Live Your Dream by Anna Sui 2009

Hello Lovely APJ Family,

Today’s fragrance is said to be named for Anna Sui’s motto. It’s also the reason I bought it. If I was to really have a “MOTTO” it would probably be something as banal and obvious as this. Sometimes you have to remind yourself that what’s important is quality of life, and quality of life for me is remembering to make sure the life I live is as much MY dream as I can make it. Sure, there will always be some mean, ungrateful, torturous or awful people who like to come and besmirch your buzz, trample your dreams and grind your good deeds into dust. Those people are sent to try us. Without them we would not need to look for the good, it would be everywhere. So with all that rubbishy blather behind us it’s time to….

Live Your Dream by Anna Sui 2009

Live Your Dream Anna Sui FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Floral notes, white pepper, lily-of-the-valley, water lily
Heart: Jasmine, Bulgarian rose
Base: Sandalwood, tonka beans, musk, cedar, teak wood

Right. I bought this bottle back in 2009 or 2010 and it gets used only rarely but when I crave it I wear it for 3 or 4 days and then it goes away for 3 months or more till my next Live Your Dream inkling. My bottle is 30ml and I’ve not even used a quarter yet. Speaking of the bottle it is the campest, kitchiest thing with vintage roses/retro-molding, little girl cum Barbie doll stylings that has always struck me as a little Lolita-esque. This is a girl/woman bottle and I could imagine it being in the purse of Anna Nicole Smith types.

Live Your Dream Anna Sui Beyonce quleen1907 DeviantArtPhoto Stolen DeviantArt

So, what does Live Your Dream smell like? Lily, water, vases of lilies, greenery, fresh fruit (maybe pear or cantaloupe), rain, cold metal, cutting a bell pepper, plastic, lily of the valley (leaves and flowers), wet grass, air conditioned rooms are the impression the first few minutes give me. An unnatural, aromachemical melange that is sheer but weighty, very good sillage and projection for the first 2 hours until it calms to a dull roar. I love the way the industrial wet flowers give way to something only a little warmer that feels like it might be some resinous vanilla reinvention. This does not smell very real at any time, nor does Live Your Dream smell like there is very much money in the juice, it skirts the cleaning product aisle but never really goes there, it feels like it might though at any minute. It’s weird wearing a fragrance that you’ve had in your collection for a long while and for the first time trying to dissect it, instead of floating along and enjoying the ride.

Live Your Dream Anna Sui Peony PixabayPhoto Stolen Pixabay

Through the heart I get much more of a peony smell than rose or jasmine, it’s that lovely sweet and watery vegetal feel that fresh bunch of peonies from the florist have. Powder is here too, but more like the smell of some powders that the powder or texture of powder, still it makes me think powder. Then at around the 4 hour mark Live Your dreams stops smelling of anything in particular and becomes an incredibly soft murmur of wet, green, resinous wood that has no real distinctive notes but is more a close to the skin wash.

Live Your Dream Anna Sui Peony_nebula WikipediaPhoto Stolen Wikipedia

Reading this post you would think I don’t like Live Your Dream, but I REALLY like it, I love it. Live Your Dream fills a space that I crave.

FragranceNet has $26/30ml before coupon
My Perfume Samples have $1/ml

Are there some cheapies that you adore in your cupboard? How much wear do they get?

13 thoughts on “Live Your Dream by Anna Sui 2009

  1. Thank you for your feel good “rubbishy blather”, Portia. It always seems to come my way at just the right time. My favorite cheapie for awhile has been Nicole Miller Frenzy. At one point it was $14.99 US (or something like that) for 100 ml at FragranceNet. So far I’ve used up only one 15 ml EDP.
    Azar xx


  2. This sounds so weird, that I have to try it now! I love your positive, happy, humorous, can-do spirit. After putting away my artistic aspirations for 15 years to raise my child (my choice, absolutely no regrets, it was the right choice for ME) I’m taking a figure drawing class once again. It’s hard and fun and enjoyable all at the same time. Definitely, Live YOUR Dream! And don’t let anyone drag you down.


    • Hello pretty lady,
      Thank you for dropping in. I hope your home is filled with spring. Expecting some pictures of your balcony soon, and your super boy.
      Portia xx


  3. Yeah, I love the motto. 🙂
    I have a real cheapy favourite called Black. I have no idea who made it but it’s a great “layer buddy”. It was only 1.30 euros for 20ml but layering it with any floral fragrance is magic!


    • Ah. The price is RIGHT! Wow!
      I love hearing stories of the nearly free find ThinkingMagpie. 1.30 Euro. Ah May Zing.
      Portia x


  4. The original Anna Sui back in … 2000? Purple juice but a similar bottle. Some sales person gave it to me when I had a voucher for their shop, but was struggling to find something that I wanted to buy. It is a completely different tack to her later perfumes and always makes me nostalgic for winter in the Loire valley… as that is where I wore it. Still wear it now and then on a bleak winter day.


  5. I tried Live Your Dream just recently, having got a 5 cent sample during a sale at My Perfume Samples. It is really very pretty, if not exactly striking or unusual, and it is a great name. There was a discussion in the comments of NST recently about La vie est belle, and the depth of the hatred some of us felt for it, and it occurs to me that it might be in part because such a great name was wasted on something unpleasant. (In my opinion, I mean; I know it has been quite successful, and many people apparently love it.)

    As for cheapies, my absolute favorite thing I’ve tried since I started reading perfume blogs and sampling perfumes about a year ago is Roberto Cavalli Oro, which I got for $25 shipped. (I know, I’ll never get my perfumista card now!)


    • I have an Oro too. I love it but it doesn’t get much wear. Yes, I got it super cheap too.
      La Vie est Belle, it could have been incredible. My Perfume Samples rocks.
      Portia xx


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