Classic Orange by Camille Henfling for Von Eusersdorff 2013


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It’s summer in the Northern Hemisphere and all the perfumes blogs are talking about citrus scents. I must confess I’ve never been a citrus kind of girl. I like them but can’t say I ever really crave smelling like one. Except perhaps lime or grapefruit…those notes I seem to like. Orange and lemon, well, that’s another story.

Scent memories can make or break a perfume. My problem with orange and lemon is that a lot of household cleaners smell like them and that makes me think of cleaning the house when I smell them. I like a clean house. I like the smell of a clean house. I don’t want to smell like a clean house.

Classic Orange by Camille Henfling for Von Eusersdorff 2013

Classic Orange Von Eusersdorff FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords in one line:
Blood orange, petitgrain, suede, Chinese osmanthus, black tea, sandalwood, musk.

Which brings us to Classic Orange by Von Eusersdorff. I got a sample from Cookie Queen and decided to not judge a perfume by its name and give a citrus perfume a whirl. Others have said it’s a realistic orange and have mentioned all the wonderful notes and nuances in it. Okay, let’s see.

(spritz, spritz)

Well, it’s orange but I wouldn’t call it classic. It’s rather sweet without much of the citrus tang I’m used to. As I grab the OJ from the fridge to sniff for comparison I realize I smell like orange soda more than orange juice. The perfume is sweeter than the oranges I’m used to perhaps because it’s a blood orange note. I’ve tried blood oranges and they do taste and smell different from a navel orange. They also don’t smell like the classic orange scent to me which means that I’m actually liking smelling like orange soda.

Classic Orange Von Eusersdorff Orangina WikipediaPhoto Stolen Wikipedia

Wait a minute, let’s go to the liquor cabinet. Triple sec? No. Curaçao? Oh…maybe… To me, Classic Orange is somewhere between orange soda and blue curaçao. There’s a tiny bit of green with a floral note too once the initial sweetness dies down a bit. Unlike most citrus notes which don’t last long, the orange does linger here right to the end. So Classic Orange isn’t that classic to me but I do enjoy it. I can’t say I would buy a bottle but I can see myself using up what I have of it. It’s cheery, uncomplicated, and easy to wear like a favorite sundress.

Classic Orange Von Eusersdorff  Orange Sundress Bess Georgette FlickrPhoto Stolen Flickr

On my skin the projection isn’t spectacular and it wears very close within 30 minutes of spraying. Also, it is still detectable a few hours later which is impressive for a citrus.

Further reading: Notable Scents and The Goodsmellas
First In Fragrance has €115/100ml and samples

What are your favorite summer citrus scents? Do you like them only in summer or do you wear them year round for a little bit of sunshine anytime?

Poodle X

14 thoughts on “Classic Orange by Camille Henfling for Von Eusersdorff 2013

  1. Eau de Magnolia – favorite summer scent this year. Or should I say favorite new scent? I, like everyone, have my staples. And you know what they are? Smile. Good review, it fits to Classic Orange perfectly. xxxx


  2. Hey there Poodle!
    Lovely review. I will have to get my nose on these babies soon too.
    Fave citrus for summer? Ummmmmmm, maybe Escale & Portafino by DIOR, Estratto di Colonia by Pineider or Liberte by Cacharel. All totally different but all faves.
    Portia xx


    • I have smelled that Dior and I do like it. I think I tried to get hubby to try it but he wouldn’t because it was at the women’s perfume counter. I’d have to buy it and give it to him and tell him it’s for men or he won’t try it. He’s wacky like that.


  3. That’s the sort of review I can relate to Poodle – comparing perfume with alcoholic drinks! In fact I have just been licking a Mojito ice-lolly and was thinking I’d like to wear something like that. I’m sure I’ve read that there is a fragrance inspired by Mojitos ….. or was it Margaritas ….. or that other drink from Latin America that begins with a C and which I can’t pronounce let alone spell?

    Well, until I work out what it is, I will continue to wear O de Lancôme, Jo Malone’s Grapefruit and Eau d’Hadrien for my citrus hit.


    • There is a Mojito inspired perfume I think but I can’t remember what it is either. That’s going to bother me until I remember. It may be the other drink, caipirinha, too. I’m with you. I’d much rather smell like a cocktail than a cleaner. 😉


  4. I’m loving Eau de Magnolia as well this summer though to me it seems more magnolia than citrus. But my favorite orange blossom fragrance is Houbigant’s Orangers En Fleurs. I can wear this winter or summer. I also love Sweet Redemption By Kilian, but maybe because of the incense I don’t tend to wear it as much in the summer. Thanks for the review. I hadn’t heard of this fragrance and will have to check it out at some point.


  5. Lemon tends to smell like cleaning products to me, too, and I’m with Kandice in preferring orange blossom to orange. That said, I like citrus perfumes in hot weather. (I’m in Southern California, so I don’t need winter escapism.) Thirdman Eau Nomade and M. Micallef Pomelos (No. 21) walk the line between too sweet and too sour for me. Classic Otange sounds a bit too sweet, but I’d definitely try it if I had the chance.


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