The 2nd Annual Art And Olfaction Awards 2014 – open for entries!!


Post by Ainslie Walker


The 2nd Annual Art And Olfaction Awards 2014 – open for entries!!


It’s year 2 of the inaugural Art and Olfaction Awards. Last year the Jordan told us all about the awards inhis Australian Perfume Junkies post

Submissions have been trickling in since November 3rd 2014 and entries need to be postmarked by the 19th December 2014 to be in with a chance. The winner will be announced in April 2015.

Perfumes must have been released to market between January 1 and Dec 31, 2014 and can be entered into the Independent Award and/or the Artisan Award. For both of these categories, 2 perfumes will be picked from 5 finalists.


Excitingly this year there is a new category: The Sadakichi Award For Experimental Scent – This award aims to reward the work of people who engage with scent outside of commercial perfumery. One award will be presented out of five finalists

The Judges: Independent and Artisan Awards (preliminary)

Ashley Eden Kessler
Brent Leonesio
Daniel Krasofski
Hank Jenkins
James McHugh
Laura Johnson
Neal Harris
Persephenie Lea
Steven Gontarski
Sherri Sebastian
Yvettra Grantham

The Judges: Independent and Artisan Awards (finals)

Christophe Laudamiel
Luca Turin
Mandy Aftel
Miriam Vareldzis
Sarah Horowitz-Thran

The judges for the independent and artisan categories will review entries completely blind with submissions being tracked only by numbers. Text will be provided by the entrants, which explains their intentions for the scent and for the judges to contextualize what they are smelling.

The Judges: Sadakichi Award For Award For Experimental Scent

The Experimental Category judges will select the five finalists, as well as the winner.
Allison Agsten
Bettina Hubby
Dr. Kóan Jeff Baysa
Marcos Lutyens
Mark Allen

The twitter handle for the awards is
The Facebook is
General Awards website:

Info about the submissions process:
Info about 2015 Judges:
Info about the categories (we’ve added one– experimental!):


3 thoughts on “The 2nd Annual Art And Olfaction Awards 2014 – open for entries!!

  1. ok, so admittedly i am not so uber-keen on competition or superlative statements (“this is the best.”), but what i have observed in the past and moving forward this year, is the sense of COMMUNITY even within the framework of an award ceremony.

    From preliminary judging to finalists, there seems to be a faction from all aspects of the indie perfume world. This is revolutionary!

    The Sadakichi Award brings a new perspective to the mix, bringing those who may be more “scent artist” than perfumer to light. There are many more ways to work within scent/fragrance/aroma than merely aesthetic, which is often times overlooked.

    excited? who? ME? 😉

    thank you Ainslie for an excellent post about such exciting times in the new and growing COMMUNITY of perfumers, scent artists and those of us completely held in their aromatic grasp!


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