Resina by Oliver Valverde for Oliver + Co. 2012

Hey Hey Crew,

Before I went overseas this year I received a lovely pack, with excellent presentation, from Oliver & Co. and it is a four pack of their 10ml samples in what was called a Discovery Set. I bought them for €25 but can now find no samples on the site anywhere. Grrrrrr. Some things I love about the Oliver & Co. brand are their very clever FREE SHIPPING TO THE WORLD and their reasonable prices, €95 the highest for the Illustrated Series. That’s less than buying 100ml of Shalimar EdP by Guerlain in a Department Store.

Resina by Oliver Valverde for Oliver + Co. 2012

Resina Oliver & Co. FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords in one line:
Tolu balsam, elemi, myrrh, labdanum, opoponax, jasmine sambac, incense, benzoin, coffee, christmas tree or flame tree, mace, rooibos tea, tonka bean, star anise

Sweet, spicy and furry warmth is what jumps off my skin immediately with a herbal tea, accompaniment but more than anything I get lovely and interesting mixtures of resins, a full on version of the ones you stand in before and during ballet classes to give you traction. This is how Penhaligon’s Iris Prima should have opened and ended. It’s not often I feel I can smell the leaves and bark of the trees that the resins are procured from but here in Resina there is a definite waft of green that cuts through the sweetness, though sweetness is not meant in a cake or biscuit way but in a sweet wax way.

Resina Oliver + Co. WikipediaPhoto Stolen Wikipedia

Then the chocolate, very realistic chocolate, adds its song. The chocolate is a fun twist that never takes over and is only noticeable after the first while if you look for it. It’s not one of the notes though so I could be dreaming. My skin also throws a very slightly breathy jasmine and a little bit of curried star anise, but maybe it’s my using star anise in curies that provides the link. The copy says hypnotic, dense and carnal: I can see and smell all those images. It is densely packed with pieces that play togetrher in beautiful harmony, there is a certain fleshiness or humanity and a furry feel and i think it could become extremely hypnotic if someone you were already falling in love with wore Resina. It would imprint on your memory and is enough unlike any other scents in its style that you would be a stand alone scent memory.

Fragrant? Yes but not a seriously heavy scent for all its density. Wearable, sexy and interesting. I get good longevity too at around 5-6 hours before I’m left with a soft amorphous wash of nearly nothing.

LuckyScent has $145/50ml

Portia xx

Giveaway Kesha&CoPhoto Stolen Kesha&Co



This week we will have 2 winners who will each get:
1 x 2ml decant of Resina by Oliver + Co.
1 x 2ml decant of Mousse II by Oliver + Co.
P&H Anywhere in the world


Open to everyone worldwide who follows AustralianPerfumeJunkies via eMail, WordPress, Bloglovin or RSS. Please leave how you follow in the comments to be eligible. I must be able to check that you follow so if you have an email address on your gravatar that’s different to your follow address then please email me so I know. Yes, you can start following to enter, in fact it’s encouraged.

You must tell me how you follow APJ


Please tell me a memory that involves resins, incense or a fragrance that includes either that you happen to love.

Extra Chance?
Tweet: @OzPerfumeJunkie Resina by Oliver & CO. GIVEAWAY #Perfume #Giveaway #Oliver&Co


Entries Close Sunday 20th April 2014 10pm Australian EST and winners will be announced in a separate post.
Winners will be chosen by
The winners will have till Thursday 24th April 2014 to get in touch (portia underscore turbo at yahoo dot com dot au) with their address or the prize will go to someone else.
No responsibility taken for lost or damaged goods in transit.


46 thoughts on “Resina by Oliver Valverde for Oliver + Co. 2012

  1. Sounds intriguing – thanks for the giveaway! Avignon by CDG is one incense that I love, but haven’t explored too many. Having grown up in India I definitely have a strong memory of incense but the churchy incense used in perfumery seems quite different to me. Must learn more about them!


    • Very different Nitasha. I burn Dhood here after cleaning the house on Wednesdays to clear any bad energy the house has collected through the week. It was sent from a Hanuman temple in Alwar, Rajsthan by my buddy because I had run out. Every time I burn it I am back in India.
      Portia xx


  2. Hi Portia,
    “Furry and hypnotic”! Resina sounds fascinating. My incense memories are associated with rituals and prayers. The smells of resins remind me of conifer forests in late summer. Usually Amouage does not skimp on either incense or resins and I love most of the Amouage I’ve tried. I follow by e-mail. Great review!
    Azar xx


    • Hey Azar,
      This is a completely dofferent take on resins, I think you will be surprised and delighted with the way Oliver & Co has worked them.
      Portia xx


  3. When I was a child I lived in Athens for a couple of years, and I remember we all chewed a resin, pine like, maybe mastic? as chewing gum. Sure got the jaw muscles working!
    Recently someone sent me a sample of Norma Kamali Incense, it is divine and so tenacious. I wear a drop in my cleavage to yoga, it enhances the down dog no end!
    I follow by email.


    • Hey there JackieB,
      I’ve not tried the Norma Kamali Incense but I also have never heard of her, she is a designer?
      Portia xx


    • Yes mastic. Godawful taste 🙂
      I’ve heard of Kamali, one of those discontinued HG things that are available nowhere. I think I saw a bottle priced at 1000$.
      lol on downward dog


  4. Hay, Portia, another great giveway!
    Resina sounds amazing – all the incredible resins with coffee and rooibos? – Well, that should rock me off my shoes! My most lovable resinous-insencey is Feminite du Bois – Serge Lutens, but most of my favorites are in this category (the other half is rose or violet centered fumes).
    My resinous memory is of a walk with my late Grandfather. He was an agronomist, specialist in sweet-cherry breeding. I used to visit his workplace (the cherry garden at the Institute) a lot after the Kindergarten or early school days, because only he could babysit me when my mother and father had exams graduating in Medicine. I remember when I first saw the resin of the cherry trees – it was fresh, dark brown and with a pungent smell of bitter almonds. He explained why the trees exude the resin and that it was like a wound bandage for the hurt tree, healing and soothing.
    I am following by email and on FB.


  5. Resins, one of my favourite notes…
    I’ll name four of my most beloved resins perfumes, discovered one after the other: Elixir des Merveilles was the first. Being a beginner in perfume I did not yet perceive which note did what…
    Then Ambre Sultan… well, maybe the best resins perfume ever!
    Followed by Wazamba, which is so fresh as well!
    Then Cedre Sandaraque, which could be considered the darkest.
    Man, do I love resins!
    Following by email and thanks for this wonderful chance.


  6. My most precious incense memory is really pretty simple. My dad had an old, cracked stick incense holder in our bathroom when I was a kid. Being allowed to strike a match and light the incense was a real treat reserved only for special bath times. My mother, of course, would never let me play with matches (I was a neurotically careful kid so it wouldn’t have been a problem). The incense was always those weird “cherry blossom” ones that smelled like cough syrup so the first time I smelled real incense I was most perplexed. To me the copal that my uncle always burned was just copal but incense smelled like fake cherry goodness.
    My favorite incense/resin based perfume is SSS Incense Pure and I follow with Bloglovin. Thanks for the draw.


    • Nice one LizK,
      Isn’t it interesting the way we are molded by our personal history. Every one of us has different scent associations with the same word.
      One of the thingsa I love about fragrance.
      Portia xx


  7. Dear Portia,

    I hadn’t heard of Oliver + Co until you mentioned it. 10ml samples seem like a great size. I follow you guys via WordPress, email, and most importantly, in spirit 🙂

    The first incense perfume that took my breath away was Comme des Garçon’s Incense Avignon. It smelt remarkably like the inside of a church. Simply gorgeous and contemplative. Thanks for the giveaway! 🙂


    • YAY! Great to see you buddy.
      I have Avignon and I was going to be wearing it today for Easter, just to get in the mood. Do you think I can find it? BUM! So instead it’s IUNX Splash Forte
      Portia xx


  8. My dad used to burn incense often. The house would fill with smoke and a dense odour. I guess it reminds me of being young.I follow by email, ty


    • Hey there Elia,
      I love that your Dad burned incense. I can’t remember my family ever doing it until I came along with it in my teens.
      Portia xx


  9. I grew up around eucalyptus and redgum trees with their red ‘blood’ crystallising their bark. I used to break it off and pretend the bits were jewels! Love the idea of Christmas tree being a note in a perfume. I follow by email!


    • We used to break tree blood off to and pretend it was stuff. Usually sacred riches that had to be won or defended. Aren’t childhood memories cool.
      Portia xx


  10. Incense reminds me of Easter service at church with my family, complete with Latin chants and long white gowns for the alter boys and girls. I also remember being the alter girl and trying not to fall asleep so I wouldn’t miss my cues…I follow by email, and thank you for another great giveaway 🙂


  11. I love incense and am now curious about this fragrance. I haven’t been able to try any scents by this company yet, and this would be a great opportunity. One of my favorite incenses is the Nag Champa incense. For some reason it always invokes the sacred for me. In perfumes, my favorite scent with incense so far is Sweet Redemption By Kilian. (I follow via email.)


  12. Hey Portia,
    I ordered a couple of samples of this from Luckyscent a while back, based on the notes, as it sounded like something I would like – and I did – just ordered a FB this week. I find it is similar to L’air de Rien, but without the skank. Looking forward to my bottle arriving.


  13. When my sister and I were tweens we burned a lot of Spiritual Sky incense sticks and cones, but they were probably all strawberry flavoured 😛 To me, incense in perfumes smells nothing like burning incense. I adore Avignon but it doesn’t smell like churches to me either (obvs I’ve never visited a Catholic church!). Call me crazy, but Avignon-style perfumery incense smells edible 🙂

    This frag sounds delicious, and I’d love to try it.
    I follow by email.


    • Hey ChristineW,
      This week is a WONDERFUL time to drop into your local Catholic Church. Any time not holding a service and you’ll be able to wander and smell the incense remnants. There is a good deal of vanilla in CdG Avignon and spices, there are moments of bakery between the church for me too.
      Portia xx


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  15. Dear Portia,
    You’ve tip-toed into my find of the year. It’s already on my lifetime favorites list. Durra by Al Attar. From the moment I read about it in a sneak peak advance email to the first test to every experience with this rich resinous, woody, spicy oil, I am in like Flint. It is a deep drive into resins.
    With pleasure, passion & fun, I follow APJ by email.


  16. My first dip into the incense/resin pond was Silver Factory from Bond No9; in fact it was my first niche fragrance purchase. I love the way the resins and incense combine to create a rich woodsy elixir.
    I follow by email. I also tweeted the link as well.


  17. Potria, another great review and giveaway!
    I grew up in a Buddhist family and every morning my day had started with burning an incense as an offering. I’ve never been religious but I did love the process of burning incense and used to enjoy the moment when the thin smoke envelops me. Long time ago!! 😀
    I follow you via email, WordPress, and FB.


    • WOW! It’s interesting to me that you grew up in a Buddhist environment and have never been religious, was it not part of your daily ritual? Being brought up Roman Catholic, going to RC schools with nuns till I was 10 and Jesuits till I was 15 I feel I was brainwashed with religion. Though I am now spiritual rather than religious. Was it a conscious choice to not follow your families religious path?
      Portia xx


  18. My daughter used to play the violin and she had a block of resins to slide over the strings before she played(don’t know why). anyway, one day I smelled the resin block and there wasn’t much to smell, but then I scratched at it with my fingernail and it smelled dusty and dry and rich. My daughter finally bought me my own resin block so I’d leave hers alone.


    • Ha Ha Ha! That’s an excellent story LaurenW. Yes, resin is a wonderful smell in that form, it’s the same as ballet rosin. The resin gives both grip and slide.
      Portia xx


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  20. I follow by e-mail. And tweeted. (so please enter me into the draw :))

    As a child I liked licking andchewing resin from different fruit trees. Probably because chewing gums weren’t widely available.But I remember that it was tasty.


    • Undina that is a very interesting childhood memory. I love it. Much nicer than eating Mud Pies, which was just one of my brushes with nature as a kid.
      We had gum in Australia but mostly weren’t allowed to chew it.
      Portia xx


  21. I do love Ambre Sultan. Amber is one of my favorite notes.
    For the smokey note of incense I love Man2 by CdG. I follow via email.


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