Heya APJ!

Here we are. 1000 posts. Every one of you have contributed, be it reading, writing, commenting, liking or spreading the word. Thank you.



We are having a party but we all have to have our own party, united but separate. Please grab a beverage and join us in a toast.

“1000 done and thousands more to come, Thank You Everyone”


Take a minute and type in your favourite fragrance house into the SEARCH function at the side of the page. Hopefully there will be something about your faves that you can read and reminisce about, if not please leave us a comment about what you don’t see. We will try and remedy the lack in the next 1000 posts


Little did I know 1000 posts ago when I bit the bullet and wrote my first piece that it would or could ever become so enormous. We have contributors on four continents, offer a safe and fun place where you can kick back and hang out or jump in get your fix and continue your life. We try to keep it light, informative and fun and all of us at APJ love that you are our cyber fragrance family.
There are majorly exciting giveaways and promotions in our near future, can’t wait to tell you about them as they come to fruition.


So, today in honour of our 1000th post please spritz or swipe something special.
Leave us a comment below to tell us what your special scent is.

I will be wearing Rosa Sur Reuse by SOIVOHLE in Korea

Beyond all of that I seriously love you all. This passion of ours has spawned a community. My gratitude is boundless.
If ever life feels shit please drop in, WE LOVE YOU.

The APJ Crew, especially Portia xxxx

PS. There will be a super 1000 posts GIVEAWAY when I get back from Korea, promise

All photos stolen.
If I’ve used your image and you are unhappy about it
please leave a note and I’ll remove it.

36 thoughts on “1000 POSTS PARTY!!

  1. Special HOUSES is as small as I get – lol!! Goutal(Songes is a swooner!!), Caron, Tauer, Soivohle DSH, YSL, Patou………this ocean is LARGE!! lol!! THANK YOU for being there!! 🙂


  2. I’m wearing Putain des Palaces drinking beer and thinking of all the kimchi you’re eating and smelling. Congrats to a great bunch you’ve assembled.


  3. 1000, that’s huge! Congratulations, such a talented bunch of writers, I always enjoy my APJ fix. I will dab some vintage Shalimar extrait tonight in celebration!


  4. En Voyage Captured in Amber. Baking Cornish ginger biscuits. Thanks for everything. Bussis to you and Jin and his family. xxxxxx


  5. Hear! Hear! And here’s a toast to gorgeous Portia and all my wonderful APJ friends! Earlier today I was enjoying springtime with Ellen Covey’s new Sakura. Tonight I am sipping a not so good red wine but smelling a really great new (for me) fragrance, Rosa Ardiente by Kenneth Cory for On the Nose.
    Azar xx


  6. Yay!! Congratulations! I LOVE you all and I always enjoy visiting APJ. I’ll be joining the celebrations with the perfume I made. Enjoy Korea and looking forward to reading all about the trip. 🙂


  7. Congratulations APJ on the 1000!!!
    I will be wearing two drops of my Mohur extrait sample to celebrate with you – very special (or überspecial as the cookie queen would put it).
    Since the day on my continent has just started, I’ll grab my beverage in a couple of hours…and am looking forward to the next thousands (not beers but posts…) to come!


  8. Happy Birthday to my friendly scented buddies Down Under from your grateful reader in Wales. I hope you enjoy your well deserved celebrations.

    Always passionate, always friendly, often hilarious, sometimes moving- that’s how I’d sum you lot up at APJ.

    Here’s to thousands more!

    love Samantha xxxxx


  9. It’s past my bedtime, so I will toast you with water and spritz myself with the Agent Provocateur L’Agent I recently got for my birthday. To the next milestone!


  10. Portia, darling, 1000 posts?!?!?! Time flies like a Stealth!
    Here’s to many more, brightly shining APJs stars – cheers!
    I remember that I first read about Opus Oils perfumes on APJs. It was a detailed review of the whole Divine collection and I was utterly fascinated! I tried some of Opus Oils scents since then, but none of them was from the Divine collection. I am especially curious about Venus, because I am always intrigued by saltiness in perfumes.


  11. Happy 1000! Love, hugs and gratitude for everything you have shared with us. I’ve had more than 1000 moments of joy inspired by your posts. I’ll celebrate the whole weekend! Off to spritz Shiseido’s Inoui, and will raise a toast to you later in the day. xoxo


  12. Congrats! I’m not wearing any perfume at the moment but tonight I’m going to Sephora and Lush and I plan on buying stuff. Lots of stuff. So that’s how I’m going to celebrate. I’ll have an adult beverage too but not sure what kind yet.


    Rave on with 1000’s more!
    Toasting APJ with a new blend of Pink Grapefruit, Anise, Peru Balsam!
    Long may you fume!


  14. Thank you Portia for the wonderful combination of joie de vivre and compassion you display. And thanks to you and the whole APJ gang for 1000 instances of fun, enthusiasm and thoughfulness.
    Looking forward to more. Meanwhile wearing some Eau des Mervielles.
    Hope you and Jin are having a fab holiday.


  15. Thank goodness you wrote that first post Portia or I would never have met you or Val. (How’s that for selfish!)

    I really love that you do make APJ light, information and fun. You always lift my spirits and I’m very grateful for that.

    I am wearing Guerlain’s SDV in your honour.

    Many, many congratulations!


  16. YOFI !!

    congrats!!! i’ve missed out on much!

    have a wonderful journey & please return with much to tell!

    i’ve donned a small swipe of Aoud Blossom from Montale for the occasion and the following skanky post. 😉

    much light & many more posts to come!


  17. Congratulations to all of you at APJ on such a phenomenal output! I am wearing TF Lys Fume though I must admit I had it on already when I came across your post. 😉


  18. In honor of your celebration, I just spritzed a little Noir from Roxana Illuminated. I ordered several samples after dreaming my way through your recent interview with her. Lovely, every one. Thank you for being a little sparkle in my life!


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