Saint Laurent 2013

Supreme Bouquet Yves Saint Laurent FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Fruity notes
Heart: Ylang ylang, tuberose, jasmine
Base: Patchouli, amber, musk

Supreme Bouquet, seems like they have made the bar pretty high, Supreme? Really Supreme? I was already pre disposed to not like it just from the name, which seems both overblown and lame. Who is in charge of this stuff at YSL Fragrance, it just makes me squirm with embarrassment that out of the WHOLE English language (and the thousands of others available) that Supreme Bouquet is the BEST name they could come up with. Let’s wear it and see if it lives down to it’s moniker.


Peaches from a can, mango and pineapple? Like a fruit cocktail with added sugar syrup, actually, like the syrup that canned fruit comes in. YUMMY! I am taken directly back to my childhood in the first spritz, sadly this crazy fun, 100% unnatural scent only blasts for about 3-5 minutes before it is lost in a very honey-like sweetness that still manages to be dry, as the white flowers come strolling in with a sinuous, sensuous, insouciant abandon and wrap their lovely coils around the fruit till all you can smell are sweet, buttery, green, fatty white flowers. So beautiful there is almost a fairytale quality, Supreme Bouquet is ethereal but solid and wafting gently around me like a nimbus. It is like you have sat yourself in an arbour of exotic dream flowers that bear only a passing resemblance to anything of this world, more like the flowers I would expect Queen Amidala to cultivate. Sometimes I worry that I have TERRIBLE taste in fragrance, I think these are nearly completely aroma chemicals but still they smell fabulous to me. I love it.

Trichome, Arabidopsis leaf hairPhoto Stolen Wikipedia

The amber highlights and warms the flowers as they start to fade, they don’t really leave but they do become less assertive, relax their hold and give some space to everything else, sadly the uber clean patchouli and musks smell a trifle generic and that lets the whole composition down a bit, after the fireworks of the opening and heart it would have been nice if the patchouli had given us a raspy, earthy depth. It doesn’t.

Supreme Bouquet Yves Saint Laurent Fairy Queen maf04 FlickrPhoto Stolen Flickr

Further reading: Katie Puckrik Smells and Kafkaesque
Available in department stores (not in Australia yet) UK YSL site £195
I bought my sample from Surrender To Chance from $5/.5ml

OK, so is this the SUPREME Bouquet? Naah, but it is lovely, wearable and sexy, super perfume-y and a look back at fragrances of the past till its slightly boring, but very nice, dry down. Would I pay £195 for a bottle? Probably not. On 50% discount? I’d be definitely thinking about it. Actually, for US$100 I would have been online and purchased a bottle already. It is very nice, great gift for someone but extremely overpriced to me.

Have you tried any from the new Oriental line at Yves Saint Laurent yet?
Portia x

14 thoughts on “Supreme Bouquet by Yves Saint Laurent 2013

  1. Hi Portia,
    Like many, I used to be a huge YSL fan. My weakness was Baby Doll. They had a gorgeous shower mousse with the texture of shaving cream and that fabulous pink grapefruit scent. Got a half dozen cans when it was discontinued. I adore peach & will put it on my search list. Thanks for the hot tip, Peachy Doll!


    • Hey Jackie,
      YSL were such a fragrance force of my youth. I wore Jazz for years, still have a bottle in fact, and Mum went through a Paris phase. They were all so incredibly LUXE back then,
      Portia xx


      • Indeed! I had a couple of seasons with Cinema and still have a bottle. Couldn’t find anything larger than a decant of SB Stateside. Harrods has a small bottle for a cool 195 pounds sterling. Really???


  2. Oh dear, I’m afraid I having nothing good to say about any of these, so may have to stand int corner on my own. In fact, being a very big fan of YSL since the 1970s, I consider what L’Oreal have done to the once iconic line an utter abomination. They discontinued great perfumes such as Opium, replaced them with dreadful flankers made of cheaper, synthetics and yet still have the temerity to charge incredibly ridiculous prices for them. I found all 3 in this line to be absolute chemical bombs, especially Noble Leather. Supreme Bouquet smelled like half chewed gummy bears dipped in maple syrup :-/ Add to that the overinflated price sticker and my blood begins to simmer a bit…


    • Hey there Sally M,
      Interesting that you are outraged by chemical bombs. Different houses elicit such different responses with their use of chemicals. If CdG had brought this out would you be more accepting because it’s what you expect? I agree these are priced WAY beyond their value and YSL are showing how greedy and naughty they’ve become.
      As to YSL, yes they have created hideous from magic. It has been a slow but absolute slide and it makes me incredible sad too.
      Portia xx


      • You make a very good point about expectation, Portia. While I still might not *like* the perfumes had they been made by C des G, they wouldn’t have inspired such -erm – ire… Thanks for pointing that out – it gives me more perspective.


        • I too wish for a return to YSLs glory days SallyM. It may still happen. They could get the next Tom Ford in and he may save the sinking ship.
          Portia xx


  3. So funny. This is what I sprayed on the back of my left hand when I was stuck in Dubai airport the other night for a hellish eight hours. It struck me as quite nice, a bit like a trumped up Gucci Eau De Parfum, very big, blousy, and yes, definitely some kind of throwback. I would love to smell you in it, though to get another angle.

    Agree the name is crap though: so bloody LITERAL. Obviously they are aiming for other markets…


    • Hi Neil,
      What a lovely surprise to see you drop in. Was the eight hours hellish because of Supreme Bouquet? Are you as surprised by the price as I am?
      One day we are coming to meet you in Japan. I want to chat vanilla with you please. A brain picking session. Too sad I missed you in London, we would have had a ball.
      Portia xx


  4. Hi Portia,
    SB just arrived in North America at YSL online (for a cool $225); probably at the counters this summer. I may screw-up my courage and run in for a spritz. The SA’s in the big department stores are generally ferocious these days. Maybe I can get a sample. Very attracted to the peach. Perhaps this is YSL’s first scary step on the road to recovery? Appreciate this post. xx J


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