CHANEL N°5: The One That I Want

Hey Gang,

WOW! I write this to you through a misty fog. I just watched the new CHANEL No.5 film. Ah May ZinG! “Baz” Luhrmann has done a spectacular job on the newest film. Gisele Bündchen at 34 is even more beautiful, stylish and poised than she was in the beginning. Please watch the behind the scenes clip first because it explains the film perfectly and will give you an added dimension when you see it.


CHANEL N°5: The One That I Want

Gisele bundchen no 5 indonesia.StylePhoto Stolen Indonesian.Style (problem with using image, tell us)

Gisele was also the face of Liberte by Cacharel a few years ago, I thought her a perfect choice then and here she seems to have found her perfect niche. CHANEL and Gisele

Bravo CHANEL, again…….
Portia xx

CHANEL N°5 Set: The Film Behind the Film

CHANEL N°5: The One That I Want – The Film

18 thoughts on “CHANEL N°5: The One That I Want

  1. Portia, I love the amazing cover version, Gisele surfing, the whole look of the film BUT I don’t like what it seems to be telling us. Am I missing something? She’s walking out of her job to make her man happy?

    Please explain it to me! I want to love it.


    • Oooooh Tara,
      I think she may be walking out to make herself happy. The job may have been over though, it looked like she got 3 or 4 looks in before she was ready to leave, that’s a full day’s shooting. My reading was that Baz was probably asking her to go out after the shoot, or that she was caught nicking the frock (a common occurrence in editorial modelling).
      You may well be right, but I didn’t think of it that way.
      I will have to go back and watch.
      Portia xx


      • Ha ha ha! I like your frock stealing reasoning a lot more.

        Baz says in the behind the scenes clip that in the end she chooses love, which is great but it makes me sad that women have to choose between work and love. I’m probably looking into it too deeply and need to calm my feminist sensitivities!


    • Right, I’ve watched it now. Baz is giving the camera to his assistant and it looks like a wrap. She has left reading the note till she finishes work. To me it has been on her mind all day but she put it aside till after work.
      What do you think?
      Portia xx


      • I read an interview with Baz where he says she “draws the line” with her career for the sake of her relationship.

        It’s no bad thing to set career boundaries to save your relationship but I think it’s a decision, for the most part, only women are having to make. (Over-thinking it much?!)

        All the same, I think it’s stunning – not least because of Michiel Huisman 🙂 Thanks for posting xx


    • Hey there Marie,
      Glad to see you here. How is the bottle collection.
      I am just about to do a big cull of my frags and have a garage sale, some of your Sydney crew night like to have a look.
      Yes, CHANEL the company is pretty fabulous.
      Portia xx


  2. I agree with Tara. Loved to bits the surf part, that board and swimming suit are like a 21 Century version of ‘To Catch a Thief’ chic, and the little girl is super sweet. But I found the mascara bleeding, running after a man thing borderline offending, and certainly not something I aspire to. The cool thing about this commercial, other than Baz’s amazing direction, is the effortless strength that Giselle conveys, that yoga vibe which is truly hers. Which I think is totally ruined when she starts behaving like a crazy housewife from the fifties.


    • Hey Solanace,
      Gisele is extraordinary, I really like her nuanced performance. It is beautiful.
      Not being a woman I miss some of the subtle undercurrents you all see so easily. I am sad that this beautiful piece is marred for you by sexist, housewife in bondage imagery.
      Portia xx


  3. I think Chanel is taking a risk – knowingly I’m sure – by presenting in this ad the three-way tug between career, family and relationship. It’s a tug that women are often deeply familiar with, and Chanel is therefore, in my opinion, bringing No 5 very firmly back into the frame as a women’s perfume, after the gender ambiguity of the Brad Pitt days. (That, and the girly lipstick-and-perfume moment between mother and daughter!)

    I thought it telling that instead of rushing after her bloke immediately once she realised something was wrong, the woman spent time with her daughter as she normally would, and put in a day’s work as well.

    The point I think, whether or not you agree with how the story is told, is that it is a modern dilemma, and Chanel is using the ad to keeping No 5 (seem) eternally modern and relevant even though technically the perfume is rather old fashioned now. Chanel still manages to persuade us that it is still a perfume for the modern woman.


    • Hi there AnnaMarieC,
      Interesting. Yes, I can see them thinking that through. Identifying women’s difficulties and putting this 3 way tug, a modern dilemma, into the mix.
      Though I don’t live the problem I do notice that women have only won half their battle. The feeling from the other side of the fence is that you’ve won the right to work but that you haven’t been able to offload some of the other burdens thereby creating this multifold workload. Even with staff that creates more work in and of itself.
      It’s like you now have to teach the world (yourselves, other women and men) that being amazing at one of the jobs is enough.
      I don’t envy your place in this time though I am glad for the battles already fought and won.
      Portia xx


  4. I agree its the struggle for work life balance, but in Giselle’s case looking totally fabulous as well. Maybe we are fab too!
    I love the perfume and think it is a classic.


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