Cologne du Maghreb by Tauer Perfumes 2011

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As you may know already I really like Andy Tauer’s work. Not all of his fragrances work on my skin or to my nose but the ones that do are fantastic and I enjoy them very much. Usually with a Tauer fragrance you need to put aside a full day of wearing because they linger for hours and you will wake up next morning with a delicious Tauer-ade hangover on your skin. I never tried today’s offering last time it was released but Jeffrey Dame from Hypoluxe, the distributor through the Americas, asked if I’d like to try it. SURE, said I and a week or so later a pack arrived from Switzerland with a hand written note from Andy Tauer. COOL!!!

Cologne du Maghreb by Tauer Perfumes 2011

Cologne du Maghreb Tauer Perfumes FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Lemon, bergamot, clary sage
Heart: Rosemary, orange blossom, lavender, neroli, rose
Base: Atlas cedar, labdanum, vetiver, amber

I wore Cologne du Maghreb yesterday and I was surprised. Not because it’s lovely, it is but that’s not surprising. Not because it’s very required manly cologne-esque, it is that too. My surprise was how long it lasted on my skin. One of the things Andy Tauer is stressing is that this all natural fragrance is a short lived adventure. I got over three hours of fragrance, from top to dry down, then I couldn’t smell it but this morning I awoke and there it was the amber/wood had made it through the night and while drinking my first coffee of the day in the very cool morning temps I put my face into my top to suck out the cold air and add some hot and there it was. Faint but noticeable traces of Cologne du Maghreb.

Something else I love is that Cologne du Maghreb has a terrific scent story going from brightest, neon, dazzling citrus to dark, sweet, herbal, woodsy dankness. There are plenty of shades of floral, green, lavender, bracing and cuddly along the way and the whole fragrance has a smooth quality that moves beautifully between stages. No wonder Andy wanted to re-release this treasure, it’s great.

The experience was so fun that I decided to live it all again tonight. The picture below reflects my whole experience of Cologne du Maghreb perfectly. Bright, citrus, fresh, wet, green, shade, woods, sunlight, warmth, comfort.

Cologne du Maghreb Tauer Perfumes fresh_start identifyed_tehself DeviantArtPhoto Stolen DeviantArt

Though the smell is different, what Cologne du Maghreb most reminds me of is my Dad. He was a Tabac Original by Maurer & Wurtz wearer and one of the things I loved about him was his smell. I still keep Tabac original around and often use the soap, deodorant and/or fragrance. So my question is, has Andy Tauer pushed an Eau de Cologne towards being an Aromatic Fougere?

From IndieScents: The Cologne du Maghreb is hand crafted and created in the traditional way of cologne making: With all natural and all botanical raw materials only. Essential oils, absolutes, resins and love find their way into this Cologne…..

Further reading: Chemist In The Bottle and Bonkers About Perfume
IndieScents has $85/50mlSurrender To Chance has samples starting at $5/ml

Have you tried Cologne du Maghreb? What did you think? Would you like to?
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Portia xx

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19 thoughts on “Cologne du Maghreb by Tauer Perfumes 2011

  1. Anything cologne-y attracts me at the moment, colognes strike me as summery fragrances and I don’t have enough of those. Also, I’m not very familiar with Tauer yet. How nice of him to send you the note. 🙂 I follow by email!


  2. A Tauer conceived cologne is just what I was craving. So that is why I’d like to try it. I never met a cologne I didn’t like. Following by e-mail.


  3. Lovely offer Portia, getting hold of a new Tauer scent must be very exciting for you.

    I have a rather special Eau de Cologne that i found in an antiques market. It is called Christy’s Eau de Cologne. It come in a substantial, solid-looking glass splash bottle inside a beautiful marbled brown cardboard box. The presentation was very Art Deco, and some other research I did places this one in the 1930s. It was unopened. One day, with some trepidation, I decided to open it up. I knew with such a big splash bottle there would probably be spills, so I decanted some into a 5 ml spray vial, then liberally applied it. It was a nice example of the EdC style, just a little citrus and very mild spice, but it did manage to stick around the whole day. Nothing exceptional like the AdP, Chanel or Guerlain EdCs that I wear, but it has that added something that can only come from wearing a vintage fragrance that you know for certain nobody else will have on.

    I follow via email.


  4. I love a good cologne – and am especially partial to the Italian variety like Aqua di Parma. hmmmm zesty bergamot…
    I follow by email.


  5. Andy Tauer is such a lovely sounding person, his blog is very personal and interesting too.
    Most of his rose fragrances don’t work for me, but I would like the Cologne I think.
    I just bought a little bottle of L’Occitane cologne as I am on summer holiday.
    I follow by email


  6. My favorite cologne memory is from a gift set an aunt gave me when I was a wee little chap. It was a Dana English Leather set and came complete with shave cream, aftershave cologne, and even a plastic safety razor. I’d use it every now and then and pretend to shave just like I’d see my dad do.

    I follow by email.


  7. following by email and FB. I like green fragrances, like Absynthe, Ninfeo Mio 😀 os curious about this one as well ! have a nice weekend.


  8. i discovered my signature scent for almost two decades in the mid eighties, Equipoise (Chakra III) from Aveda.

    it was a delightful lemon/motia attar affair in it’s origins, although through the years it was altered many times.

    i also laugh remembering those noses new to natural perfume, or perhaps the concept of wearing an eau de cologne in the drakkar days was alien- there was a rumor outside Aveda circles that i might be wearing pledge furniture polish. (perhaps it’s early formulation was may chang heavy?)

    of course i am always interested in a natural perfume; this would be the best approach to a new perfumer, and i have yet to hang out with andy. 😉

    i follow by email.


  9. Wow!
    Would love to try, especially since summer is here.
    Andy Tauer is one of my adored favourites in perfume.

    I follow by email.
    Thanks for the opportunity!


  10. I follow by email. My favorite EdC still, after all these years, is good old 4711. Feels like splashing on a gin & tonic. Thanks for the draw.


  11. My 2 favorite cologne(s) are “Eau d’Orange Verte” by Hermès and “Eau de Campagne” by Sisley (the last one is an “eau de toilette”, but we don’t care!). Following by email.


  12. I follow APJ via email (and also on Facebook). I’m an eau de cologne junkie; my favorite is probably Chanel but Couvent des Minimes Missions is close behind. I would love to try this – and share it with my husband so we can both smell amazing!


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  14. My favorite aromatic fougere fragrance is Kouros. It is a scent that intrigues me everytime I wear it. I cannot wait to try this new eau de cologne au naturalle from Tauer. He does such brilliant work. I follow APJ via email and twitter.


  15. I haven’t tried a lot of colognes, but I’ve been trying to expand my horizons. My favorite so far is Thirdman Eau Nomade. I follow with Bloglovin.


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  17. For a quick calm me down I just love lavender oil so to try it in a perfume makes sense to keep me calm all day long!
    Follow by email


  18. I follow by Bloglovin. My favourite Aromatic Fougere is Calvin Klein Crave – beautiful for hot days.


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