Animalic – Skank. For Everyone Who Wants to be Bad

Hi there APJ Family & Friends,

I love trolling through the Surrender To Chance site. They have excellent Weekly Chance Specials, Vintage frags, Hard to find stuff and best of all, I can order a 2ml spray and get a true experience of a fragrance for a fraction of the price of a bottle, and it’s way easier to store 100 samples than 100 bottles too. Recently I was looking through and came across  this super set that read like EXACTLY the kind of set that I should possess, natch. So I went all out and ordered the 2ml Spray Set. It’s pricey but SOOO worth it.

Animalic – Skank. For Everyone Who Wants to be Bad- 11 Samples

Animalic - Skank Sample setAnimalic – Skank Sample Set

  1. Guerlain Jicky EDP – All skank covered in decency and fresh lavender.
  2. Jean Despres Bal a Versailles Parfum – The queen of skanks, there is NOTHING nice about this, and that’s a good thing.
  3. Miller Harris L’air de Rien – Scary Skank! Like scary spice, but a lot more fun.
  4. Montale Oud Cuir d’Arabie – Arabian skank with a lot of oud just for good measure.
  5. Narciso Rodriguez Musc for Her EDP Intense
  6. Nasomatto Narcotic Venus – Not as outwardly skanky, but deliciously, understated skank.
  7. Penhaligon Amaranthine – We used to refer to it as “amaranthigh” it is such a dirty, dirty girl.
  8. Rochas Femme – Made during The Depression, when women were hanging on to their sensuality by their fingernails, it is skanky perfection.
  9. Serge Lutens Musc Koublai Khan – Animalic musky skank.
  10. The Party in Manhattan – Completely dressed up skank, with a beautiful Dior ballgown.
  11. Worth Courtesan – Tropical skank, amazingly so!

From Surrender To Chance: Perfume should always play with naughty.  What is naughty? It’s referred to as “skank.”  First coined by March at Perfume Posse in January 2006, she refers to it as “Skank is not gracious, or nice, or even fundamentally pretty. The Skank is about sex, and only sex. It’s a rump-grinding, head-shaking invitation to a booty call, no matter how politely the scent’s been dressed up at the opening.”
This is the sex in perfume, and it’s been there even back in the days when the hems of dresses never got above the eyelet lace-ups of their Victorian boots.

So I have been having a wonderful time trying them all.I think my skin eats, or I have become immune, to the extremes of animalics. I love them and they smell great on my skin but where most people are coughing, tears streaming and running to the shower, I merely smell like a big cuddly teddy bear all warm and squishy. I have written about a few of these already, mostly quite early in the blog’s life, but it has been super fun revisiting and reminding myself how good they are, and to have even a sample size back in the collection. There are a few too that are FB in my collection already: MKK, Femme and Bal a Versailles. I also have a vintage Jicky Parfum so it’s great to meet it’s modern EdP sister.

My girl friend Natalie from Another Perfume Blog took one whiff of Courtesan by Worth and I knew she had to have it. You know the look, eyes glazed over, head thrown slightly back and nostrils flaring? There was that and more: positively fabulous viewing and at an outdoor lunch table in one of Sydney’s ritzier suburbs. I had to laugh, and give her the vial.

Surrender To Chance has the lot starting at $33/.5ml but I went all out and grabbed the $116/2ml spray set

Why did I spend so much? Well, 2ml will last me 4-10 wears depending on longevity and projection strength. That’s months of delicious spritzing and a different one every day for 3 weeks, not that I desperately need more choice to be honest. I also like that they are already in a spritz atomiser so no messing around with decanting into a spray to get the manufacturers intent. I think the extra is worth it for me. You may only want or need the .5ml to taste the frags, excellent. $33 is a wonderful deal for amazing frags that are a must try on your frag journey.

Love & hugs,
Portia xx


37 thoughts on “Animalic – Skank. For Everyone Who Wants to be Bad

  1. You THINK you smell like a large cuddly teddy bear ……… The word “skank” and “skanking” have been in my vocabulary since discovering reggae and tarts, more than 40 years ago.
    Bussis from I & I. xxxx


    • Heya Val,
      You may be absolutely correct. I did ask others though because I understand that my nose sometimes plays silly buggers. All were in agreeance that I was innoffensive though.
      Portia xx


    • Hey sandra,
      How does MKK play out on your skin? I keep meaning to spritz other people with it and see how it smells on them.
      Portia xx


  2. It’s an exquisite cool morning here, so as soon as I read your post, I had to run and spray my two favorites, MKK and Musc Ravageur, one on each arm. Delicious! I’ve never tried the BaV parfum, and clearly I NEED some. Also never came across Courtesan. Off to shop…oh Portia, now look what you’ve done to me!


    • I just went for a run and need a shower very badly. Of course I decided to procrastinate a bit first by reading this post…and now my plan is to put on some MKK as soon as I shower and get clean. Ironic, no? I’ll smell as if I never showered in the first place, and then wrestled with a muddy camel 🙂 I can’t wait!


    • Sorry FeralJasmine,
      I can’t wait to read your reviews of them. I love to read different skin experiences.
      Portia xx


  3. There is a huge gap in my education!!
    It must be time to go there…humming along with Eartha Kitt, “I wanna be evil, little evil me, just as mean and evil as I can be”

    Wonder what perfume she wore?


  4. What fascinates me so much is that there are VARIETIES of skank!! Certain musks (Smell Bent’s Commando comes to mind – I have yet to bite the bullet and try that 1/4 ml sample of MKK) can smell like a locker room full of sweaty hairy men, and I can’t manage those. Musc Ravageur, on the other hand, gets the skank level about right for me: 6 parts cuddly, 1 part ooh-la-la.

    Also can’t manage Patou Joy, because that one is elegant French silk knickers, worn for a week straight in the heat by a lady with a wildly active sex life (I think it’s the jasmine grandiflorum, French jasmine often does that on my skin where the sambac just cuddles). I Profumi di Firenze Miele Rosa smells just like a morning-after bed, where somebody was wearing rose-scented body lotion the night before.

    PdN Maharanih has this interesting drydown that smells like, um, ball sweat. (can I say that? edit if you like, dear Portia) I mean, I even called The CEO over to check the resemblance, and it was dead-on.

    Bal a Versailles is only vaguely naughty on me, and Amaranthine not at all, or at least they don’t register to me as terribly skanky. Isn’t that odd? SSS Jour Ensoleille, though I love it, can go a bit panty-flasher as well.


    • I laughed. A lot. The image of alternate wrist-sniffing and CEO-bits-sniffing amused me no end.

      I strongly suspect I’m in the proportion of the population that can’t smell musk, so MKK smells very tame to me, and Worth Courtesan is on the donation pile. But I love Bal a Versailles. Dressed up naughty in all the best ways. Which makes me wonder sometimes, if I can smell the civet but not the musk, what the musk-smelling population think of it! And me when I wear it… Not that I care that much, but maybe one day I’ll ask.


    • I think Jour Ensoleille may have been my first foray into skank-land! I love it so much I pretty much ignore the “panty-flasher” aspect of it 🙂


    • Oh Mals86,
      This is the one place we love to chat about the deep manly scent of an unwashed balbag. One of my all time favourite scent memories from school footy locker rooms.
      Portia xx


  5. Whilst I don’t want to actually wear skank (the pheromone is easy to make at home if you can let go!)I feel it has an important place in the perfume world.

    I imagine it as a reckless, outrageous friend that you could never imitate but remain in awe of for their lack of inhibition. We need a friend like that and we need skank. After all,the smell of sweaty thigh is where it all began. We are all animals and it’s good to be reminded of that in a chemical world.

    love Samantha at IScentYouADay xxx

    PS Worth Courtesan smells like an unmade bed after a hot weekend.


    • Heya Samantha,
      sadly Courtesan smells like a freshly powdered and scented neck on me. The skank becomes warm and cuddly and pretty, damn it.
      Portia xx


  6. I must also have something wrong with my nose because when I put on Bal a Versailles it smelled like a comfort scent. No skank at all! I love (and have a bottle of) Amaranthine and believe it or not, along with all of its floral exotic power, I also get a note of banana pudding. LOVE IT!


    • WOW! Even on my skank defying skin I get some ripeness in the BaV parfum, honesty compels me to admit that for a REAL skank bomb the vintage EdC is unbeatable.
      Banana Pudding you say? Banana Bread or Cake or Cream?
      Portia xx


  7. Hi everyone, Hi Portia,
    Have you tried Lancome’s sleeper scent Sikkim? Wow – talk about sexay. Galbanum, Gardenia, Jasmine, Oakmoss, Castoreum, Musk and Amber. It’s my new animalic love.
    Bal a Versailles always makes me think of my older auntie who believes pierced ears are vulgar, but slathered the BaV on like butter!


    • Hi Shy Lotus
      No, Sikkim has passed me by but I LOVE the idea of your aunty and her sense of propriety.
      Portia xx


  8. Wow. Most of these are what I consider comfort scents. I must be anosmic to most musks. Smell Bent Commando is a barely discernible skin-scent with a touch of oyster-shell road dust to me. When I want skank, I wear their Lumberjack Werewolf. Another I like is Attar Bazaar Hina attar.


    • Yes,
      It’s a sad day for us JulieF,
      It would be delicious to wear these and feel like a $10 ho. Oh well, plenty of room for feeling like that in my day to day life without smelling like it.
      Portia xx


  9. Hey Portia, I wish I could say it’s a good idea, but I think the prices are way, way too exorbitant to be justified! You’re paying around $11 per 2ml sample. If I do my rudimentary math calculations that works out to $550 per 100ml!!! With that I would be able to buy two bottles of Carnal Flower! I guess what I would do would be to buy full bottles with the money, then slowly hunt for samples either the old-fashioned way or make samples from the bottles I’ve bought to swap for other samples. It’s slower and more drawn out, but I’m not in a rush to try things anyway. Gotta think about my wallet! 🙂


    • Hey SmellyVagabond,
      Yes, if you think about it that way it looks expensive, and it IS expensive. What i’m paying for is convenience and the spritz ability. I now have all of these beauties on hand and in an amount that will get used before they have time to sour.
      I understand how you like to do it and applaud you for your patience.
      Portia xx


  10. I have to admit, I love skank… Some of my friends hate me for wearing Animalic scents but they smell great!! There’s this unexplainable comfort factor in skank… I especially LOVE Femme. 🙂


  11. I have bemoaned the fact that I am utterly skank-challenged before and I shall do so again now. I don’t seem to get skank from *anything* that is supposed to be skanky. I have all of those that you mention – MKK and BAV are 2 of my favorite frags and not a whiff of it. I don’t think I’m anosmic to musk per se – just cant seem to identify with the elements that the word “skank” should conjure up. I so want to smell ballbags and armpits and used knickers – what’s wrong with me!!???


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