Tuberosa by Enrico Buccella for Les Voiles Depliees 2013(?)

Hiya Fragrance Feinds,

You may remember my post about Michael & my time at First In Fragrance and how much fun we had, how welcoming they were and how much stuff we bought. It was a wonderful couple of days and we couldn’t have smelled more if we tried. Believe me, we tried!

First In Fragrance 2014 #8Beate, the most wonderful, warm and clever lady.  SO knowledgeable.

By the end my nose was broken, completely burned out. Today’s fragrance was one I tried after complete and utter burnout, it sang to me through my anosmia and filled me with joy.

Tuberosa by Enrico Buccella for Les Voiles Depliees 2013(?)

Tuberosa Les Voiles Depliees FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Orange, neroli
Heart: Tuberose
Base: Amber, patchouli

From the man who brought us the Cerchi Nell’Acqua and Sigilli lines and created Alambar for Laboratorio Olfattivo comes his newest line Les Voiles Depliees. A sensibly priced range that comes in blocky, sleek, modern, funky 50ml bottles. The bottles are not beautiful nor particularly comfortable to hold, and the labels are less than glamorous too with no company name just the fragrance. It all seems like the prototype has been put out on the sale racks, I feel something decidedly unfinished about the whole experience.

I tell you what though, take the fat, square plastic lid off and give yourself a squirt. Just one will be enough. And SWEET! This is the loveliest soapy orange that I’ve ever smelled, there is a lolly-ish tinge to it too that reminds me of pink musk sticks and a synthetic squeal that makes me think of hairspray. I am smiling while sitting here typing. Having worn Tuberosa for about an hour tonight already I am well into the tuberose heartland, it’s super sweet and still green, there is a run your finger down a daffodil leaf, sappy green-ness that is both waxyTuberosa Les Voiles Depliees Tuberose Wikipedia and verdantly lush. This tuberose is fun and flirty with a sensual warmth floating through the heart. Cleaner than I usually like, not a lot of breath or bed head, and wearable without ruining dinner.

Photo Stolen Wikipedia

Longevity is great, even on my usually scent hungry skin I’m getting over 5 hours fully fragrant. Nice journey, though the patchouli is so clean I hardly even notice it, no I don’t notice it at all unless there’s a smidge hiding beneath the amber which isn’t a large player either. Tuberosa is a white flower highlight fragrance, not a soliflor because there is a byplay between the tuberose and orange, I also get some lovely banana reminders (like those banana lollies) and whispers of other tropical fruits.

I’m pretty sure that Tuberosa is built around aromachemicals with only a very few naturals or isolates mixed through but still it is pretty, fun and totally wearable. I layered it after a good couple of hours with Chillum by La Via Del Profumo and together they were a fabulous match. All the dirt and raunch that has been removed was back with a vengeance. AWESOME!

First In Fragrance has €60/50ml and samples

Have you tried the line? Do you know any of Enrico Buccella’s work? Does any of it stand out for you?
Please chat with me, I love to read your views.
Portia xx


15 thoughts on “Tuberosa by Enrico Buccella for Les Voiles Depliees 2013(?)

  1. Hi Portia,
    I’m re-discovering floral scents this spring. I love the idea of layering this. Chilim! What a discovery: thank you for the introduction. I’m a huge fan of La Via del Profumo & did not know this fragrance — sounds extraordinary.
    Regarding Mr. Buccella, I have only sampled from his Sigilli line & read an interview. He is very passionate. Italian noses are interesting; they seem to live in smaller towns scattered throughout Italy; not concentrated in a major city. (I’m collecting information for a future fragrant roadtrip through Italy.) I like the idea of affordable lines that are accessible and unpretentious, yet still deliver wonderful scent experiences.
    Love to all on a Sunday morning, J


    • Hey Jackie,
      WOW! A fragrant Italian tour. That will be super fun. I am majorly jealous and know you will have an unforgettable time.
      Portia xx


          • Mahvelhous, Dahlink!
            When you have a little time this winter/summer, I’ll send some notes on Italy.
            Have a great time in Korea! Post pix & notes, if you have time… would love to know more.
            xx J


      • Yes MeganInStMaxime,
        Though Mr Buccella has been very prolific we hear little about him. I really love the Sigilli line and now that I know he has produced these two other lines I thin k some exploration is in order.
        Portia xx


    • Hey Sandra,
      I think we are tuberose twins.Happy and well here, sun is shining and though it’s cooling down at nights the days are really lovely.
      I loved your spring window box, are you going to do a post about the smells of spring on your balcony?
      Portia xx


  2. Well, I missed a lot of posts while I’ve been sick and bound to bed (not literary…). Suffering swan gives a beautiful image but suffering magpie somehow doesn’t…
    I love tuberose. I remember the first time I smelt the real one filling the heavy tropical night air in Hawaii. Not only as a perfume nut, but also as a plant nut, tuberose is one of those I can’t do without. 🙂


    • Hey there Thinking Magpie,
      Welcome back. I hope you are perfectly recovered.
      I am yet to smell tuberose in the ground but I have smelled them in a Florist. Beautiful, and of course in many frags.
      This one is quite pretty and wearable.
      Portia xx


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