Kiss Me Tender by Patricia de Nicolai for Parfums de Nicolai 2010


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Loves me, loves me not

I’d been curious to try Kiss Me Tender for so long. I almost made a blind buy. It seemed so promising.

Kiss Me Tender by Patricia de Nicolai for Parfums de Nicolai 2010

Kiss Me Tender Parfums de Nicolai FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Orange blossom, bitter almonds, star anise
Heart: Heliotrope, cloves, cinnamon, ylang-ylang, spices, fresh hay, jasmine
Base: Opoponax, musk, vanilla, wood notes

The first time I tried it there was tons of ylang-ylang (more than you’re thinking) and a touch of spice. There was something retro about it as well but in a good way. When I was a kid my mom had given me some perfume nips to play with. They were these little glass-like tubes that were fused shut on the ends. In order to get the perfume out you had to snap off the end of the tube. Not something any of today’s overprotective parents would let a child play with but I had no incidents with them. Anyway, there was a ylang-ylang one and that’s what this reminded me of. That was my favorite along with the carnation. It was rich, creamy, sweet, and just a little spicy. It was soft and comfortable. When I smelled Kiss me Tender it was wonderful and I wanted a bottle then and there but I didn’t buy one.

Kiss Me Tender Parfums de Nicolai Klimt Der_Kuss WikiCommonsPhoto Stolen WikiCommons

The next time I tried it it was different. This time there was still ylang-ylang but there was some serious sweetness as well. It was shot through with a note of green (the fresh hay?) which was an unusual contrast to the sugar. It seemed more bitter to me than green actually. Perhaps it was my mood but that day it set my teeth on edge. Lurking within this confectionary cloud I could smell some spice, clove and cinnamon to be exact, adding to the gourmand experience I was having. As the sugar subsided I was again brought back to my childhood with an odd Play-Doh note which drifted in and out. Where was all this hiding the first time I tried it? I didn’t dislike it but I wasn’t loving it like the first time. It wasn’t a good day for that much sweetness and any wrist huffing made my tummy turn a bit. On another day I might have liked it. Looking at other reviews lots of folks do.

Kiss Me Tender Parfums de Nicolai Dog Kiss Mike Baird FlickrPhoto Stolen Flickr

I know I will probably have a different experience if I try it again but there’s no third try because what little I had is gone. Will I buy a bottle now? Not likely without another sampling. I’m just not sure why it worked so well one day and the next was so cloying to me.

Further reading: Grain de Musc and Perfume Shrine
Parfum1 has $150/100ml
Surrender To Chance has samples starting at $4/ml

Anyway, have you ever loved a perfume one day and then had a complete reversal the next time you wore it? Did you ever fall in love with it again?

Poodle XXX

Elvis Presley – Love Me Tender (Lyrics)

14 thoughts on “Kiss Me Tender by Patricia de Nicolai for Parfums de Nicolai 2010

  1. Hey there Poodle,
    As you know I’m a bit of a PdN fan Queen. We met her at The Osmotheque: Versailles earlier in the year. She was very friendly and charming for the short amount of time we spent with her.
    Now I have another one of her selection on my Must Try list, a different ride every time is one of my favourite things for fragrance.
    Portia xx


  2. Hi Poodle,
    When I read “cloying” in the last sentence of your review I checked the notes again and there it was…heliotrope in the heart. I always have a problem with heliotrope. I think I like it and then it becomes that overly sweet thing that it is. I imagine that some form of Heliotropin (piperonal) is present in many of the perfumes I like and love but I find if heliotrope is listed in the notes I eventually get that cloying effect you talk about. Thank you for this very helpful review.
    Azar xx


    • I don’t mind heliotrope usually but that second wearing the notes were really amped up. If you know heliotrope doesn’t work for you I wouldn’t rush to try this one. Do try some of the other perfumes in the line though. There are some really nice ones.


  3. I think of Kiss Me Tender as primarily a heliotrope scent, so I was expecting the sweetness. What gave me pause at first was that thread of bitter green running through it, because while I like (okay, really like. Okay, Love) bitterish green scents, there was something strange about the juxtaposition of sweet/gentle and zingy/bitter.

    However, I wore KMT from my little 3ml spray sample several days over what I refer to as The Big College Tour, when we took our daughter, then 17, to visit several of the universities she was interested in applying to. It was August. It was hot. It was freakin’ muggy (especially near Williamsburg, VA). But KMT held up well, and I began to really enjoy that contrast. I still haven’t bought a bottle, but I have used up that decant and am thinking of more.


    • I loved it the first wearing too so I’m hoping I can try it again sometime and see if I can figure out what went wrong. It might have been the weather or my mood or even something I ate. Who knows? I’m glad to hear you like it. You should just treat yourself to a bottle. This line is so reasonably priced.


  4. that happened to me with FM le parfum de the summer i love it,i find it smooth and the winter it is the horrible citrus sticky thing i can’t wear.


    • It happens. Usually with me it’s a minor change that I can live with. It’s interesting when there’s a complete turnaround from love to scrub. Thanks for reading. Hugs.


  5. I keep falling in and out of love with quite a few fragrances throughout the year. Weather, moods, surroundings, seasons, etc, it seems some frags are more prone to these changes. Maybe it’s just me being awkward…


  6. With testing it has happened to me on several occasions: I tried something, thought it was the next grail – just to discover on subsequent tries that I didn’t smell any longer whatever wonderful combination I experienced the first time. I don’t remember ever finding that lost beauty again and I don’t know what it was and why it happens.

    I tried KMT just once and had a mixed reaction: I didn’t care much for the opening (and couldn’t figure out what it had to do with a kiss) but then it was quite pleasant in drydown. I will test it again one day but I do not have high hopes.


    • It does seem hard to replicate that magical first sniff of perfumes that make you swoon. I think not expecting to be blown away adds to the effect. When you sniff it again you already know you loved it the last time. I have a few scents that make me feel like that. This one wasn’t love on that second sniff but maybe it will be next time.


  7. I had the same abrupt turn around with Tauers Rose Chypree this week. I had worn it a few times and loved it and now I dont think I will ever be able to sniff it again. Tauers are always polarizing and somewhat difficult but this was the first time I actually had to avoid the room where I had sprayed (I was standing by a curtain that apparently got some overspray) for a couple of days and double wash the clothes I had been wearing. I’ve had that mild nausea from scents before and even extreme revulsion but never from something I had previously liked unless I wore it during a bad experience. Really weird.


    • Tauer’s can be tough. I like a few but then there are some that I can’t imagine anyone would wear.
      I find if I’m feeling stressed my nose amplifies certain notes to the point they make me ill. Yet other notes I find calming. It’s like a weird aromatherapy reaction.


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