MAC Cosmetics x The Simpsons 2014 Ad Campaign


MAC is constantly coming up with super fun stuff but this is the BEST idea in ages. I can’t wait for this set to hit Aussie stores, just so I can check that it’s real. I love MAC and I love the Simpson’s. How totally excellent that they have been married in make up. Too Freaking Good

Portia xx

MAC Cosmetics x The Simpsons 2014 Ad Campaign


To celebrates the 25th anniversary of The Simpsons, MAC Cosmetics is launching a limited edition range of make-up inspired by our favourite cartoon family. The colourful range includes Nacho Cheese Explosion yellow lipglass, false lashes, a powder peach blush and Marge Cuti-cles nail stickers.

The limited edition collaboration will hit stores and online starting September 04th. (source)

6 thoughts on “MAC Cosmetics x The Simpsons 2014 Ad Campaign

  1. Eeek, I’m a sucker for these collabs! I went gaga over the Hello Kitty ones. I will hit Nordstrom on Sunday to see if they have it. Freakin’ cool!


  2. Nordstrom carries this and it is displayed on one 1.5 feet wide table-top unit made to look bigger height-wise with Marge’s beehive. They’re sold out of nacho cheese lipglass and someone must have swiped the nail stickers. I’ll stop by Macy’s Herald Square to see if they still have the lipglass because I am now curious enough to try to get a hold of one. The collaboration with Hello Kitty a few years back was a bigger splash with cosmetic bags, brushes, mirrors, plush doll (very bad-ss in black leatherette), in addition to cosmetics.


  3. Hiya Portia, I’m not one to give up too easily. Last week, I went to Macys at my suburban mall and lo and behold – Nacho Cheese lipglass! The SA said that a dab in the middle part of the top and lower lip will make lips appear goldy/shimmery.I actually have not tried it yet but i was just ecstatic about finding it!


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