Sniffapalooza 2014: Breakfast


Post by Poodle


On a dreary day in October I boarded a train bound for NYC to attend my second Sniffapalooza. I wasn’t nearly as nervous this year. The city is far less intimidating when you have a native New Yorker to lead you around.

The official start of Sniffa was Saturday morning but I was barely off the train on Friday evening and Daisy had me on the subway heading for some sniffing and shopping. Needless to say, I wasn’t in town two hours and my purse was already lighter. But that’s another post for another day.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s, I mean, Bergdorf’s

Sniffa began on Saturday with breakfast at Bergdorf Goodman which is less about food and more about the newest perfumes along with some old favorites. There were about 20 perfumes presented in the two hour breakfast. They don’t call it Sniffapalooza for nothing. There is a lot to sniff. More than your thinking. I had planned on doing a photo essay but my camera had other plans and decided to stop working so I’ll recap some of the scents for you. From my notes here are some fragrant highs and lows.

The new Shalimar Souffle was disappointing.

Vent de Folie Annick Goutal FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Annick Goutal has released a perfume celebrating NYC called Vent de Folie. It’s supposed to be inspired by Central Park. The scent is very green, fruity and fresh. I can’t say it smells like New York to me but it is a perfume I could see selling well. I did get a compliment on it just the other day at the football game so even if it doesn’t smell like New York it does smell good.

I loved the new Diana Vreeland perfume bottles but haven’t tested the scents enough to form an opinion.

Intoxicated By Kilian FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Kilian Hennessy of By Kilian was there in person and he introduced the scented jewelry collection along with the three perfumes in the new Addictive State of Mind collection. The jewelry is lovely as are the perfumes. I think I may have found a By Kilian to love with Intoxicated. It’s all coffee and booze with some smokiness. I came thisclose to buying a bottle. I had fears over the lasting power so I decided to wait and sample it some more when I was thinking more rationally. It’s easy to get caught up in the frenzy that is Sniffa. Light My Fire didn’t light mine although it did have some fans at our table. Smoke for the Soul was one of the stranger scents of the day.

Gardenia Robert Piguet FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Another scent worth sniffing is Gardenia by Robert Piguet. It’s not a screaming, in your face white floral and it’s far more interesting than the name implies. It has much more going on than just gardenia. There are notes of ylang-ylang, leather, and vanilla. I could see myself wanting more of this one. It’s not too feminine and has a great warmth to it.

There were more perfumes as well but it would be too much to list them all here. It’s amazing how much you can sniff in the course of two hours. Breakfast definitely whets the appetite for shopping right after on the fragrance floor. The rest of the day was filled with lunch, more presentations, sniffing, and shopping. The day was fabulous and I came home with lots of samples, a few bottles, and a few new friends. I’m looking forward to next year.


18 thoughts on “Sniffapalooza 2014: Breakfast

  1. The Sniffa sounds awesome, Poodle. How annoying about your camera packing up. Thanks for doing a post anyway.

    That Kilian does get around. You have to hand it to him. After a quick spray of all three on card, Intoxicated was my favourite too.


    • I really liked Intoxicated but not sure if it’s love. Kilian does seem to be everywhere lately doesn’t he?
      So mad about the stupid camera but Christmas is coming. I do have another nicer one but it’s bulky and not something to toss in one’s purse.


  2. Hi Poodle! Sounds great. I would love to come along one year. I am aware that I am spoiled for things to do here too, so I will stay satisfied!! I haven´t ever tried a Kilian, and don´t have any plans to. But never say never huh?!!!!


  3. Hi Poodle. Great write up! From your description I would go for the Piguet. I’m sorry about your camera! Mine is almost dead and I just can’t decide on a replacement. There are so many options. Do you have a preference?


    • Gardenia is very nice.
      I have a Canon Powershot but it’s not purse friendly. I’d like to find something small enough to toss in my purse. I don’t have a phone that takes good photos. Plus my phone battery was low. The fragrance gods did not want their photo taken I guess.


  4. Hi Poodle,
    Very informative post despite your camera malfunction! From your description I think I would like to try the Piguet Gardenia. By the way, do you have ideas about cameras? Mine is just about gone and I can’t decide on a replacement.
    Azar xx


  5. Poodles, as you say, NY is not nearly as dogged when your with a local or visiting some one. After visiting the west coast (SF), for me several times, it feels like a second home.

    Breakfast ? Breakfast !

    So… what about WE set up a breakfast (or brunch) here in Sydney where we can meet up to say hi and compare and share vapours ?

    How about wafting about on the rooftop Zeta bar at the Hilton ?

    Best !



  6. This sounds like it was so much fun. I’d love to go sometime. I think the Gardenia sounds wonderful. I’ll have to get a sample as Gardenia is one of my favorite scents. Thanks for taking us along on your adventure 🙂


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