Luxe Champaca EdT Comme des Garcons 2007


Post by FeralJasmine


I have a secret fantasy about having my hair done in India. In this fantasy it would again be long and auburn, and would be skillfully braided with strands of jasmine. I would feel the smoothness of my light silk clothing, and smell the single Champaca flower floating in a bowl of water nearby, and wait… for what, exactly? I’m not sure. The whole point would be that moment of beauty, radiant and complete.

Luxe Champaca EdT Comme des Garcons 2007

Luxe Champaca Eau de Toilette Comme des Garcons FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords in one line:
White pepper, angelica, champaca, cardamom, pepper, white musk, iris

I can’t claim that Luxe Champaca provides that exact moment, but then, how many perfumes do? It does offer a radiant sweetness, light but somehow penetrating, that floats around me like the memory of beauty. I haven’t yet sampled the Champaca EDP from the same line, and maybe it’s a richer scent. But the EDT has its place. Like everyone else, I have a million tasks a day to complete, and very little time to sit around having fantasies of beauty. But the memory of radiance that the EDT carries can follow me around, wafting lightly, appearing and disappearing unexpectedly, whispering to me to remember perfect beauty and believe that it could exist. It’s as if my waiting jasmine-braided self were reaching toward my professional persona with a calming hand. Stop, she whispers softly, and feel.

Eau de Toilette Comme des Garcons Lei_pikake WikipediaPhoto Stolen Wikipedia

For such a delicate beauty, Champaca is surprisingly persistent and lasts hours on my perfume-eating skin, coming and going a bit but always there. It’s a good scent for spraying on scarves and lingerie. I can’t imagine this one on a man, but that may be due to a limited imagination, so gentlemen, try it if you feel so inclined and report back.

Eau de Toilette Comme des Garcons Flower_garland_sellers WikipediaPhoto Stolen Wikipedia

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First in Fragrance has €110/100ml and samples
Surrender To Chance has samples starting at $5/.5ml

Now, I would love it if you shared one of your beauty fantasies with me. In your lovely thought, where are you, what are you doing, and what do you smell?


12 thoughts on “Luxe Champaca EdT Comme des Garcons 2007

  1. This isn’t a fantasy, but in Bali there is a festival called Galungan, and we happened to be there during the celebrations. I kept smelling an incredible flower everywhere and when I asked, it was the champaca the women put in their hair and the woven offering baskets.
    I would love a perfume that could recreate that time.


    • Have to admit that I’ve never sniffed a fresh champaca flower. I can only say that I like this perfume a lot and recommend a trial. You might also want to try Tom Ford’s Champaca Absolute, although to my nose it has an odd coolness, with none of the warmth and liveliness of the Champaca edt.


  2. Hi FeralJasmine,
    My beauty fantasy? This one borders on science fiction: I awake to find myself sipping tea on a veranda, soft tropical sea breezes waft the scent of gardenias and blooming trees through the garden. I turn towards a mirror and OMG! The firming face cream I applied the night before actually worked! Fantastic as it may seem the dewlap and the jowls are gone and I actually do look ten years younger!
    Azar xx


    • Oh how lovely! Yes, I used to apply new beauty products with great optimism, but I have had to tone down my expectations.


  3. I have a lot of wishes but no beauty fantasies. I’d love to wake up one morning and find my belly gone, my hair curling and not frizzing and falling out, no signs of cellulite, my face looking much younger, and my nails long and strong. I need a complete overhaul. 😦


    • Hi Poodle, thanks for stopping by! Funny how our fantasies overhaul us. I am very calm about most signs of aging because I am enjoying the second half of my life so much more than the first, but I go truly nuts at the faintest suggestion of loose skin under my chin. I even looked into what would be required to get rid of it, but when I read the quote, I thought immediately “No way! For that kind of money, I could go to India and get my hair done.”


  4. I’m floating in a pool at night, amidst water lilies and tea lights. (The pool was in fact so dressed at my aunt’s wedding reception, when I was a four-year-old flower girl, and didn’t worry about how I looked in a bathing suit. I wasn’t allowed to go in the pool that night, unfortunately, but have dreamed about it for years.)

    The Comme des Garçons scents nearly all seem to have a lot of pepper listed in their notes, which scares me.


    • Laurels, that is one of the loveliest images imaginable. Now that you mention it I can remember seeing a photo of a Diwali celebration as a teen, and wanting desperately to float down the Ganges among those thousands of candles. Not so sure I would leap in the Ganges these days, but the fantasy holds.


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