Korea 2014: Photo Essay

Hey Crew,

I hope you are all happy and well. So we are back from our Korean adventure and it was hectic! I have had to spend the return week recovering from the amount of stuff we packed into 17 days. There is no way I could show you the whole trip and all that happened because it was just too full on.

So here is a mini view of some of our highlights, obviously I couldn’t include every meal but some of my favourite stand outs were Korean Bar B Q beef (bought for us in a very chi-chi restaurant in Yangsan) and pork (in a tiny street food restaurant in Gangnam near the Zaha Hadid designed arts centre). We also fell in love with the Lotte Burgers and Paris Baguette. The rest of the crew had loads of extra fresh seafood and pronounced it wonderful and I even ate some of the fish we caught on our fishing trip.

As we were with a local, Jin my partner was born and raised in Korea, we had the inside skinny on what was good and crap so we went to a couple of important temples, Jeju Island which is the honeymoon destination of Koreans where newlyweds wear couples outfits (super cute). We were also lucky enough to go to the JSA (Join Security Area) in the DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) between North & South Korea which was both incredible and frightening because we went into the border house where talks happen and crossed over into North Korea, we were supposed to be there for 15-20 minutes for photos etc but the armed guards who were escorting us got new information and we were ushered out after only about 2 minutes, the guards and our guide becoming very nervous and agitated. Jin could only catch some of the conversations but there was a drama and we needed to be out PRONTO. It was all quite disturbing but so amazing to have been there. If you are in Seoul; there is a small tourist market for trips there, ask your Concierge.

We also did a bunch of shopping. South Korea has an amazing array of excellent makeup and fragrance chains of their own (Etude House, Skinfood and Japan’s Shu Uemura) and every time I shopped they gave me some testers of their other products, which brings us to

giveaway manoneileenPhoto Stolen manoneileen

Korea 2014 GIVEAWAY

etude house fresh cherry tint EbayPhoto Stolen Ebay


This week we will have 2 winners who will each get:
1 x Etude House Fresh Cherry Lip Tint
1 x mixed bag of 6 Etude House, Skinfood & Shu Uemura samples
1 x pair faux LV socks
P&H Anywhere in the world


Open to everyone worldwide who follows AustralianPerfumeJunkies via eMail, WordPress, Bloglovin or RSS. Please leave how you follow in the comments to be eligible. I must be able to check that you follow so if you have an email address on your gravatar that’s different to your follow address then please email me so I know. Yes, you can start following to enter, in fact it’s encouraged.

You must tell me how you follow APJ


Please tell me a memory that involves a travel fragrance experience or a beauty product someone brought back from overseas for you.

Extra Chance?
Tweet: @OzPerfumeJunkie Korea 2014 Beauty Product GIVEAWAY http://wp.me/p3PURw-2PW #Beauty #Giveaway


Entries Close Sunday 8th June 2014 10pm Australian EST and winners will be announced in a separate post.
Winners will be chosen by random.org
The winners will have till Thursday 12th June 2014 to get in touch (portia underscore turbo at yahoo dot com dot au) with their address or the prize will go to someone else.
No responsibility taken for lost or damaged goods in transit.

Korea 2014: Photo Essay

Korea 2014 Jeju Island Weather Stone

Korea 2014 Jeju Asses

Korea 2014 Jeju Love Seat Jin:Portia

Korea 2014 Jeju bird

Korea 2014 Jeju from hotel

Korea 2014 Korean Flags

Korea 2014 Dior Counter1

Korea 2014 City Lights

Korea 2014 Zaha Hadid Art Centre

Korea 2014 Jin & Portia shopping

Korea 2014 Suspension Bridge

Korea 2014 Matthew, Portia, Jin Wet Willy

Korea 2014 #1

Korea 2014 #2

Korea 2014 #3

Korea 2014 #4

Korea 2014 #5

Korea 2014 #6

Korea 2014 #7

Korea 2014 #8

Korea 2014 #9

Korea 2014 #10

Korea 2014 #11

Korea 2014 #12

Korea 2014 #14

Korea 2014 #15

Korea 2014 #16

Korea 2014 #17

Korea 2014 #18

Korea 2014 #19

Korea 2014 #20

All photos donated by Kath, Matt and Portia.

I hope you enjoyed this little look into our trip. Sadly I was so busy seeing and doing that I didn’t capture enough vistas or places of interest. Also you’ll notice that there is often someone at the table using their iPhone, this is ONLY allowed after mains are finished and the time I would remember to take a snap.
Portia xx



35 thoughts on “Korea 2014: Photo Essay

  1. Oh gosh, those butt chairs! hahaha

    Because I’ve been curious about Etude house for a long time, I’d like to enter. My travel fragrance story isn’t so much about a fragrance as it is about just smells.

    I was in Paris last summer and by the time I got to the city, I had been traipsing around some other parts of Europe for a week and I was all excited for the city of love! Imagine my horror when I stepped off the train into a very horrible smelling underground! No-one warned my travel partners and I that while what you see above ground in Paris is all sunshine and happiness, the underground train system constantly reeks of urine. I was already so tired from a train ride from Germany, smelling the stench of urine all around me as I made my way to the hotel wasn’t fun at all.

    Having said that, Paris was quite an amazing place to be!I would absolutely return there for another visit, smelly underground or otherwise.

    Oh and I follow via Feedly.


    • XiuJing,
      Paris smells much nicer in Winter and there are only a tenth of the tourists. I used to do Paris in warmer months but it’s so much easier in the cold.
      Portia xx


  2. My friend brought back a skin whitening moisturiser labelled ‘Afghan Snow’ from India. I’m too scared to use it but I keep the bottle on my beauty mantle anyway to remind me that there was a time when Afghanistan was not associated with death, war and hunger.

    I follow by email.


    • How fabulous Willa,
      Afghanistan will be known for other things again, it’s happening now. With the 7 Virtues setting up flowers for fragrance instead of fields of poppies. The women are becoming empowered and schooled, that will help them turn around.
      Portia xx


  3. Hi Portia, Loved this!
    The weather forecasting stone is so funny, the butts are hilarious and the food coma and soju shots so realistic!. I recognized a couple of the photos from the countless K-dramas I’ve watched over the years but where is the foot bridge and the waterfall and why is the person in the hat pointing to the stone on the beach?


    • So I can’t remember but I think the foot bridge may be on Jeju Island and naughtily I ran across it because I’m so scared of heights, and falls, the waterfall is definitely part of Jeju and we went through a beautiful temple complex to get to it.
      I’m not sure why Kath is pointing to the rock but it’s so interesting that the sand is overtaking the volcanic landmass at the beach and there are all different coloured rocks due to the throw of volcanoes and the decay of erosion. Jeju Island is quite amazing for all things geological, volcanoes in particular.
      Portia xx


  4. Oh dear, forgot to enter! I follow by e-mail. Last year one of my sons returned from vacation with a gift of Ettaler Nr. 1 EdC pour femme (from Monasterium Ettalense). I loved it. He is taking our granddaughter to Europe for the month of July and is still putting their itinerary together. Do you have a couple of suggestions for fragrance related stops they shouldn’t miss?
    Azar xx


    • OMG! So many. FiF in Germany was incredible. Write and they will open up their doors to them. Blooms & Les Senteurs in London, Neroli in Budapest, Jovoy, Galleries Lafayette, Printemps, Guerlain, Serge Lutens, Parfume Rosine and Nose in Paris, Vienna has a couple and you get to visit Birgit from Olfactoria’s travels, Venice has some great perfumeries in the maze and on the Pont de Vechio. SO MUCH TO DO>
      Portia xx


  5. Hey Portia,

    Looks like you had yet another wonderful trip. I have never been fortunate enough to go overseas but my ex once bought me back a gift set of Miracle So Magic from Malaysia when he was on a stopover returning from his home country of Denmark.

    Considering Miracle is one of my fave perfumes, I found So Magic to be just as good.

    Hope my name is randomly picked 🙂


    • Viki Rath,
      WOW! We Australians take travel for granted. Very few of us never leave our shores.
      Has it been a conscious choice to stay put?
      Portia x


  6. welcome home!

    thank you for sharing such joyful pictures! travel affords the accumulation of experience, and it’s the only currency really worth anything. again, gratitude for enriching us!

    oddly enough, my most pressing travel aroma memory is spending 6 months in the czech republic (prague & dolne vestonice) and only having a some kind of basil sport therapy blend from aroma vera (clearly back in the day.)

    so, besides passing the Orion chocolate factory, i think prauge vaguely smells like basil and rosemary, perhaps some peppermint or marjoram in there.

    (i follow by email/wordpress.)


    • Heya Einsof,
      You wouldn’t recognise Pague now. There are fabulous niche perfumeries, corner perfumeries, all the big designers, smaller body and skincarers and Sephora too. I went a bit crazy shopping there last year, it was excellent fun.
      Portia xx


  7. I love your Korea pictures. I have a crick in my neck from looking sideways and upside down. 🙂

    Is the 3rd from the bottom Jin’s family? If so, they must have been thrilled.

    I’m glad to hear that phones cannot be used at the table until the main course is finished – a very good rule.

    Thanks for sharing.


    • Heya LaurenW,
      Yes, that is Jin’s Mum & Dad. They are excellent people who took a family from a very impoverished background into a comfortable middle class. They worked extremely hard and it has paid off.
      This is our second visit with them and I love them, excellent in laws.
      Portia xx


  8. I love the butt chairs! So, who’s the Boston Bruins fan? I was shocked to see someone wearing a jersey. And which player is it I wonder?
    You always look like you’re having so much fun.
    DNEM. No one has ever brought me anything fragrant back from overseas. 😦


    • Hi there Poodle,
      That’s Matt, He is Jin’s best friend and he collects those jumpers. I think he has about 50 different jerseys and we bought him a special Korean one for his birthday today, he will be THRILLED.
      Portia x


  9. Great photos! Love the elevator one. Travel and perfume – my first visit to France, aged sixteen, when I bought my first bottle of Chanel No 5. Wore it to my high school ball and it’s stood the test of time better than my dress! I still have the bottle and it’s still my favourite frag. Follow by email. 🙂


    • Jaybee,
      I LOVE CHANEL No.5 and have a bunch of it in my collection. Wonderful choice and what a wonderful memory. Totally cool.
      Portia xx


  10. I don’t know that anyone has ever brought me an overseas gift. My in-laws travel quite a bit but I usually get a nice bottle of wine (they collect so really good stuff) as I live right next to the airport and play early morning chauffeur.
    My travel fragrant memories are all of Mexico and probably impossible to describe to anyone who hasn’t been in the high Mexican jungle. I will never forget a lone late night swim in the pools of Las Pozas with the wet jungle scents of rotting vegetation and tiny unseen orchids.
    I love asian cosmetics and keep the Korean beauty importers quite happy but don’t happen to have tried the Étude house stain (hint, hint). Korea and Japan are both at the top of my list of places to visit some day so I am super envious of your trip. Thanks for sharing your photos and for the draw!
    Oh, I follow via Bloglovin’ and Feedly.


    • What an incredible story LizK,
      As yet I have not crossed the border into Mexico. Were you not frightened by the wildlife?
      Portia xx


      • Nope. There are places in the world that are too magical to host fear. I might be moderately afraid to travel in Mexico now thanks to the evil people who have gained power there but fear of the wildlife, nah. I had the same feeling at that place as I had as a child in Stonehenge (back when you could still enter). My mom says inside the great pyramid was the same.


  11. Welcome back, Portia. It looks like you all had a good time!

    DNEM but I’ll share a story anyway 🙂

    I had never been to Korea and if I ever go, I would probably stay away from the DMZ area due to an incident back in the mid- 90s when the tour group I was with crossed the border between Hong Kong and China (Shenzhen). 10 of us were separated from the rest of the group to be individually questioned by immigration officers who had the look and demeanor of the Red Guard as depicted in the movies. The travel agency had misspelled, perhaps deliberately, the name on our visa (a visa was required even for just a 1-day visit). Ultimately, the Agency had to pay a fine for every new visa that had to be processed which led me to believe that this was an everyday occurrence to line the coffers of these officers.

    Moving on to a happier story, I brought Atelier Cologne Sous le toit de Paris as my one and only vacation perfume last year on my Venice/London/Paris & Eastern Mediterranean cruise. I wore it everyday but FORGOT to wear it the one day I was in Paris!


  12. I always love reading about where people travel. 🙂
    I usually don’t ask people to bring back perfume for me from their travels (unless they travel to Paris so I ask for some stuff that isn’t available here).
    But what I love the most is discovering new perfumes for myself when I travel. I almost always bring sth back. 😉

    I’m a wordpress follower. 🙂


  13. When I was much younger a relative gave me a Shiseido cleanser which was amazing. Unfortunately I was never able to find it in Aus after finishing and throwing away the bottle. Now I realise it was probably one of their lines which is only sold in Japan. I think I might still recognise it if I saw it, if the packaging hasn’t changed (and if I happen to be in Japan).

    (I follow by email)


  14. I went to mexico once and went into a tiny store where a little old lady gave me a great deal on the best smelling mexican perfume i’ve ever smelt. There was absolutely nothing like it, and nothing to describe it. Thanks for the giveaway! I subsribe!!


  15. I had a very few opportunities to travel in my life. Living behind iron curtain was well-known by its “freedoms” suppressing human rights. So I’ve discovered world of fragrances very late. I have now such habit to spend majority of spare time at the airports in duty free shops and to smell old and new fragrances. During my few trips abroad I ve discovered White Linen on my way to Toronto, Sun Moon Stars in London, Lancome s Tropiques and Ghost fragrances in Dublin airport, Armani Onde Extase in the centre of Vienna and Vertige on my way to Moscow which I ve bought and brought home.

    I follow you via bloglovin (Lubica K.) and via newsletter


  16. Hi Portia,

    Thanks for sharing the great pics and travel stories from your trip to Korea – it looks like you had a lot of fun, food and explored some interesting places, including the adventure to the DMZ- wow – incredible -bet that got the adrenalin pumping!!

    A wonderful travel fragrance experience and memory for me involves the fragrance from Tocca called Aqua Profumata – Cantania – which I brought during a trip to Samoa. It really punctuated my entire trip – it was lovely and light – ” perfumed water” and suited the tropical lush climate well and was just lovely to wear. I never felt it was too overwhelming but gentle and fresh. It always reminds me of a lovely travel memory in an exciting and welcoming travel destination which I have fond memories of.

    I follow via email.:)



  17. Hi Portia. Sounds like you had a real good time over there! Food & shopping, they were what I enjoyed most when I visited Korea! Your photo essay brought back happy memories. 🙂
    By the way, you don’t have to include me in the draw.


    • Heya Daisy,
      You are 100% correct. The food was astounding. We ate at many of the tiny local BarBQ and/or dumpling houses, the guys gorged on seafood in Jeju Island and pronounced it all very delicious. We were thoroughly food spoiled for two weeks.
      So nice to see you.
      Portia xx


  18. Can you tell where is exactly the bridge’s location (from 11th photo)? I can’t wait to know it! Also, your photos’re amazing. 😉


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