‘Golden Shock’ Christmas Makeup Collection 2014 – Application Secrets

Hi there Fashion Face Crew,

I don’t know if you’ve ever worn high fashion make up? I have rarely in my life used them because for stage we need something a little more heavy duty, the man to woman trick is hard on make up and we are at heart (working Drag Queens anyway) blokes.

Recently I bought TinaG some DIOR cosmetics for her birthday. The thrill of shopping for these incredible products in their out of this world packaging was exquisite. I kept texting her saying how excited I was buying her presents and how lucky she would feel when she used the purchases. It was a total home run of a present, Tina’s eyes lit up and  I knew her thrill was equal or greater than mine. Good feeling, great gift.

‘Golden Shock’  DIORPhoto Stolen DIOR

Here is a step by step How To for the hottest Xmas 2014 make up look from DIOR. Definitely you will be party ready in this gorgeous, shimmering face.
Portia xx

‘Golden Shock’ Christmas Makeup Collection 2014 – Application Secrets

5 thoughts on “‘Golden Shock’ Christmas Makeup Collection 2014 – Application Secrets

  1. When was the last time I told you I Love You!!!! Great birthday surprise! So lush, so gorgeous…. And I loved that you were so excited about the purchase! 🙂 I’ve been making a show of using the lip gloss in public places, and that mascara….woah! It’s like I have lash extensions. So fab.

    I watched this video with interest – there’s some funky techniques in there, must try them out with my eyeshadows.

    How lucky am I? SO lucky!! Hugs to you and hope you’re loving the USA so far.

    Tina G x


    • He He he! I LOVED the whole experience Tina and I’m so glad you’re enjoying having them. I bet you feel ultra posh when you pull them out in public, like a Sex and the City cast member. Which you definitely could be,
      Portia xx


  2. The packaging is exquisite, the products look absolutely luxe. The model seemed to have a “cool” skin tone, but they brushed a lot of “gold” on her and it looked great! Thanks for posting this, Portia – this will be my first holiday season stepping out as a single, and I want to look smashing. Hope you are enjoying the USA, wish you were stopping in Seattle – maybe next time! (Although it’s been colder than the proverbial witch’s T here lately…)
    Ciao for now,


    • Hey there Fifi,
      YAY! Single is wonderful. I LOVED my single life and was quite upset when it was over, but of course I was thrilled too.
      Enjoy your Seattle Xmas season.
      We will get to the PNW someday soon.
      Portia xx


  3. I use Dior cosmetics but sadly I don’t look like that when I’m done. LOL! The fall collection is fantastic, have been enjoying the eyeshadow palettes a lot, need to test out the golden reflection palette shown above.


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