Lovely Day by Ramon Monegal

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Lovely Day by Ramon Monegal

Lovely Day Ramon Monegal FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords in one line:
Jasmine, tea rose, black licorice, iris, cedar, black currant, cassis (ivy)

The first time I tried Lovely Day was when it was introduced outside of Spain and I wore and liked it but dismissed it as unwearable on a regular basis, on retry I was wrong. The wet black currant and ivy opening is so fabulously freaky on me. I think there is an aromachemical that I am very sensitive to involved, a cold metal/iceblock-ish feeling that is both compelling and unwelcoming, perhaps the black currant and licorice together. Lovely Day’s opening reminds me of one of the Le Cherche Midi fragrances, same chemical that both entrances yet holds me at arms length. Refreshing, sparkling and frosty it enhances winter and cuts through summer. Much like the first sip of a well iced mineral water or mountain water from a stone trough at a high up Himalayan monastery, super chilled that makes your whole mouth instantly tingle with surprise. I think this is what it must feel like to make Snow Angels. Excellent opening.

Lovely Day Ramon Monegal  Danskoya_Snow_Angels WikiMediaPhoto Stolen WikiMedia

For me Lovely Day is not a fragrance that I can pick out the notes in succession but rather a whole, a complete picture blended into something interesting and arresting. Imagine if Lolita Lempicka’s original apple was frosty cool instead of high energy fun, the sweetness in Lovely Day is arctic, the difference of chewing a pez and drinking a slushy, yes, a SLUSHY is exactly the analogy I needed. Lovely Day is a slushy for your nose. Sweet, chilly, refreshing and so incredibly more-ish. YUM!

For all Lovely Day’s sweetness though it is remarkably dry through the heart and the cedar is log pile-ish and does little to warm the composition, I get a very nice lily through the heart too. I could imagine men being made more interesting upon first sniff if they were to choose Lovely Day as their signature scent, though few will dare sadly.

Longevity is average 4-5 hours I can really smell it and sillage can be quite big if your spritzing is, though after an hour it calms to manageable, tasteful wear. I would think it a superb choice for work if applied sparingly. This is quite expensive juice but it smells luxe and the bottle is so freaking gorgeous, in fact the whole Ramon Monegal experience is good for me.

Lovely Day Ramon MonegalPhoto Stolen Ramon Monegal

The Romon Monegal site says: Radiant and luminous. A vibrant presence of white rose petals and silky texture rooted in iris and licorice. An unforgettable and captivating romantic spirit
Notes: Sambac Jasmine Absolute, Tea Rose Absolute, Licorice Absolute, Cedar-filtered Iris, Ultrazur* and Black Currant

*Ultrazur brings a substantive, fresh, sea aspect to fragrances, helps to add volume and diffusitivity and at the same time rounds out a composition and sheers out florals. (Source)

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LuckyScent has $185/50ml & samples
Ramon Monegal has 108/50ml

Which of the Ramon Monegal fragrances have you tried? Don’t you love their inkwell bottle?
Portia xx

12 thoughts on “Lovely Day by Ramon Monegal

  1. I had to have one of those cool inkwell bottles.. ended up buying Cuirelle. Would like to have Impossible Iris as well. Maybe next time Parfum1 has a 20% off coupon code!


    • How much damage a 20% discount code can do to a bank balance is freakish TaraC. I am completely ambivalent about receiving those wonderful/terrible emails.
      I liked Cuirelle very much too.
      Portia xx


    • Hey there Daisy.
      I haven’t tried Entre Naranjos yet but the others are excellent.
      Lovely day is kinda freaky on my skin, I think that’s part of its appeal for me.
      Portia x


  2. Hey! I have a sample of Cuirelle and haven’t tried it yet. I shall remedy that tomorrow, if I can find it. Gonna hit them up in Florence, I kind of blew it last time I had the chance. Who wouldn’t want a bottle like that? xxx


  3. I’ve got Impossible Iris, and in fact had put it on this morning! Would like to try Entre Narajos and probably Cuirelle also. This sounds interesting but I’d have to see how the licorice worked on me. And yes, the bottle is fab.


    • oh yes Monoatomic,
      the bottle is seriously gorgeous. Lovely day is definitely not an easy blind buy, you have to try it.
      Portia xx


  4. The bottle was one of the reasons I went for Impossible Iris: I like the perfume but I’ll never be able to use it up.
    I need to test Lovely Day since it has a note that I really like (black currant).


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