Argan Oil – “Liquid Gold”


Post by Suzanne R Banks


Argan oil has become increasingly popular in the west in the past few years. The tree is native to south-western Morocco where it happily exits in drought conditions and is perfect for semi-arid soil. The native tree Argania spinosa also helps prevent soil erosion and even provides the perfect resting spot for goats.

Argan Oil tree-climbing-goats SemangatPhoto Stolen Semangat

In 2007 UNESCO added this wonderful tree to the endangered species act, but since then Morocco has planted many more argan trees to cope with demand. A body was established in 2002 specifically to regenerate the “Arganerie”, which refers to the native populations of trees in Morocco. At this stage I can’t seem to find if the UNESCO ruling has been altered, but the positive effects of new plantations of argan trees has already been felt, especially in regards to employing women.

Argan Oil – “Liquid Gold”

The oil comes from the kernels in the fruit which are split open by hand, mainly by local women. It is labour intensive which is one of the reasons the oil is more expensive than other oils such as sunflower, grapeseed and almond.

Argan Oil Argania_spinosa WikipediaPhoto Stolen Wikipedia

Sometimes referred to as liquid gold, the oil is high in oleic acid, similar to olive oil. The kernels are roasted if the oil is intended for culinary use (again, in similar ways to oilve oil in the Mediterranean region), but is left natural when the oil is to be sold for cosmetic uses.

Argan oil has really made an impact in hair care, but as with any cold pressed oil, it’s great for skincare too. I recently watched a YouTube instructional video by Aromatherapist Danielle Ryman. She makes her facial serum with almost all argan oil, only a few drops of rosehip oil and of course some essential oils. I also have a locally made face serum that contains, but is not limited to, argan oil. I haven’t used this oil straight on my face like I would with rosehip oil – but now I really want to!

Argan Oil  argan-nut OneSpotAllergyPhoto Stolen OneSpotAllergy (Problems with this image use, please contact)

We must ensure that our demand helps build Morocco and not rape it of its natural resources. We are so desperate for new things, driven by our consumer attitudes, that we are always looking for the next best thing. Argan oil seems to fit the bill perfectly and various websites claims many properties. We must not forget that many carrier oils do the same thing, so as long as it’s sustainable, embrace this wonderful oil and try it in your new formulas. You could use this oil for –

* warm oil hair masks

* warm oil facial treatments

* face and body oil blends

* cuticle and nail treatments

and just about anything else you can think of.

Happy blending and remember to use your intention when you are creating your formulas. See my article about intention.

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16 thoughts on “Argan Oil – “Liquid Gold”

  1. Thanks for the goat photo, that’s so funny!
    Argan oil is great in facial blends because I find it is not occlusive.
    I also recently made a ‘scaly skin oil’ for my elderly parents, as their skin is now so fragile and thin. It had argan oil in the mix, along with baobab. I am just discovering the carrier oils.


    • Thanks Jackie the oil you made for your parents sounds wonderful did they, or are they using it? Love to know how it worked on their skin but also if they actually complied (sometimes I make things for my mum and they just sit there looking pretty)!


  2. o. m. goats! i had NO idea… and now i am SO happy i DO! best pic EVER! *laugh*

    i find there is a tendency in aromatherapeutic circles to sort of… discount the carrier. a carrier is so much more than a dilutant for an essential oil. they have varying degrees of therapeutic qualities themselves, certainly enough to be considered a leading player in whatever condition you are trying to address.

    i have dabbled with argan, but very similar to your comments, i need to know it’s source to be sure i am not becoming part of it’s issues (same with some essential oils.)

    while we have had tea or two, as you stated, argan has yet to replace rose hip in that sense.

    thank you for another wonderful post!


  3. Very nice post. I have used 100% argan oil on my face and like it better than rose hip oil. I prefer oils on my skin to most creams or lotions except those made by Suki and even she has some oil mixes and her creams/lotions are thin but amazing.


  4. Hi Suzanne
    oh, it must have been late when I commented and didn’t press send properly! So apologies if I’ve doubled up somewhere…. I just wanted to say thanks for an interesting post – I’ll look out for argan oil, sounds like a great warm oil for hair and skin particularly. But also appreciate the importance to be aware of the source – I’ll do some research before I purchase. Thanks, Tina x


  5. Love the pic of the goats! Is that for real? If so, they’re more amazing than I ever thought. If not, that’s still an amazing picture! Thanks for the article and the smile today!


  6. I love argan oil for my terrible, sensitive “combination” skin (with rosacea, to boot). The brand I buy claims to be sustainably grown and harvested by a women’s collective, and I certainly hope that’s true.


  7. Hey there Suzanna,
    I love the goat pic. It had me laughing when I saw it in your post. Then to find out it’s real was amazing.
    How do you think Argan Oil would work on cracked feet?
    Portia xx


    • Yes, I do that every day after my bath but with a store bought one. I think I will look for your Argan Oil and give it a go.
      Is there a particular brand in OZ that I should find?
      Portia xx


  8. Great article Suzanne, my Non sulfate shampoo contains Argan oil, so far it has been good for boosting moisture and hydrating my locks, I recently discovered that a dime size moisturizes the face, so right now am on the look out for some High quality Argan Oil.


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