First In Fragrance + Bruchsal, Germany Photo Essay

Hello Lovely APJers,

During Michael & my recent travels we made a special detour to go meet the crew at First In Fragrance in Germany. Beate and the crew (Shane, Sabine, Margit, Katharina) were so friendly and helpful. Wec learned so much about fragrances, the broad ranges that are now available and I personally got to make up some samples to be sent out to the world with orders! It was totally fun.

First In Fragrance

Also, did you know that a First In Fragrance sample is around 3-4ml and comes in a spray atomiser? They are very reasonable priced and send to the world.
Aus Liebe zum Duft
Bahnhofstrasse 10
D-76646 Bruchsal

Later today you can come back and join in our spectacular GIVEAWAY! First In Fragrance has given APJ a bottle of Acqua de Parma Oud for a very special giveaway. See you later.

Bruchsal, Germany Photo Essay

Here is a small selection of photos of our time in Bruchsal with the First In Fragrance crew and some of it’s highlights and heritage.

First In Fragrance 2014 #4Arriving in Bruchsal by train

First In Fragrance 2014 #14Meeting one of my Childhood friends Stefanie for dinner
First In Fragrance 2014 #1ONE of First In Fragrance’s sample walls

First In Fragrance 2014 #2Portia annoying the girls with questions

First In Fragrance 2014 #3Michael overwhelmed by choice

First In Fragrance 2014 #5Evening falls and Michael still sniffing

First In Fragrance 2014 #6The girls put me to work, I filled about 9 orders

First In Fragrance 2014 #7Day 2 and our lovely hostess Lisa

First In Fragrance 2014 #8Beate, what a lovely lady. Took such time for us. SO knowledgeable.

First In Fragrance 2014 #9Bruchsal Palace (Schloss Bruchsal)

First In Fragrance 2014 #10

First In Fragrance 2014 #11

Bruchsal Palace (Schloss Bruchsal) is the only Prince-Bishop’s residence on the Upper Rhine. It is famous for its opulent staircase constructed by Balthasar Neumann – known as the “crown jewel of all Baroque staircases”. It was constructed in 1720 as a residence for the Prince-Bishops of Speyer. The then Prince-Bishop, Damian Hugo von Schönborn, an avid art collector, played an important role in planning the complex. The three-wing palace is built of sandstone. The collection of exquisitely matched buildings, along with the carefully laid out garden, make up an extraordinarily beautiful ensemble. DON’T arrive till 10am because the gorgon won’t let you in, even if it’s 9.45 and you can’t stay. GRRRRR Bruchsal Palace Online

First In Fragrance 2014 #12The Church of St. Peter is especially important to the people of Bruchsal. Not only is it the work of the famous Baroque architect, Balthasar Neumann, but it was also the only church in Bruchsal to survive the Allied bombing of the town in March 1945 unscathed. The Church of St. Peter online

First In Fragrance 2014 #1359 Things To Do In Bruchsal site

 We had an incredible two day stopover in Bruchsal. I wish we’d had another two so we could really get to see the city. Bruchsal, you are on my list for next time.

Loads of love to you all and special thanks to (First In Fragrance).

Portia xx

24 thoughts on “First In Fragrance + Bruchsal, Germany Photo Essay

    • You know I never looked at the names I was spritzing for. I WISH I had though, that would be a fun story.
      What a wonderful crew they are.
      Portia xx


  1. I’m itching to visit Germany here! Lately I’ve been meeting & talking to one German after another almost daily basis and now you are writing about Germany as well!! Maybe someone is prodding me to visit there…


  2. Portia you know I had an order in with them at that time too!! You should have looked at names – that would have been hilarious…. I do like their spray atomisers, and I always get a friendly hand written note from those guys – even some scented feathers last time round too. Good crowd. Looks like a great few days, what a fab visit! xx


  3. Portia, I didn’t know you visited First in Fragrance, how cool! Looks like you had a lot of fun. I think we’re lucky to have them in Europe and those spray atomisers make such a difference.


    • Hey Tara,
      Yes we were there a week or so before we got to you. You need to make the pilgrimage, they are amazing. We had a hoot and a half, as Birgit would write. Yes, I wish some of the other places that sell bottles of perfume would get with the program, 3-4ml for 4-6 Euro is so reasonable.
      Portia xx


    • Steve,
      You would go completely APE SHIT if that wall was in front of you. I thought Michael was going to hyperventilate for a moment.
      Portia xx


    • If I had those shelves my place would look a bit like that Poodle. It’s a freaking madhouse here.
      I LOVED that they put me to work and if I hadn’t had such amazing things lined up for the near future I may well have stayed. It was excellent fun.
      Portia xx


    • It is DEFINITELY time to go Sabine. I was amazed at the breadth of culture there and wish we had a week to visit it all.
      Portia xx


  4. looks you had a great visit. Perfume lovers Paradise ! FiF is great, one of my favorite online shops to buy from, btw. They are so generous with samples. You are Lucky you were able to visit.


    • Oh My, Yes we were Esperanza,
      Don’t you worry, we were completely and utterly aware of our good fortune. It was mind blowing.
      Portia x


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